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Captain’s Log ~ The Maui Mission – Phase I – Global Gender Alchemy Ceremony and Activation of Western Stargates

Haleakala Crater
8pm HST

As we approached the crater, driving up the winding road, to the summit, we were both stunned at how nauseous we both felt. As soon as we exited the collective consciousness matrix at about 6500 feet elevation, we began to feel the lightening of the thought matrix within that realm.

As we drove, Natalie was speaking of a particular aspect of her life when an owl flew directly in front of the car, indicating that we were protected and observed by the nature spirits. We then had 2 additional encounters with birds flying directly in front of us while driving.

We arrived at the summit parking, where most people had left at that point. We entered perfect silence under the blanket of the exquisite milky way and serene stillness, rare for Haleakala. Winds are usually up to 50-60 miles an hour on a daily basis.

We approached the vista of Maui and looked deep into the night sky, that seemed to fade into the black ocean. We turned around to witness we were above the clouds, and Haleakala herself summoning us to her edge.

After identifying several planetary embodiments, we sat in silence asking Haleakala where she desired for us to hold ceremony on the following Sunday. She requested that we go to the western rim of the crater, facing the Sacred Iao Valley.

We got back in the car and Natalie drove us down to the fork in the road, where we came upon a group of stargazers, deep in their process, with telescopes in the dark. We parked and stepped onto the earth. I immediately was shot through with a vision and a feeling of standing upon a city of light with ornate temples and pyramids, of which we were witnessing within the inner earth. I caught my breath and proceeded forward with Natalie’s encouragement to the edge of the crater.

It was at this point we observed the ships hovering in the northern sky above the crater, monitoring the progress of Haleakala’s blossoming and opening. We were greeted by a collective of native birds with deep bellows, that sounded like toads. They responded to us directly.

As we approached the lookout point, we were greeted by Haleakala and Natalie received a message that I was a “first soul”. I confirmed this and we proceeded to discuss the creation of this Universe, the 7th universe that was created, and the universes that have been created since that point, also explaining the first born souls and how they were originally created from prime creator.

We were then guided to place our feet upon the bare earth, and found a favorite sitting rock, just at the edge, overlooking the deep crater in the dark night light. We asked for direction and began to sit in silence. We were instructed to draw in golden light from the 12 central suns, and expand our golden spheres of light around us. We were then asked to ground our silver cords into Gaia and receive her Divine Grace. We then reached into the Cosmic Ocean of Light and drew down golden light, creating a conduit between heaven and earth. We were instructed to create a trinity, and so I then called in the presence of Willow, one of my priestesses in Portland. She was immediately present with her warm gush of love and strength. We held hands and called in the trinity spiral of the Goddess to activate the Golden Mean Spiral within Haleakala, for the benefit of all beings. We gave thanks and released the prayer to the heavens. We opened our root chakras to receive the divine source codes and disseminate them into the Haleakala Crater.

We were then told that when the next bird sang, the ceremony would be complete. At the completion of the ceremony, Natalie’s nausea released.

We then gave thanks and left quietly and returned to the car. We were instructed to allow the integration of this medicine for our journeys to come, and to sit in silence as we rode the descending highway down into the 3rd dimensional matrix.

The Mana Heiau of Maui
222 Kalawa Place , Kula, Maui, HI
10am HST

We drove around to the top of the property, where there were several houses and a view of the Heiau 100 yards away. We decided to sit in the car, as it felt safe. We said a prayer for the center of the island, and the work of balancing the masculine and feminine. We brought in the Legions of Light including the high intergalactic councils and cosmic beings. After setting protections of light, we called upon Archangel Micheal to assist in escorting the densities and disembodied energies and spirits into the Cosmic Tube of Light. After clearing with the Violet Flame and the 12 Sacred Flames, and setting a Golden Rainbow Flower of Life Sphere cloaked in neutrality, we then created a Rainbow Bridge between The Sacred Iao Valley and the Haleakala Crater, to receive the Solar and Lunar codes to balance the masculine and feminine during the Global Gender Alchemy Ceremony.

White Buffalo Calf Woman and Chief Sitting Bull channeled a protection mantra around the Heiau through myself, Saralise, sealing the portal with golden light for divine protection forever. Omoapio road, the location of the Mana Heiau is the hike that natives in ancient times would take up to Haleakala. The center Heiau was a place of worship, on the ridge of Kula on the way up, where you can see the entire island and her waist of beautiful Maui.

