Captain’s Log ~ The Raven

The Raven

Yesterday, on the 15th, a Tuesday, just a random day in my opinion, Goddess blessed me with a Raven. He was laying off the side of the road. As we drove by, all my attention went directly to the bird, laying lifeless on the dirt. The Spirit of the Raven shouted at me, “”Use my wings!” We whipped the van around and pulled up next to the lifeless bird. It was obvious to both of us, that he had been dead for a bit. He was not fresh, however, he was still intact. My friend just happened to have a hatchet in the back of his van. “How convenient!” I thought, “Spirit is not letting me get outta this one! ” I immediately went into prayer and deep reverence for this winged messenger and proceeded to go into ceremony as we received its tail feathers, wings and talons. The Spirit of the Raven said to me, “You will make me proud dear sister!”

Upon arriving home, I prepared a ceremony and asked my sweet sisters of the tribe to join me in giving thanks for this exquisite medicine. As dusk rolled in, I began to sing in Native American tongue. I felt the steong presence of White Buffalo Calf Woman and Chief Sitting Bull holding council. The Ravens all around me began to sqwauk as they could smell the flesh as I prepared this bird for its ceremony of going into sacred use. The Ravens circled around me in the trees and sat watching as I washed each feather with reverence and grace. The Raven was my first Spirit totem and revealed himself to me as a child, in the desert, an abnormal habitat for a Raven. As I wrapped up my ceremony washing off the stones and cleaning up the remains, I gave thanks and closed the ceremonial doorway. The Ravens spiralled around me and flew away.

Later that night, after salting the wings and talons, a Raven came and marked its territory, it took a piss on the salt in between the Raven wings. A good omen in my opinion. It was a blessing I believe, and a good one. All in this house need this Spirit medicine as we move into a new awareness of our mission here.

For me, it was about finding the strength I had as a child, when the world was mine, and I was in deep knowing of my valor and what it took to be a human. Before I lost my innocence, I had a deep sense of duty and honor for the mission i had come to perform. Raven is a reminder of that, to never forget my responsibility to Spirit on all levels, at whatever cost.

Lately it has been hard for me to reconcile what my actions have been for the greater good, as I have suffered deeply in my body, with my health, my finances, and my lack of a partner on this journey with me. It has been a rough ride, and I am alone, most of the time. At least in my mind.

Some people have perceived me as this ancient king, sitting on the top of the mountain, holding the responsibility of the kingdom in his hands. I have to say I agree with that metaphor on many counts, however it makes for a lonely ride. At some point, it has to shift into joy, or at least I keep telling myself that, it cannot stay like this forever!

Sometimes I wonder if Spirit is with me, and then when something like this happens, I have no doubts, how can I?

So recently, I have had a steel cage around my energy field, and I have had a hard time removing it. This morning, as I was attempting to clear myself, Raven came to me in Spirit and stood on the picnic table as I sat on the bench. He looked me dead in the eyes, and asked me to pet him. I was thrilled and gently I proceeded to stroke his feathers with deep reverence and respect. All of a sudden he squacked the loudest squack I have ever experienced and blasted the darkness out of my field! I then was able to see the key in my right hand that I needed to unlock the steel cage. I immediately unlocked the lock and blasted the steel cage out of my field, asking Archangel Michael to escort it into the light to be transmuted into Divine Light and Love. Whew! It was gone.

Later this morning, I felt the cage trying to re-engage, or at least something of this nature, and I just kept blasting my field open.

My deep responsibility to Spirit around breaking through the barriers of illusion and imprisonment that this planet is experiencing is truly my only job. My sense that holding these beings and the mignons accountable for their actions, is the only way that things will truly shift.

I give thanks for Raven medicine today, and am continuously blown away at what just happened. Its at times like these, that I cannot help but to fully trust Spirit!

Aho Mitakuye Oyassin _/\_

Here is an excerpt from something I found online about Raven medicine:

“It was Raven who stole the sun from a monster who wanted to keep the world in darkness.

Ravens must be understood more at an intuitive level however for they are the gatekeepers to the void of Spirit where there is no form or structure, but fluidity and constant change. So when someone speaks of Raven medicine, it is more easily understood through the intuitive senses and emotions.

It is also more easily to describe Raven medicine as it is expressed through those who carry it. It is said that people who carry Raven medicine also carry a heavy responsibility to Spirit. It as if these people have come into this Earth walk in order to help others break through old paradigms and belief systems into a new, more expanded awareness of reality.

