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Here is another post from December of 2009, after just arriving in Mount Shasta. I was living right on the Mountain. I was going deep into the inner realms and receiving many levels of reality. I had never experienced such a Holy place.
I have left the post exactly as it was received at the time.
Shimmering Window ~ An exploration into the Inner Realms


Gemini Full Moon

12/02/09 11:01pm

Mt. Shasta, CA

In the Beginning, when Souls were first created, I was born into being. My initial sound was Ahn-Tah-RA. From this I created galaxies and saw them spinning, while I giggled and laughed with delight as I played with the spaces between spaces between matter between others chanting their names and deep breathy masculine vibrations speaking my soul into being as I held my consciousness in sway and allowed this integration. From this space, I took a form, although not right away. I sat with the ALL THAT IS for awhile to determine my place in the order of things. As it turned out, I became an angelic light being, blue in color. From this reference point, I was able to create even more splendid realities.

One of my assignments was to oversee the development of the humanoid form, the Divine Human body template, for the purpose of coming into physical form. Prior to this I acted as liason between the Council and the ALL THAT IS, such as a translator would. The Council was formed to determine what to do with all the matter that had been created through play. We had so much fun creating and playing and it was now time to utilize the forms that had been created. Thousands of sparkling stars filled the emptiness of space we call the Cosmos. Through what is now known as the Ninth Gate, in Orion’s belt, which at that time had no name, we entered this Universe.  The 7th Universe to have been created.

We were surprised to find sphere-like forms floating in formations and producing off-gases creating spirals and cycles of time. We knew that we would be experimenting with forming life and so we took our creations very seriously and remained committed to the task. It became apparent very quickly that we would be forming systems of planets that could exist, self-sustaining. We came upon several galaxies that had been created by different energies that had been chanted into being by the ALL THAT IS.

We chose vibrational frequencies for each, also known as energetic signatures, so they could be recognized individually. This was the beginning of independence. Identifying each as an individualized expression did not separate each from the whole but rather gave each expression a distinction as part of the whole. Many of us who had created these special expressions of matter worked together to create groups that could exist within the same space, as it was all interconnected. “Birds of a feather flock together” became the group soul formed from the original soul expression that was created. As Antara (Ahn-Tah-RA), I created the vibration of transition, from one reality to the next, and as such I chose to include many life forms from many galaxies that had been created in that process. So we came to a vibration that has since carried us through existence.  This particular soul collective, we flow together on the path of Artisan/Sage. With the development of the first life form in the physical, we discovered that we could continue creating instantaneous expression in the manifest and therefore determined to create a physical vehicle for the expression of our experience. These physical vehicles took on the form of everything from bacteria to trees to plants, to stones, crystals and rocks.

An anomaly happened when water formed on the surface of a sphere and we realized that life could be sustained through a physical form. All was happening at once and therefore it took several experiences of this new universe to grasp the depth of creation that had taken place.

So, as a light being, I decided to experiment with the elements that were revealing themselves and create a form, a housing, a physical vehicle with which to encase my Spirit as a temple. It took many manifestations before I was able to create the splendor of the humanoid.

The Divine Connection, that has not been lost, was the key to the operation of this new vehicle, as I was still able to operate outside of this form, and yet utilize it for the expression of the physical, where I could experience the senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, touch! I continued to work on the form, experimenting with different ideas, including wings, tails, and fins. I knew that this vehicle needed to traverse the many terrains available. I knew that being divinely ordained, this vehicle would have complete control over itself and would be able to shift and change whenever necessary to meet the needs of any situation.

After visiting several planets, we came up with the idea that many forms of expression would be greeted with a choice to create a physical body or some other form of expression so as to experience all aspects of reality. Each soul that had been created was given a choice to either incarnate into physical form and create the first race or to stay in the form of light to continue their assignment on that level where they could assist with the creation and development of new life forms that were expressing from Source. And so it was, new life had taken shape and form and there could now be a comprehensive way of experiencing life with a dedicated commitment to the flow of expression. This brought about many who decided to experiment with the human form. At this time, the dimensional frequencies were few, although ever expanding and so it was quite simple to make the decision as to where to begin. Most of us began on one particular planet, to experiment with creating all aspects of reality within that dimension, while others stayed within the cosmic ocean of light with the ALL THAT IS, to assist us upon our journey.