So we then sought out the true center spot of Maui, where there is a hexagonal structure.

We went to another property a mile away from the center Heiau, where there are horse stables and experienced an overwhelming welcoming audience from the horse angels! We then went looking for the other Heiau on this particular property, and could not get to it. We spent time with every horse, and they were incredibly affectionate with us, as if two angels were in their presence. The central tree reminded us of the tree in the Garden of Gethsemane during the time of Jesus.

There was a chameleon on the tree, and a black dog, that walked with us. No humans were present. Even though we went to visit several people, no one was home.

We then found the gate, to the gulch where the hexagon was. We walked down the road and found it was a home, that appeared to have a woman living there, very private. I then proceeded to thank her and bless her and the house, from a short distance on the road leading up to her exquisite hexagonal house. I was grateful to find the center of the island being held in such grace. Thank Goddess.

Saturday Preparation Ceremony – Spirit of the White Eagle
Temple of Peace, Mystic Gardens, Haiku, Maui, HI
11am on

The day commenced with a Shamanic Colon Hydrotherapy session, where I released old energies around the depths of my childhood, and the therapist was able to see all the Ascended Beings that work directly with me. She saw an eagle take me to the Himalayas. I was meditating there, receiving the energies and returning with them in preparation for the Global Gender Alchemy Ceremony on Sunday evening.

The day then proceeded with more instructions from the Legion of Light on the nature of this ceremony and different aspects of how it was to play out, requesting certain individuals for certain archetypal roles. Asheeliyah was summoned by name to represent the Divine Feminine, Machu was summoned to represent the Divine Masculine, and to perform the tantric lovemaking ceremony on Haleakala with his partner Ani. Walking Bear and his Beloved Estar were summoned, along with Achintya and Shems as two Divine Union couples to perform the tantric lovemaking ceremony in The Sacred Iao Valley. Shems and Achintya would go deep into the Taro Fields of the Sacred Iao Valley for a lovemaking ceremony, Walking Bear and Estar, holding the Dark New Moon Lunar Codes at Sunset, and the Group at the Haleakala Crater holding the Solar Codes as the sun would set in the Western sky.

In the afternoon, I decided to have my haircut into a faux hawk, by my beloved Morgan, and burn the hair in ritual, to represent the release of all the thought forms around the Divine Feminine that no longer served the collective of humanity, in relation to the role that the female plays in patriarchal society.

Just after my haircut, I laid down with a purple rubellite tourmaline triangle slice with a portal doorway in the middle. I laid this crystal on my third eye, and placed a lavender quartz on my higher heart and a kyanite sword on my lower two chakras.

I immediately found myself on the back of a White Eagle, soaring over the Himalayan mountains, and landing at the summit, to sit in meditation. From there, I transformed into human form, from an elemental essence, and the White Eagle, who was now a Bald Eagle, sat on my right shoulder. I found myself overlooking the Haleakala Crater, standing in the stillness of the dusk sky. Calling my bird call, arm up, I received the White Owl on my right arm, and the Bald Eagle on my left. They came immediately and landed on my forearms, gently gripping, so as not to dig into my skin. Upon my directions, they swirled up into the DNA Spiral and flew deep into the crater, spiralling downwards and coming into the center, where they landed, facing each other, and rested for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes. They then bowed to each other on each shoulder, and pulled up the light from the center of the Crater into their forms and following the fibonacci spiral, flying side by side, flew up and out of the crater, swooping overhead, flying directly over to the Sacred Iao Valley and spiralling down into the center Taro fields of the Valley, landing facing each other, eye to eye. Again, bowing to each other, on each shoulder, they received light from Gaia in the center of the Valley. Spiralling out of the valley and directly into the center Mana Heiau of the island, they again landed, facing each other and deposited the codes deep into the center of the island.

At this point they bowed again, on each shoulder, and launched up and across the Pacific Ocean, disseminating Golden Light Source Codes down into the ocean, flying directly over to Mount Shasta, where they landed, facing each other, directly in front of Ahmed, a Magi, present at the Shasta Stargate Activation Retreat, sitting in meditation. They then spiralled up and into the Temple of Telos, surrounded by the Ascended Masters, and High Galactic Council beings, and were blessed by the higher beings with the Source Codes for this Ceremony. They then flew up out of Telos and returned to face Ahmed, disseminating codes into his crown chakra. Facing each other, they again bowed on each shoulder, and spiralled up and out, across the Pacific, returning to my shoulders on the top of the Haleakala Crater.

