Perspectives ~ Racism – Is it Real?

“The Golden Rule:  He who has the gold, makes the rules” ~ They Live, 1988.  Dir. John Carpenter

In this day and age, of 2015, if you look at what is really presenting itself, you can see that the concept of Racism is specific.  If Racism were real, then all races other than one race, would be affected by this concept.  Racism would affect not only the African American races, but the Asian populations, the Native American, the Hindu, the Island Races, the South American populations and so forth.  Any race that is not of a specific heritage, such as the Anglo-Saxon heritage would be affected by this idea.  The world would look very different if all races other than Anglo-Saxon were considered a lower race by the general population.  This proves that the actual creation of Racism is manufactured and targeted towards specific races.  Also, this then stems into Religious Wars.  Religious Wars are very similar in concept to Racism.  Every Religion also has a creation story.  Religious Wars are designed to Divide and Conquer.  This targeted collective steering is to cause separation amongst the populaces so that no one can come together in solidarity and every seemingly individual consciousness never quite feels that they fit in. They remain in a state of confusion.

Racism is young, despite contrary belief.  This planet is 5 billion years old, at its youngest, and most of the existence on this planet, there has been a blending of all races, with no separation, all colors of skin stemmed from one eternal source, and therefore was not considered separate in any way.  All tribes knew they came from the same source, and therefore, when push came to shove, they would come to a resolution before too much harm could be done to any particular tribe, as they knew they had to coexist and extinction was not an option.

Racism began with the civilized world, so to speak, with the Patriarchal Takeover.  In Matrilineal times, the idea of Racism could not hold any weight, the Grandmothers of the Tribe would not allow for this imbalance.  One legend is when this planet was taken over, there was a small family from the Anu lineage, that decided they had dominion over this planet, in this section of the galaxy.  They came from the Orion constellation, which holds the 9th gate.  The Anu lineage had come from a long line of tyrant kings and queens that had appointed themselves rulers over this section of the Galaxy.  They decided that Tiamat, as Earth was known then, was their project, and that two brothers would have rule over this particular prized blue planet.  At the time, there were other planets that were inhabitable, however Tiamat was definitely the prize and was given to two brothers by their father Anu.   Enlil  presided over his mother, Ki, the Mother of Creation, which gave him dominion over the Earth.  Racism really began at this point, however how this planet was originally seeded comes from a different timeline.

Tiamat was an experiment.  Genetic Scientists, who consisted of one of the brothers Enki, and his twin sister Ereshkigal, decided to create a race of beings that could perform heavy tasks and were considered a slave race.  This was approximately 430,00 years ago in Earth time.  These were the original race of Sasquatch beings, now known as Big Foot, that were used to mine precious metals like Gold, needed for Nibiru, because their planet was fading.  The Annunaki, as they are known, then harvested whatever riches they could gain out of this planet, for Anu’s benefit.  At first, the Genetic Scientists, the brother and sister, were in alignment with just creating a worker race, but then both the brother and sister decided they wanted to create a being, a human being that would be able to function independently of them and be able to make decisions for themselves.  This is when the Sister decided she would seed from her own beingness and be the Mother of the Human Race.  This was the creation of Adam and Eve.

Ninmah, as she was also known, seeded the first Human Carbon-based form on Tiamat.  From there, she decided to birth several children through her womb, to begin the seeding of the Human race.  So in all essence, the children that were born, came from the same womb, and therefore, had to procreate with their own bloodline.  These bloodlines, are the same bloodlines that have now been traced through the Royal families and are considered a prized possession for the powers that still rule this planet.  This particular bloodline, is the most potent bloodline on the planet, and carries the original codes of Human creation, in the DNA.  This is why they have tracked this bloodline throughout the ages.  Anyone carrying this bloodline, is considered to have what is called Blood Prime.  This factor alone, makes anyone carrying this blood a target for the powers that be, and makes living a normal life, practically impossible, unless you follow direction well, and decide to go along with the program and be unknowingly utilized for their malevolent agenda.  Inbreeding was a practice used by this bloodline, to keep the royal blood “clean” so to speak.  Those carrying the bloodline on both sides of the family are considered to have the most potent Blood Prime, and are considered World Leaders.  The problem with this concept is, that most of the people with this blood, the Blood Prime, are extremely advanced souls at this point, and do not take direction well, they think for themselves and have different ideas about how they want to see this world manifest.  This is a positive thing for the planet at this time.  There are those that have birthed into this bloodline specifically to effect massive change this time around.  These souls knew that they were birthing into a challenging situation, and decided that no matter what happens, they would be willing to stick it out, and do their best to help facilitate the transition on this planet from darkness into light.