We would often go back and forth as to experience the fullness of what we were bringing into form so that we could truly experience all aspects of our reality from all perspectives and vantage points. At one point, a decision was made by the Council to create new life forms through the expression of creating new human bodies that contain new souls being created. This became the population of souls that are forever expanding and experiencing life in all forms. The essential element and key factor in creation of life forms is that they have the Divine Spark within them.

Regardless of its form, a life form was required to have a soul. This was usually simple as each soul was assigned a different life expression from the very beginning and could then live out that existence until such time as another assignment became prevalent for that soul’s experience. Death is a human idea, not a Divine idea. It is simply a matter of changing form.

The expression of life expanded almost instantaneously and continued to manifest new structures as it went along. All life is made of the same structure of DNA/RNA molecules and that spiraline rope of ecstatic vibrations determines what life form it will create by the programming that it receives. All this is done without a thought, it just is. Coming through the DNA structure we see different manifestations of life forms based on the formulations of the molecules that produce matter. It is easy to determine that at some point, there became a rent, a tear in the fabric of the Universe, as free will was a natural part of this reality.  Something happened that allowed a Separation from Spirit.  This has shown up in many ways over time, especially in the Human Form, and Astral Realms that force their hand upon the Physical.  Animals and other life forms have never lost their initial connection to the ALL THAT IS, nor will they ever.

The Design of the Universe is such that when something has reached it’s maximum expression, it naturally expires, so as to move into a new level of awareness, and can create anew, something that is not yet in expression. As this cycle continues, it ebbs and flows and creates ever expanding realities that reveal themselves as time flows on.


Walking Between the Worlds ~ Shimmering Window Blog

Hey there!  I received this transmission just prior to leaving Los Angeles, a week before moving to Mount Shasta in October of 2009.  I feel that this message is very timely and as I have witnessed this transition on Gaia, so much has happened and I feel this information is more crucial now than ever.  

This is from an old blog post on my Akashic Transmissions Blog.  I have not changed any of the content, this is exactly how I received it.   

Shimmering Window – An exploration into the Inner Realms

Walking Between the Worlds by Saralise

10/4/09 7:30am

Yeshua was humble and encouraged everyone to find their own way. He made it clear that the “I AM” within all of us was “The Way”. He also knew that most likely we would be of the few that actually understood what he was teaching and that we would be carrying it in our DNA, that we already had encoded this information, so he knew he was coming to remind us, not to make himself a savior. He knew at a certain point that he would be sacrificed as the truth would not be readily accepted and he would be risking his own humanity to bring this message. As was planned, he followed his guidance and sacrificed himself. Due to the fact that we had this knowledge ahead of time, we prepared for it, we prepared him for this ultimate transition and as we had done this before, we both knew the importance of increasing the light quotient in his physical form. I was able to assist in this process by raising the kundalini serpent within his form on several occasions to increase the vibrations of Light within an incredibly dark, dense surrounding. It’s interesting because I received an incredible amount of jealousy from those around me when I feel it should have been absolute respect. Mostly the men. The women and children were incredible with me and they treated me with utmost respect as they knew my role and commitment I had made. So, because I had been a Buddha and had mastered the Ascension process prior to this specific incarnation, I was prepared to be of service to Yeshua.
What most of the disciples did not really understand is that they too had been holy beings long before this particular incarnation. The programming that they received in this particular life made them confused as to their purpose. Knowing deep within that they were on their path and that we were all included in this Divine Plan, they still chose to let their programming disrupt the flow. Overall though, Yeshua was able to counteract this system of learning and break through the barriers that had been set in place by lower frequencies. After all this was his job. 