As I stood there, in the crisp night air, staring across the Milky Way, White Owl on my left shoulder, White Eagle on my right, I knew all was well in the world, and that this integration piece, prior to the Gender Alchemy Ceremony, ensured its success.

I then received the Source Codes from the Ascended Collective and the Legion of Light into my body, laying on the bed, in the Buddha Barn. Returning to my conscious awareness, the young ones giggled on the futon in front of me, drawing on each other with pen ink.

I felt called to share this information with the Divine Couple who would be performing the lovemaking ceremony on Sunday. As I left the Buddha Barn and bravely made the trek to their hale in the deep dark gulch, I arrived to find them expecting me, deep in meditation, surrounded with Hape medicine. I joined them quietly, and sat, with my light, breathing out the codes into their space for them to receive, when they were ready.

We shared a deep meditation, and then I released myself, to perform the burning of the hair ritual, within the Tibetan Singing Bowl that had been used exclusively for Water Blessing Ceremonies.

Dream space that evening was intense, waking up four times. Each time, I found myself in ceremony preparing for the following day’s event. In the last dream, just before waking Sunday morning, I received a message that I needed to offer my moonblood to the aina of this land, this majickal vortex of the Divine Feminine.

Sunday 3/30/14
Day of Global Gender Alchemy Ceremony/Stargate Activation

Preparation Circle for Gender Alchemy Ceremony
Buddha Barn, Mystic Gardens, Maui, HI
11:11am – 12:12pm

Seven of us gathered in circle, to commence the preparatory meeting and coalescence of all of our souls to come together in service for the Global Gender Alchemy Ceremony being performed later that day on the western ridge of the Haleakala Crater, facing the Sacred Iao Valley in the West Maui mountains.

As we connected our hearts with the Golden Infinity Spirals of Light, we spiralled up into a center point, creating an open portal of ascension in the Buddha Barn to hold the grid of crystals that had participated in the sound healing ceremony a few days earlier and received the Intergalactic High Council’s transmission after my sound healing by my dear Magi brother Machu.

We then proceeded to share a prayer for the collective of humanity and share our vision of what is to come. As an offering, Machu picked up his gorgeous didgeridoo and began to didg me. Immediately I found myself spiralling above the earth and entering High Council in Telos, in the City of Light inside of Mount Shasta. I then landed in the center of Haleakala, spiralled out to the Sacred Iao Valley, and then Rainbow Bridged over to Shasta, where all facilitators of the Shasta Stargate Retreat were in circle, waiting for me. I then connected my heart to their hearts and returned back to my body in the Buddha Barn. I gathered prana and manna from the didg playing on my heart chakra and held the energy in my body, storing it for release at the appropriate time on Haleakala in ceremony later that evening.

The prayers for the collective of humanity and Gaia that were collectively shared were extremely potent and I expressed my deepest gratitude for each soul who had shown up for their divine appointment. Tears in my eyes, I expressed the deep trust that I felt that each person knew exactly what to do, and for the first time, I was deeply moved by the fact that I knew I could relax, knowing that we were all deeply true to our divine missions and that everything would happen perfectly in its design.

We closed the preparation ceremony at 12:12pm, and commenced preparing for the journey ahead. Machu, Ani, Light Tree, Isis, Walking Bear and Estar would all go up early and prepare the space on the Western Rim of the Crater.

Natalie, Sam and I would go to the center Mana Heiau and I would open the Zero Point field, and carry it in a Tibetan Singing Bowl with the Recorder Elestial Crystal to the Crater. I then sat in preparation for the rest of the day, in silence, gathering my energies and fasting so as to be clear for the ceremony. I painted the symbol of the first peoples of Earth upon my third eye center and a crescent moon upon my brow underneath the trishula for deeper meaning and symbolism. This was not a performance, this was and is my life as a priestess. I have finally accepted my role, if any, as a priestess of the most high, in service to the One, and have integrated my Divine Birthright as a Queen of Light for all to witness. There is no longer the option of hiding.