What does all this have to do with Racism you ask?  Simply this.  Racism is not real, it is manufactured, just like everything else.  We are living in a world that has been designed from the beginning to fail.  The natural way of things is for procreation to happen, so therefore population is at its ultimate rise, however the powers that be, since they are unable to entirely control the population through rules and regulations, have had to find other ways to steer the population into destroying themselves.  They have chosen to allow the overindulgent powers beyond humanity to have their way with the population of planet Earth and implement mind control.  A question you might have is WHY?  There is no why, there simply is.  This system was designed exquisitely well to be broken, like a well-oiled machine.  It functions flawlessly for the people & powers in control, and is broken for the rest of us.  But here’s the thing.  There are those souls that have now come to the planet from other galactic races, and other dimensions, and birthed here on planet Earth, to assist with this transition.  These souls are becoming known as the Starseed Races.  It has become very clear that Gaia, is now in her ascending process, and she is no longer willing to tolerate being raped and pillaged by the powers that consider themselves in charge.  The powers that be are becoming weaker, and losing control.  No longer are people allowing themselves to be manipulated and controlled, they are beginning to ask questions.  This has been a long time coming.  Soon the question will be asked,    “What is Racism really?” And the answer will come that in fact, there is no such thing, that it is a mind-control program, just like every other control mechanism, designed to Divide and Conquer and that it is a false idea that will be wiped from the collective once awareness has been brought to it, and made clear that it is NOT EVEN REAL!!!!  If it were real, as stated before, then all races would be considered in this idea, not just certain selective races.  However at this time, Racism is very real, and it is being used to Divide and Conquer this collective of human beings on this planet at this time.  The thing is, because it is a false idea, it cannot sustain life, and will eventually perish.  As the powers that be begin to lose their grip on the collective of humanity, which is already happening, they will surely not be able to sustain the idea of racism, and religious wars.  Anything that is designed to Divide and Conquer, will fall away, as it will lose its grip on humanity.

The more the powers that be try to separate us, the more we will come together, the more humanity will see the error of these ideas and will no longer buy into them.  There are enough movies and television, also designed to control the masses, to indicate the direction that they wish to steer us in, but it will never work.  There are waaay too many of us, and too many galactic races routing for humanity at this time, and the cosmic energies coming onto this planet now cannot be stopped.  It is bigger than them, they have no control over what the cosmic energies are doing.  All they can do is try to keep order when chaos ensues.  When the Atlantean Scientists decided to play God and manipulate the DNA and cause destruction, as they had on the planet Maldek, that blew up, they created a tear in the field.  This allowed for the takeover from Extra-Terrestrial Races that had begun to see their race becoming extinct and needed a harvesting mechanism to keep their race alive.  Some have said that the Drakos and the Zeta-Reticuli are actually future humans.  When you watch a baby form in the mother’s  womb, you see how we all start out looking like a lizard, we all have tails, that then become legs, and we transform our large heads into heads that can balance out with the rest of our bodies.  When the human race was formed originally, this was not the case.  Another level of interference came into the situation here on earth and manipulated the DNA.  The Reptilians decided to procreate with the Human Mothers here, and they created the second strain of Humans, the ones you see walking around today.

Their have been many manipulations of humanity throughout this planet’s herstory.  One thing to note is that the many different races that you see now, are actually from galactic races that came from different parts of the Galaxy and Universe to explore this planet.  For instance, over 208,000 years ago, a group of Pleiadians came to this planet as Beluga Whales and were deposited into the ocean on the Northern coast of Mu.  This area where this portal still exists to this day is on the Northeastern shores of the Island of Kauai, with no land mass interrupting the flow from the Napali Coast all the way to the North Pole.  This portal has been protected since this tribe of Pleiadian beings came.  It has been used as a birthing portal for Mother Earth, where souls come into this portal to wait to be born into their selected mothers, here on the planet.

When this tribe first came to the Earth, they were in the form of Beluga Whales and therefore deposited into the ocean, where they then lived underwater as a mermadic tribe for thousands of years.  When the time was right, they decided to walk onto land, and explore the surface of the Earth.  At this point, they took on their Divine Human Nature and became bipedal humans.  At this point on the planet however, we were still existing in a higher dimensional frequency, and therefore were predominantly crystalline in nature.

At the point where we walked onto land, we were then able to be traced here, and the Orion factions were able to track a certain few of us.  This particular location is the 12th Planetary Stargate, and so controls all the other 11 Stargates on this planet.  When the Orion factions realized where we were, they were able to come and destroy our tribe, and massacre all the members of this tribe.  This in turn damaged the 12th Stargate.  One being was responsible for this tracking.  A member of this tribe, one of the main leaders, had been marked from a previous embodiment, as a leader of the Anu factions, and had the etheric DNA that marked the affiliation to this lineage.  Knowing this, they had been looking for her for thousands of years, and when she resurfaced on Mu, her DNA attracted a beacon, that then was tracked by the Anu trackers, and she was found.  She was unaware that her DNA beacon was still active, as she had taken another form, however her etheric DNA still had a marker in it.  This caused the Anu trackers to trace her to Earth and then come to find her.  If she was not willing to give herself back to the Anu lineage, then her and her tribe would be destroyed.  Since she had taken another form, she was unaware, to a certain degree of the parameters of the Anu lineage’s containment.  To this day, they still consider her one of their leaders.  She has never been free since the embodiment as their mother Ki, the mother of Earth, the wife of King Anu.

