Perspectives ~ Reclaiming our Heart’s Intelligence

In the past, up until now I should say, I would not have desired to comment on what I am about to share, but it has come to my attention, that if I do not reclaim my own heart’s intelligence, this rigmarole will continue wreaking havoc on the world.

From my perspective, which is only really mine, this world is in deep trouble at the moment.  Not because of all the obvious appearances, but because we have forgotten to reclaim our heart’s intelligent design, the brain within us that truly knows how to tap into the deepest Source of our own consciousness.

There are many who think that their “way” is the only way and that if we all do not adhere to this “way” that we will be forever lost in the mire of illusion.  This is what I refer to as Religiosity, and a form of energy harvesting.

In reality, it is actually quite the opposite.  If we were to adhere to others and do things their way without truly checking in with ourselves, at the deepest level, then we are in fact giving our power away.  We need our personal power and authentic nature to reveal itself and to be the beacon from which we make decisions based on what is in the highest good for us as individuals, and also what is in the highest good for all concerned.

What tends to happen is we get pulled in many different directions and are distracted from our true mission and our energy becomes depleted from what our true focus is, and can be, within the construct of our daily lives.


Now here is where it gets a bit complicated.  We are not doing this to ourselves most of the time, in fact, this is where “You create your life” does not actually apply.  There are outside influences that we are not personally creating that do have an influence on our decisions, our thoughts, and on our actions, however we are fully responsible for our actions, regardless of any influences we may be experiencing.  This makes for a dilemma in some people’s lives, because they do not want to take full responsibility for their actions or reactions in any given situation, and choose to place the blame on others, instead of really diving in deep to the nature of what is really going on to see what has created itself in their reality.

For me, it has become evident and obvious when there is a malevolent influence around me, attempting to derail me, drain me, influence me or distract me from my true mission.  Since I take full responsibility for my actions whenever humanly possible, this means that sometimes, if I react, and lose my composure and become triggered and need to speak my truth, it may come across as me being unhinged, that I am the source of the problem, when in fact, there is a pressure in the field designed to unhinge me.  I will stand up to this pressure and reveal it in the most loving way I can at that moment, and usually I will wait to address the pressure until I can come from a place of love.  But in life, this does not always happen.


What seems to be most important at this time, is to ground with Gaia, to breathe through these triggers and to pay attention to those around you who may have been taken over and are hosting programmed lifeforms.  This is not uncommon and it is very important that we pay close attention to what is happening within these realms, as they are doing everything in their power to prevent this awakening here on earth.  The cosmic radiation that is being deposited onto this planet right now has never in history happened on this level.  This is all new.  The Garden of Edin has been sealed and cleared of the Dark Lord Influence, contracts nullified.  The veil has truly been lifted and there is no turning back, we are in new territory and nothing will look the same, ever again.  This is the time to truly create exactly what we want to see manifest in our personal realities, but just know that there will be some level of interference, as the malevolent forces lose their grip of control involved in this matrix of reality.  It is our job at this time to really be fully present to what is, at face value.  See what is right in front of you, with the veil lifted.  People will begin to reveal themselves and it will become more difficult for them to hide behind shiny appearances, and the underbelly of the beast will be revealed.


The key is to know that this energy is not actually the person themselves, but rather a malevolent force that is using their embodiment to enact particular plays.  The behavior of these lifeforms is incredibly typical and can almost be predicted.  Their actions will include, but are not limited to the following:

Projecting Blame upon you for something that they are completely responsible for

Narcissistic behavior


Energy Harvesting through Social or News Media

Making you look like “The Bad Guy”

Turning others against you and making you feel alone

Accessing your deepest triggers, getting you to a place of unsettled chaos or in PTSD Triggers

Entering your dreamspace and appearing as someone you trust, who’s behaviors and actions do not match that person

Energy harvesting in the form of fear, ego, and/or lust

Feeding off of your light and not remaining in their autonomy or sovereignty

These are only just a few examples of how these programmed lifeforms operate through the people they are being hosted by.  It is important to recognize this behavior and to allow yourself to not react, feed or buy into these behaviors, but rather starve them out by not engaging and diffusing the bomb.


That all being said, focusing on the heart’s intelligence is a way to drop into a deeply centered space where no one can sway you one way or the other.

There are many exercises that can help with this, from heart opening yoga poses, to deep centered meditations, to Qi Gong, to golden light meditations.  Any of these, that help you ground in with your cosmic heart center and Gaia, and connecting with nature in any way, can make a huge difference in how we respond to those around us, and how we choose to act or react in any given situation.

Just remember that no matter where you are on this planet, you are being affected by this cosmic radiation of light, and it can benefit you if you choose to deepen into your heart’s intelligence.

Lokah Samastah Suhkino Bhavantu

May all beings be free from suffering.








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