We left Mystic Gardens, fully draped in regalia for our ceremony on the Haleakala Crater at 4:37pm, a majickal divine appointment number in my life. Natalie, Sam and I traveled first to the center Mana Heiau, where I opened the multidimensional Zero Point Portal with the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Archangels and Galactic Brothers and Sisters dedicated to this mission. We could feel that the field had been set and I received the Zero Point into the Tibetan Singing Bowl with the Recorder Crystal that Machu and Ani had given me for this event.

As we traveled through the densities on the way up to the Crater, we again felt the nauseousness of the density of privately owned land with cattle that had been brought here from the mainland. The frequency of the band around lower Haleakala spoke of years of misuse and penetration of the densities onto this sacred ground, for the purpose of holding the population and beings of earth in the lower realms, the place of no original thought.

We slowly ascended past 6000 feet, the level at which the mass collective thought field dissipates, and as we did, the sun began to shine through the clouds, streaming down upon us, bringing instantaneous joy and lifting our spirits! I pulled out the camera to catch the moment, and lo and behold, the clouds parted to reveal a gorgeous sun, if only for a brief moment. It was as if God himself and Divine Mother Goddess herself were shining down upon us, welcoming us to the top of this magnificent center point of activity, giving thanks for our service! We could all feel it, it was palpable!

As we continued up the winding road, a rainbow appeared in front of us that took our breath away and revealed the Zero Point Portal that we had created moments earlier. All of a sudden we looked into the valley to where we had just been and discovered a stream of white light ascending up from the center Mana Heiau and a rectangular doorway in the clouds, revealing a portal opening to the crystalline blue sky above! I took as many pictures as humanly possible and didn’t even notice the actual depth of the portal until reviewing the pictures later that evening.

Global Gender Alchemy Ceremony
Haleakala Crater
Sunset 6:37pm HST

As we approached the top of the Western Rim, we arrived at 5:55pm. Our Beloveds were waiting for us, didgeridoo streaming through the misty air, and all preparing for this sacred event. I painted and anointed the faces of many of the Priestesses and Magi, along with our Beloved Estar, with ceremonial paint.

When we had all prepared, the Setting Sun burst through the clouds in a Golden Orb, catching all of our attention! Sunset was upon us, and so we made our way to the edge, to gaze the setting sun and receive the Solar Codes. I performed a sacred prayer and received the Dark New Moon Source Codes and administered the Solar Source Codes over to the Sacred Iao Valley. I called upon the 7 dragons of the Sacred Iao Valley to administer and receive the exchanging codes and deposit the codes into the center of the valley. I then sent the Rainbow Bridge of Source Codes into the center Mana Heiau where I had established the Zero Point Portal, and shot the Rainbow Bridge out and over to Mount Shasta, where they were received and deposited into the center of the mountain, within Telos.

I requested that everyone standing with me receive these codes into their bodies and ground them through their central channels and send them back out into the center Heiau, so they could be received in the Zero Point Portal.

We then dispersed silently and began to make our way to the ceremonial ground of the Western Ridge of the Crater. I noticed a lone man, standing off to the side, a sign of Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain, and sensed the presence of this great beloved friend and the Mighty Violet Flame.

All couples, of which there were 3, stood at the edge of the sunset ridge and witnessed the toning unification of our Divine Union Couple, Machu and Ani. As they toned, we all glistened with laughter and joy!

We then proceeded in the misty majickal air, cascading over to the ceremonial location, where we quickly set up the multidimensional altar and commenced the final ceremony for the evening. It was getting extremely cold, and we needed our divine couple to be warm for their participation.

At this point, as everyone was preparing the central altar, I called in the four directions and deposited my moonblood upon the four directions around the circle that had been drawn in the earth by our Guardian, Light Tree. I then offered my moonblood to the Crater, to Gaia, as a representation of the female collective on Earth and the Divine Feminine Wound present within the collective of humanity, I also became a representation of the Divine Mother. Natalie offered her moonblood as a representation of the Divine Child, in service to the coming of age female counterparts upon Earth at this time, and the children of the future.

As we performed this Sacred Rite, everyone behind us, within the circle fell silent, to hold space for this sacred rite, as we were standing inside the crater, on the edge, with only the top half of our bodies visible from the center circle. This was the first time my blood had been offered in this way, and Natalie’s blood as well.