Is it possible that she created all of this mess?  She often wonders if she will ever be free.  To take on that responsibility as just one person, one soul, is quite a lot, and too much responsibility for just one person, however, as a soul, she understands the depths of this, and why she birthed into that family in the first place.  This does not change that she is in fact a source being, and stems way beyond just the Anu lineage.  She took a huge risk in birthing into that family, and thought that she could potentially change the course of history, which she did, to a certain extent, however she was not fully successful, as we as humans are still dealing with the rule of the Anu lineage on this planet.

Will we ever be free?  This is where Racism comes in.  As long as humanity buys into the idea that we are separate from each other, that we are separate from source, we will continue to live in a divided reality.  As the divide becomes more and more evident with people everyday, we can see how the majority of the population is under insidious forms of mind control, and a very small percentage of the population is becoming free from that control, and it is so deeply ingrained in every aspect of society that it will take many levels of unraveling before we can see the light of day in this situation.  It doesnt mean that it cannot happen however, it just means that we have a lot of dedicated work to do with ourselves to bring us back to our true embodiment, to our true nature, which sits at the throne of God, Goddess, All That Is.  We simply cannot be separate from our source, and as long as we continue to buy into that idea, that we are separate from our source, we will continue to allow the Divide and Conquer idea to remain strong.

So this is where Love comes in.  The force of Love overcomes and supercedes all things.  We are not separate from anyone or anything.  We are not fighting with the powers that be, we are simply embracing all life, and finding the true nature of who and what we are, which is Source energy.  When we bring that energy back into our bodies, and it commands our everyday existence, then there is nothing that can come in and control us, there is no room for separation, when we see the truth of all life, and its nature, Love.

Through this unraveling of the paradigm of separation, there will be many opportunities for us to engage with separation with the idea of Racism, Elitism, Separatism, or any other concept of Divide and Conquer.  We must be vigilant to bring forth that which is only LOVE at this time.  Love, in fact Conquers All.  It conquers any and all ideas of separation and how we operate from that place.  Love is the Salve that heals all wounds.  Starting with the Divine Feminine wound, we apply the Salve of Love to our Hearts and come into resonance with the balance within ourselves of Masculine and Feminine, so that we ourselves are no longer divided, and can come into Right Relations with ourselves and with all Life.

The Male & Female populations have suffered greatly, for this wound has been instilled in the deepest parts of ourselves.  The Patriarchal rule designed and manufactured a false idea of Feminine, and has influenced the masses for thousands of years, making it virtually impossible for the Feminine to be recognized and acknowledged.  This shows up in the form of mothers being discouraged from breastfeeding their babies, in the Magdalene Conspiracy, and in many other forms.  Prisons, Female Competition, Modern Music, Television and Movies all promote a distorted Feminine vibration, enhancing the feminine wound, cutting even deeper.

This has all been by design, and as we are seeing now, that design is failing.  As the Divine Mother Councils gather and form in every community, the shift in consciousness will be palpable, and we will again recognize the mother in all of us, and how we birth into reality the very ideas that we think.  Most of our thoughts come from the collective consciousness, which again is being controlled by the Powers that Be.  As this mechanism of control breaks down, we will begin to see more and more of the Feminine rising in Love to create new levels of awareness and balance within the collective of humanity.

This is a call to each and every one of you, to pay close attention to those around you in your immediate environment, including yourself, and observe where it is in you and in others that you find the imbalance between the masculine and feminine.  It is easy to point the finger at others, continuing the divide and conquer idea within the collective, perpetuating the racism concept.  It takes a true warrior spirit, which we all are, simply by being born on earth at this time, to be able to look at ourselves and see the imbalances that we have created.  It takes true courage, and simply an acceptance of who and what we are as souls living in this human flesh, to see how we have allowed ourselves to be steered in this direction.  As souls reincarnating on this planet lifetime after lifetime, we have, almost all of us, participated in the creation of this state of being that exists within the collective consciousness of humanity today.  It is now time for us to take full responsibility and bring our collective nature back to its original source and create an awareness that is inclusive and holds every living being, animate or inanimate as sacred.  As we move into Galactic Citizenship with other races within this Universal/Multi-versal reality, which is imminent, we will recognize how we are not so different from other humans that exist from other collectives within our Multi-versal Matrix.  This awareness will bring extreme comfort and a feeling of coming home.  We will finally be right-sized, and be members of our collective humanity of souls living within this Universal time stream.  Things will begin to make sense, all the confusion that has been laid upon humanity will begin to fall away, and the veil will have been lifted from our collective unconscious, bringing forth the truth of all life, and that it stems from LOVE.  Now we have the Gold!  (Wink wink)

For further reading on this subject, here is an article and a timeline to get you started.  I do not necessarily subscribe to these beliefs around this creation story .  This is just a start on a long journey to discovery in this area:

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May All Beings Be Free From Suffering
Namaste  __/\__
We are always ONE~

Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, D.V.M.
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine

High Priestess of The Priestess Portal Pilgrimage

Creator of “The Sacred Village Project”

Director of “The Sacred Village Project” Documentary

Founder of the Temple of Living Light

Creator of the “Modern Magi Mystery School”

Founder and Executive Director of Legion of Light Global Ministries

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