Kali Kali Kali!!!!!! Kundalini Rising!!!


As these days get longer and we honor Brigit for her wisdom, entering the new year, let us not forget that Kali is showing her face through the exquisite destruction of old patterns in our daily lives. We have the contributors of Mercury, Leo and the Moon pulling a close second. When enduring a Geomagnetic storm hitting the Earth, we must remember that we chose this life, we all chose to be here. Whether or not we see what is right in front of us at face value, we must remember, that those around us that are having a different experience, are not necessarily wrong or bad, or crazy for that matter. There might be some validity and truth to their experience. If we are able to step back and look from an observer’s perspective, we can see that we are actually being facilitated to a new level of awareness and truth, within our own personal cosmos.

This is not something that most people would think to look at, but as we move forward on this journey together, as a collective, we must remember, again, to take others’ experience into consideration and not “throw the baby out with the bath water” and “kill the messenger”. The message can be very potent if we choose to listen. When Spirit speaks, I listen. It is imperative that I choose to do so, if I am going to have any remote level of success in my own personal experience. And when I say Success, I’m not talking about monetary value, or personal recognition, I’m talking about functioning in our daily world, which has been written for us, and takes great tenacity to counteract the negative effects of such control.

Having said that, I have been guided and directed continuously by Spirit to write my blog, to share my thoughts with the world, and yet I refuse to do so, most of the time. What is it that holds me back? Is it the fear (resistance) of being found out? Of being heard by the Powers That Be? What is it? I mean, they are already watching me and choose to interfere at every turn, this is normal for me at this point. What is it that stops me from really breaking through that soundwave barrier and speaking my truth as I witness so many others doing? Why am I hiding?

I can only say, at this point, that after having my life threatened on a consistent basis, since the age of 13, when I defected from a breeding program, that I have been a fugitive of the Military Industrial Complex.

I am a wildcard that they cannot control. I activate and repair Planetary Stargates that have been damaged or under Negative Reversal Grids for way too long, to the tune of 800,000 years. They have spent millions, if not billions of dollars to keep me disempowered and yet they are not willing to kill me, as I have valuable information stored in my brain, that they can only unlock with a certain code, of which now only 4 extremely powerful individuals contain on Earth and Mars.

Who knows if my book will ever be read, or if this post will put me in danger. I do know one thing, I am a truth-sayer, A Raven, and nothing and no one can ever stop the Raven from revealing the truth. Raven has a responsibility to Spirit, that can never be compromised, regardless of any situation. If it is not me, it will be someone else. There are many that have gone before me, and many that will come after. I am just a piece of the puzzle, not the final destination, however I truly believe, I am a Catalyst of the most Divine kind, and this truth will save me.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May All Beings Be Free From Suffering
Namaste  __/\__
We are always ONE~

Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, D.V.M.
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine

High Priestess of The Priestess Portal Pilgrimage

Creator of “The Sacred Village Project”

Director of “The Sacred Village Project” Documentary

Founder of the Temple of Living Light

Creator of the “Modern Magi Mystery School”

Founder and Executive Director of Legion of Light Global Ministries

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