 So here we are today, in human form, finishing what we placed in motion then, except this time, the focus is on the women. The Divine Sacred Feminine was erased from the religious teachings as that meant that each individual would have complete and utter freedom. This couldn’t be allowed by the patriarchal powers that be, as they needed to keep everything under control, and all Divine knowledge under lock and key or they feared they would have no order. And as God created free will as a construct within this framework of experimental existence, it allowed for this, as it was the will of the most powerful people in society at that time.
Fortunately, for the human race, there had already been a tremendous amount of religious history and teachings developed by places like India, China, Tibet, and other lands, so we can now, at this point, decipher what it is that we choose to believe. There is enough information being spread through the consciousness and people are well informed and making smarter choices. Although I would say the majority of humans have still made the choice to remain unconscious to the truth. They feel as though if they were to actually look at life square in the face and see the truth, it would require that they change their entire way of functioning. Everything they know and understand would no longer make sense. So as it seems, they are being helped, they are being nudged along by the Universe to wake up to the truth of reality, of what is, to what is really taking place in human consciousness. Some people will never be consciously available for this information, as they have been programmed deeply to believe only in what they see and feel in the physical as tangible.

This understanding requires an openness, an ability to set aside all belief structures that have been put into place and to trust in something intangible, yet completely and utterly evident! The purpose of this development is quite obvious to those who have chosen to allow this knowledge to enter their lives. For those who have made this contract to wake up, to be fully engaged in the shift and to facilitate for others, this time has come. For those who are choosing to remain in the physical world and continue down the path of the tangible, they will be given a choice to receive the Light or continue in contrast into the denser realms of dimensional frequencies where they will be given opportunities to proceed with their personal journeys undetected.

This will be an interesting contrast to observe and witness. The two dimensions will be co-existing and yet rarely will they cross each other. Those that remain in the denser frequencies will have a job to do there that relates to their specific journey. The youth with be able to traverse the dimensions as they will be working in both, and their family members will be present in both. Some family members may be in the 3rd dimension, while others may be in the 5th dimension, requiring that they walk between worlds. They will be asked to facilitate bringing their family and friends into the lighter frequencies in a way that most people can receive. As for the parents of these special beings, they will undergo many lessons and will be asked to choose which dimension they wish to reside in. Most will choose to stay in the 3rd dimension, as they believe it is the easier way and their attachments lie there.

There will also be the select few that will understand their own purpose and are being asked to detach completely from the 3rd dimensional frequencies, even though they have children and family members still residing there. They are being asked to release all attachments that would hold them to the physical as their bodies are transforming into light. This process requires a crystallization of all of the physical form which in turn requires that these individuals stay present in their bodies and yet it requires that they become lighter in density, which means leaving densely populated areas where the mass thought forms are not influencing every movement. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay present in their bodies who are going through this shift if they are living in densely populated area, as there is “no room to breathe”, so to speak.

Understanding this could save many lives. Although most are tied to obligations in the 3rd dimension, these certain individuals are coming to a place where it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to function in 3rd dimensional reality, as they are being asked by their higher selves to shift their focus onto lighter things and to place their attention on their true Divine Purpose and not on the everyday duldrems of life as that reality is very quickly leaving.

For those riding the wave in acceptance of their truth and lineage of light, they are experiencing long waves of bliss and communication with higher beings, as they are preparing for the next wave of their journey here, during this shift.

There are those still walking on the fence. These individuals are resistant to change on this level, as they know on a deep deep level that it is inevitable, and yet they are not ready to leave everything and everyone they know behind.

There are those who are just beginning to understand that a major change is taking place that they are a part of, and that they are being asked to remain open to the possibilities of what is coming. They are not sure they are willing to make the jump and would prefer staying in the 3rd dimension, even though deep down they know they are being asked to shift into a new level of awareness for their highest benefit.

And lastly, there are those that, for some time, have been embodying the light, they have been taking the shift very seriously and yet they have found themselves unable to let go completely of their previous incarnations and present lifestyle. Something continues to hold them there, even though they are continuing to suffer tremendously by staying behind. They simply are unable to let go or they feel their work is not finished, even though they are fully aware that it is time to go.

So here we have many different levels of acceptance: those who are willing and able, and those who are undecided.

This transitional time is actually set in place so as to keep the transition as smooth as possible as the light quotient has increased to such a degree that there is no longer any question that something major is happening. There are those still who refuse to see what is right in front of them for fear that it will interrupt their reality. They are not willing to see the truth on any level because that would require the ego to step down and to take a back seat to their Divinity, and seeing as how most humans have allowed their ego to be the predominant ruling factor in their lives, they would have to completely change, and that is no small task.

