Perspectives ~ A Prison of Our Own Making


Most of you reading this blog are most likely personal friends of mine, and might not be aware of some of the new developments within my experience, so I am offering this disclaimer that I havent lost my marbles, but have only added to them!  😉  Granted, this is only my opinion, and I can only speak from my experience.


A Prison of Our Own Making
Dark Side of the Moon
Asheville, NC

A cold blistery daze fills our atmosphere for the past three days here, but this is nothing in comparison to what he has endured this past month.  As he sits in a caged cell, on the hard glassy cement floor, with his wrists bound, head in his hands, I wonder how he has survived all these years.  I mean I know he is a supersoldier / superhuman, I have seen his strength, but still.  To have to endure what he has experienced, the torture that he has been given, there are just no words.  As I see him curled up on the cement floor, in the fetal position, I just cry.  My heart is bleeding for him.  This has to be real.  Why else would he show me where he is?  The Dark Side of the Moon.

I asked him if she knew he was a clone, and he said that she was too self-absorbed to even notice.  Not surprising at all, considering.

He asks me how I could care about her after all she has done, and I simply answer with the known fact that I love him and his children as my own, they are, after all, my blood.
He says that he made his bed, and now he has to lay in it.  I say it doesnt matter, because what they are doing isnt right, and it never will be.  They cannot redeem themselves that easily.
I have not been the same since he reached out to me through Chris.  I always know when it is truly him, because of the things he says, the symbolism that he provides to the person communicating to me, and the things that only he would know about our connection.  No reptilian drakonian fuckface could possibly know those things and be able to translate them through someone else with such accuracy, but then again, I wouldnt put it past them, considering how they have already used the mention of his name to trigger me into despair.  There is no way, after 26 years, in this second life, and 17 years as my husband on Mars, that this communication would continue if it were not true.  There is too much evidence to prove that he is really communicating with me, and when he shows me the truth of where he is, and all that he has endured, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is true.

I had to lay down earlier and take a nap…  it was just too much, I was too sad, I broke into extreme tears with Chris, as he watched me unravel.  He held an amazing space and just let me cry, honoring and acknowledging all that I had carried, the burden of madness, compassion, sadness, longing, not being able to be with someone that was being kept from me, and what I have done for the world, on so many levels.  He saw me,  and that was extremely comforting, to say the least.  I often wonder if anyone really sees me and what I have done for this planet, not just in this life, but in many others.  Not that I am asking for that recognition, I just want to see the job done.

According to what Chris can see, there is a whole floor of about 1000 agents in the CIA dedicated to stopping me, or at least slowing me down, so that I cannot speak to the truth.  I guess someday the Powers That Be are hoping that I might change my mind and go to work for them, and influence the masses.  The only reason.  Why else would they have kept me alive?

I look at myself, and although I know who I am, I dont really pose a threat to the public, rather to the depopulation agenda that is in operation, and the fact that they are pissed that I repaired and activated the 12th stargate with a group of priests and priestesses within one hour of being on the cliffs of the Kalalau Valley in Kauai.  Kind of ridiculous.  You would think they would thank me!  But no, they couldnt possibly do that, seeing as how their agenda is to keep the world from knowing what is really going on, and that we have interactions with Extra-Terrestrial Races on a daily, moment by moment basis, and have underground bases all over the world to attest to that.  DUMBS, Deep Underground Military Bases.  It is no wonder that Dwight Eisenhower felt compelled to put another branch of the Armed Forces into place to protect us, prior to his departure from his presidency.

There is a chance that Obama will be tried and imprisoned for his wrongful acts around trading prisoners for weapons, and other officials for the fact that there have been huge injustices in the name of patriotism throughout the history of the United States.  Pedophile rings running rampant through our world for the past 100 years maybe even longer, unnoticed, unchecked.  Carls Jr, Hardee’s and many other public places have underground dungeons used for such occurrences, where child sacrifices take place and the horrors drink their blood that drains from them.  This is not a myth, this is absolutely real, and Lucifer is in charge of the American School System.  After all, it is a system isnt it?  With every system there must be a ruling faction, or an overseeing force, that steers the trajectory of that system to make it operate, just like a car, plane or political system.  The problem is, that who is really running the system is the question that no one is ever able to answer, until now.  It is evidently clear who is running the system, but because this zeitgeist meme has been so indoctrinated into the system, people have refused to really look at it, and therefore cannot find the space to believe it, even if it is true.  They have been mind-washed to believe that they are living inside a functioning system that is for their benefit, that there is no other way that it could operate, but it is quite the opposite.  It is a system designed and developed for the single purpose of distracting the masses, so that huge acts of treason, deception and downright evil can take place right underneath our noses, for the benefit of bloodthirsty power hungry corporatists.