We then stepped back into a cross formation with 2 people coupled in each direction. Machu and Ani, the Divine Couple, sat on the cool ground, in the center, next to the altar. I commenced a prayer of deep magnitude, calling in all the Ascended Beings, and our Galactic brothers and sisters that were hovering in lightships around the crater.

We began to tone and breathe, raising the energy, and commenced a tantric experience of toning and moving the energy through the collective matrix. The birds responded of course, to the rises and falls of our toning and expression as I then proceeded to birth my codes and my moonblood into the earth, allowing the Divine Mother aspect Sophia to cry and wail through me with deep compassion for all of humanity. Ani and Machu came to a climax in the center of the circle and we could hear each of the women rising together in unity with our voices, expressing pleasure and pain.

Natalie, as the Divine Child held onto me and allowed me to hold her legs as I birthed Source Codes into the crater ridge and send them through the New Earth Grid and network of Inner Earth Cities. At one point, I stood up and placed my crown chakra directly upon Natalie’s womb, as she bent over me, where I delivered the Source Codes directly into her womb from Gaia and the Divine Mother. She proceeded to deposit them into the earth through her grounding cord and fill up with light, bursting out through the top of her crown into the heavens, her body trembling with light.

We then sat in stillness as everyone came to completion, and rested in blissful silence. I was moved to speak and channeled a message from the Intergalactic High Council and gave deep gratitude to each individual in honor of their participation in this ceremony for the benefit of all beings.

White Buffalo Calf Woman and Chief Sitting Bull came next and spoke through me, crying tears of gratitude and honored each individual for their participation. I then spoke the message in English, so that it could be received both energetically and comprehended verbally. We then finished the exquisite ceremony by hugging Ani and Machu in the center of the circle and closing and sealing the Ceremonial Portal with Golden Light.

As we cleaned up, we left an offering of crystals and sage and buried them in the center of the circle, for the benefit of all beings everywhere. Silently, we ascended out of the lower ridge of the crater and went to our cars. Everyone was thoroughly frostbitten by this point and shivering to their core. I have learned to breathe deep into the belly of the Mother and receive her warmth and shared the practice of the Yogic Ujaii breath with the few around me in that moment, who were open to receive it. They began to calm down and relax into their bodies, grounding their energies.

We then sang tribal songs as we descended down the mountain, with one last stop, before the mission was complete. We returned to the center Mana Heiau to close and seal the Zero Point field that I had opened earlier, and spoke a protection mantra from White Buffalo Calf Woman and Chief Sitting Bull for the protection of this central portal of the Island, and of Gaia, making sure that it was sealed and completely impenetrable to any negative influences.

We then released the Ascended Beings and Galactic Legions and returned to our 3rd dimensional state of being, as we drove down the road to our collective communal home. It was so refreshing to all be traveling home together to share a meal and decompress from this experience together.

As we sat at the table eating warm soup, prepared by our Beloved Samuel, everyone stated disbelief and that they were not sure what just took place. “What just happened!?!” was the common theme around the table. I giggled to myself, as this is not the first time I have heard this, nor will it be the last.

We decided to look at the photographs that I took prior to the Gender Alchemy Ceremony just before Sunset, and that is when we discovered the Rectangular doorway in the Sky! One of the community members referred to it as a Puka! On the way driving home, I asked Natalie about the meaning of the word Puka, in relation to the name of the town we were passing, named Pukalani, and the puka shell! It was all in alignment! She had defined it as a doorway to the heavens.

Isn’t that what we just experienced? By Goddess, I think it is!

Mission accomplished!

A deep level of gratitude to Shelley Sage Heart, who came to Maui several years ago, and received a vision of the Rainbow Bridge on this island, balancing the masculine and feminine within the collective matrix from this point on the planet!

Good work Beloved team! We are all in this together! I am deeply honored to share this incarnation with you and to be on this Sacred Mission for the benefit of all beings! Aho!

Mahalo Nui Loa _/\_



Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May All Beings Be Free From Suffering
Namaste Β __/\__
We are always ONE~

Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, D.V.M.
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine

High Priestess of The Priestess Portal Pilgrimage

Creator of “The Sacred Village Project”

Director of “The Sacred Village Project” Documentary

Founder of the Temple of Living Light

Creator of the “Modern Magi Mystery School”

Founder and Executive Director of Legion of Light Global Ministries

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