Those who have committed to their path are being looked upon with disdain and ridicule and are not in favor with those who allow their ego to rule them. There are those well-respected spiritual teachers that have bridged science and spirituality, and then there are those that have come after who are in a completely different place who are being asked to give up everything familiar and enter a new way of being on the planet.

This new way has never been attempted in human history on planet Earth. This will be the first time humans will be living in light bodies and remaining in physical form, after having been in the denser frequencies. In the beginning of human history on planet Earth, it was quite simple as our God connection had not been severed, hence we were able to live in our light bodies and be on the planet in physical form. The information regarding this time in history has always been there, and yet most of us were unable to receive it. We now are at a place in our Earth’s frequency where there is enough Light to reveal these truths in such a way that they may be accepted and received, not without question, but with an open mind.

These and other realities are being more readily accepted within the framework of mass consciousness in such a way that we, as a Human race and family are finally able to consider what is coming next. This is truly a benefit to all beings. We, as a human race and all other species on this planet will benefit from this shift and will be given freedom we have never experienced in human form since the fall of the God principle. This will benefit all beings everywhere as ours is the last dimensional shift that needs to take place until such time as the galaxy turns inward.

Saralise Antara Nada Azrael

Perspectives  ~Reflecting Light upon that which must be revealed 

The Dark Lords and the Sophia codes
in our DNA

in our DNA
In OUR D…..N….A…
Do NOT be fooled by “Tom Foolery”. Standing strong in our Sophia nature is vital to our existance, we must reflect back that which is Truth within our own nature and the nature of others.
In this moment, like never before, we are experiencing the Dark Lords desperate to inhabit human life. They have lost the battle and they’re doing everything in their power to retain control of this planet. Just know that you are not alone. There are as many programmed lifeforms as there are human beings on this planet, if not more. Know that this is the time we have been waiting for, where the rubber hits the road, where the boys become men, where the girls become women, where we get to decide if we are to mature into our fullest expression. At this point in history, like never before, have we experienced the amount of interference that we are experiencing right now. 
On October 21, 2015, in a session with a Mother Goddess of Gaia, I nullified the contracts between the Dark Lords and the Mother Goddesses that were created under duress during the Era known as the the Garden of Eden. At that time, 450,000 years ago, the genetic scientist of Tiamat (now known as Earth), named Enki (aka EA), found out about the Garden of Eden. He decided to shape shift into the Mother of all Mother Goddesses, as he knew this would be the only way to enter. When he did this, he was able to get into the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, the Mother Goddesses could not tell the difference between the true Mother Goddess, Queen Ki of the Annunaki, and a shape shifter at that time. He did such a good job of disguising himself, that they could not honestly tell the difference. They had never encountered anyone other than a Mother Goddess or the Mother herself. As they let him into the garden of Eden, he discovered the magic of how to enter the Garden. He went back at a different time and decided to rape the Mother Goddesses one by one, hence destroying the divinity and purity of the Garden of Eden. The Mother Goddesses were self-generating and birthed their own Divine Humans. They did not need a seed from another being to do this. When Enki entered the Garden, he decided to rape Isis first. When this happened, he seduced and coerced Isis into birthing humanity and convinced her that this was the most powerful way she could be of service to this planet. Hence she was “fooled by Tom Foolery”.
As he raped the Mother Goddesses, one by one, the garden of Eden was destroyed. The shield that was kept around this magical space, this beautiful planet, was completely and utterly destroyed by the darkness of this being. Some would say that Lucifer entered this being named Enki, the son of the King of the Annunaki. 
The Annunaki were originally benevolent and resided in the Orion constellation at that time. The Orion constellation was the Ninth gate that allowed entry into this sector of the Galaxy. The Annunaki had been placed in charge of this solar system and Tiamat (earth) seemed like a planet that was ripe for development and mining ore.
As the genetic scientist Enki began to develop the workers for mining ore, he decided to give them free will choice. His brother Enlil was in charge of the planet and was considered the caretaker of this planet while Enki was actually only the scientist. At some point Lucifer entered Enki’s body and decided to rape the Mother Goddesses for the benefit of infiltrating the Divine race of humans. Enlil and his mother and father, King Anu and Queen Ki were not aware of this event.