There is this notion, that we create it all, that every thought that we think is creating our future.  This can be true, however the implications of what this really means is somehow being totally missed.  As we focus our attention on what we think we are supposed to be focusing on, there is an entirely organized system of deception going on behind the scenes.  Those who have eyes to see, can see directly through the veil, and continue diligently to reveal the truth, but the truth is not what people want to hear, at all.  The people want to believe that their government is doing what is in the people’s best interest.  This ridiculous notion actually left with the Founding Fathers, and even then, there was some level of underhanded practices taking place.  After all, there was still slavery.

This country was built on magic alone, the entire premise of freedom is magic, but somehow people fail to recognize this fact.  The fact that magic created this country and its freedoms, and is still not recognized, says blatently that the people of this country really have no desire to live in the truth, that they choose to live in a fantasy that everything is perfect, and if you strive to be the best you can be, that you will have ultimate freedom and will be better than the joneses…  the trouble is, it is the exact opposite of this.  The harder you work for this idea of wealth and being the best, the more enslaved you become.  There is just no way around this.  The notion of happiness, is a mind control program designed to keep everyone distracted, so that they are able to get away with murder, using millions of people’s genetic material for feeding the extraterrestrial (terrestrial) drako races and experimentation to create a transhuman society with Artificial Intelligence.

“Who cares if we have real people to work for us?  All we need is an army of civilian robots to do our dirty work and we can continue to collect from the poor!”  This idea that people are actually ignorant, and that the ruling class has any right to rule in the first place, is astonishing.  Most humans at this point do not have original thoughts, but rather thoughts that stem from the collective meme that runs through the airwaves and hits the consciousness in just the right way to make people believe that the thought belongs to them.  If you able to still your mind, and release the subconscious mind control programs from your reality, then you will begin to see that everything in this reality is actually set up for humanity to fail, and this plan has been in place for over 2000 years, not to mention that approximately 5500 years ago, things began to change, and the powers that be, worked together to form a legion to carry out the mission of depopulating the planet if it ever got to the point where they could not control it.  This idea is also referred to in the NASA document Agenda 21.  In this document, they list the alternatives for the human race, and how they can proceed forward in case of a global emergency.  What they fail to mention is that they forgot that there are more alternatives than just what they state.  Knowing that the awakening of humanity was inevitable, they put in place this agenda to deal with everyone coming into their own awareness that they are of a God-like nature, and creators of their reality.  What they failed to realize is that this awakening is more powerful than any one man or woman, and could not possibly be stopped by any agenda or global emergency.

The powers that be have tried for years to depopulate the planet, only to see an increase and rise in the global population.  What they dont realize is that they have no control, and as soon as the population of the planet realizes that we are at a critical mass, and we must act, then there will be no turning back.  It started showing up in the form of riots and protests with the Occupy movement in Sept 2011, and has continued tirelessly since then to let everyone know what the truth really is.  The problem is, the United States is usually in a media blackout, and we are unable to get the real news that is taking place around the globe.  Notice how the French Massacre of the Satirical Comic Artists made world headlines!  Obviously this is another set up, like the Boston Bombings, Sandy Hook and other Illuminati Rituals.  Now why would they singly black out the media in the US as opposed to any other country?  Unless they were hiding something…  What is so important about this place that they need to keep Americans in the dark?  That is really the question we should be asking…  Well, one of the answers could be that we are in a region of the Return of the Dove.  After all, this is in fact, Pangaea and a portion of Lemuria and Atlantis.  And the motherland Mu is now the islands of Hawaii.  So we are the prime location for world domination and control, even though the population of other countries is far greater.

As the Cosmic Energies increase and continue to hit the planet and radically shift humanity’s perception, we will witness the most astounding blessed events.  The Return of the Dove, indicates that we will see peace here in the Americas and we will witness the finest turnaround ever witnessed on the face of this planet since its inception.  This continent cannot sink.   As the Return continues, we will witness whole metropolitan cities transforming into cities of light, with each building becoming a castle of rainbow light!  Transformation is inevitable, and if we all do our part to create the world that we desire to live in, there is no question that it will happen.  The dark forces are losing their grip and it is time for us to rise up and take the bull by the horns and bring harmony and balance back to the land of Gaia.  There is no war here, only truth.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May All Beings Be Free From Suffering
Namaste  __/\__
We are always ONE~

Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, D.V.M.
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine

High Priestess of The Priestess Portal Pilgrimage

Creator of “The Sacred Village Project”

Director of “The Sacred Village Project” Documentary

Founder of the Temple of Living Light

Creator of the “Modern Magi Mystery School”

Founder and Executive Director of Legion of Light Global Ministries

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