Ravens are Heyokas, tricksters, in Native American mythology they taught the people both the right way to live through example of what not to do as well as bringing many blessings. Ask Raven to bring abundance and blessings rather than turning your reality on its head and having to learn things the hard way. Seeing a Raven carrying food in it’s mouth was considered to be a good omen as it meant that Spirit was sending the message that all would be provided for.

It was Raven who stole the sun from a monster who wanted to keep the world in darkness. Thus Raven people have a duty to confront their own monsters and demons in order to bring greater light into themselves. Once they are well on that path, they find themselves being asked to turn time and again to those who are in need of their assistance and have in fact at some level called out to Raven for support and protection. Those who carry Raven medicine often feel that their lives are not their own but belong to a greater cause or higher plan, and though they may not understand fully where they are being led, they know they have a special destiny to fulfill. Sometimes this destiny fills them with a sense of loneliness, even sadness, for like those with Wolf as a totem, these people know they walk alone. It is not that Raven keeps us from those of like mind, nor does it mean they do not have family or friends, rather it is from a sense of knowing that one is to be a rebel, a trickster, the joker in the deck, to go forth and do that which others would call crazy or foolish so that the earth and all who inhabit her can continue to expand and evolve. And to do that no matter the consequences.

Raven is also about shapeshifting and mysticism. A shapeshifter is one that knows that this Earth walk is an illusion and that one, if one believes it, can travel through space and time in the blink of an eye to appear in any form that is appropriate to bring help and healing to another. Many who carry Raven medicine often appear younger than their years, another ability of shapeshifting. Raven medicine is both very Neptunian in that it feels very intensely what others are truly thinking and feeling, and Plutonian as it sees that which most would prefer to ignore. Both are crucial for learning how to shapeshift either the self or reality, for shapeshifting is the awareness of other levels of reality besides this one. For if a person refuses to see what is how can he or she change anything? Raven teaches us how to look at what we are experiencing in a whole new way and thus adapt to what is while working towards a more positive future. Ravens are clairvoyant, they carry messages from Spirit to those who are willing to hear and follow through on what they are shown. That is why so many Raven people feel isolated and alone, they know at any moment Spirit may call upon them to leave everything behind in order to work for the good of the whole. This is why when a Raven person makes a friend, they are loyal for life as they understand the true value of friendship and want to honor and enjoy every moment they have with those they love.

Those who carry Raven medicine often have powerful, life altering visions at key points in their lives. Ravens are said to be fond of crossroads as that is where their energy can be utilized by those who are seeking a new direction for their lives. When facing a new path it is often wise to call upon Raven medicine to show you if that is the true and correct path for you or not. This is not to say that the right path will always be easy, for Ravens in their role of guardian and protector of all they survey are often called upon to help set something right or bring it back into balance. Ravens also teach us how to journey into the void where all possibility lives. If you look into the eye of a Raven it is the gateway between this world and the next, the place where all of our hopes and dreams live. Raven knows how to carry us there and shows us the proper path to return so that we may manifest that which we have found in the void. Moving into the void and returning to one’s reality also brings more awareness of how to deal with the shadows in one’s and others lives. Raven people are powerful navigators of the darkness, for their intuitive sense is so strong that they learn to rely on it rather than what is just before their physical eyes. Ravens are very alert. They are constantly on patrol, watching over their territory lest Owl move in and hunt them in the night time. Thus Raven medicine can also teach us, like Crow, how to defend and protect that which we value and cherish. We can call upon Raven medicine to insure that no predators make a tasty meal out of something we have worked hard to create. When there is an intuitive sense that something is not quite right it is important for those who carry this medicine be especially aware and alert when they get the proverbial red flag. Even thought the Raven person may not understand why they are picking up what they do, nine times out of ten they are spot on and so need to honor their insights intuitive awareness.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May All Beings Be Free From Suffering
Namaste  __/\__
We are always ONE~

Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, D.V.M.
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine

High Priestess of The Priestess Portal Pilgrimage

Creator of “The Sacred Village Project”

Director of “The Sacred Village Project” Documentary

Founder of the Temple of Living Light

Creator of the “Modern Magi Mystery School”

Founder and Executive Director of Legion of Light Global Ministries

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