In this particular mythos, when the King and Queen found out that Enki was developing these workers of Tiamat, just prior to Enki discovering the Garden, they begged Enki not to create this race of humans. They found the idea to be cruel as these beings would never truly be free to live an exalted life. At this juncture, Lucifer entered Enki and took over. He decided, after he found out about the Garden of Eden, that he had another plan. This plan was to rape the Mother Goddesses, one by one, and birth humanity in a different way, so that the Dark Lord DNA would be infiltrated within the human DNA. When Enki raped Isis, the Mother Goddess, he impregnated her and she then birthed Marduk, or what is known today as Horus. Marduk is still hosted to this day by an incarnate in the Rothschild family.
This is where the entry point happened, 450,000 years ago. The only person or soul that can undo what happened, was either Enki himself or Queen Ki, the Mother of all Mother Goddesses. Queen Ki is intrinsically connected to Gaia, to Tiamat, to Earth. She is the only one who can actually undo what has been done, to uncreate what has been created through access to Creation Codes in her DNA.
Once the Dark Lords were locked out of the Garden of Eden for good, and the contracts nullified between the Dark Lords and the Mother Goddesses, the Human Elite went into a panic. The Reptilian Overlord that was controlling this planet went to the Human Elite and told them they were on their own. Within three weeks of this event, the Paris attacks began, Syrian refugees multiplied, and false flag events started showing up all around the planet. This was just after the asteroid had passed by the planet and had been dissolved into rainbow light, revealing a spaceship inside of the asteroid headed for Earth, programmed to drop on Bermuda and collapse the timelines, as well as eliminate a majority of the population in the United States and potentially beyond, depending upon the reach of its scope. There have been many false flag events, many Extinction Level Events (ELE’s), that have been attempted. Nothing has worked. The reason for this is because the Dark Lords will never win this battle.
Why is this? The reason for this, is because we are not fighting them. We are not here to fight them. We are here to return to the Garden of Eden. We are here to go home. We did not bring this upon ourselves. In other galactic nations there is only Light. These levels of duality do not actually exist. These levels of imprisonment do not exist in other realms. There may be a few that are experiencing this and have been brought down to a lower vibration due to the fact that they have been imprisoned and taken over by specific factions, but that doesn’t mean that we here on Gaia (Tiamat/Earth) need to do the same.
We have the opportunity now, in this time, as a species, to change reality for ever. To change the matrix in which we live. To make an impact on the universal matrix. This is not a simple task, this requires that we fully embody, with our Spirit intact, at this time.
We have the undying support of our galactic nations standing by waiting for us to step into our full truth and our full power. This is not something that anybody else can save us from. This is Our World. This is Our Truth. This is Our Home. We must step up, and stand up for what is right, for what is ours, and claim our beloved planet once and for all.
I have hesitated for way too long to speak to what is happening. I can no longer sit by and watch the desecration and the degradation of this planet. It is not just our planet, but humanity itself. Humanity has allowed this to continue. Humanity has fallen asleep a long time ago. It is now our opportunity and our chance to change that, to rectify what has been done, and to come forth in the true awareness of who we actually are as Divine Humans living in this experience. We are not Victims here…
So….take a chance with me. 

Allow yourself the opportunity to step forward at this time, 

knowing full well that you are provided for and protected. 

There is no other option. 

We are Divine emanations of Spirit. 

We are individualized expressions of the One Power and the One Presence of ALL life. 
So take a walk with me, 

into the magical forest, 

and allow yourself to Breathe In the Light of the Golden Sun. 

Allow your truth to resonate in your body through every Atom of your being.  

Allow the subatomic structure of your DNA to be Bathed in Golden Light, 

the true light of the heart of God/Goddess/All That IS.
There is only one life. 

There is only the divine expression of that One Life. 

The expression of that One Life reveals itself continuously 

through the creative expression of all the individuations of that One Life.
In the deep knowing of this fact, when you see something that does not resonate deeply within your soul as truth, know that expression has found its way into a subatomic structure of density and is blocked from the Light. It is our job, as Divine Humans, to do our best to support the density having access to the Light. This does not mean that we enter into the density, it simply means that we observe the density and reflect back to it the Light within. We recognize the Light within that density and we expand it and bring it forth, allowing a choice point. The more we recognize the Light within any given density, the more the Light shines brightly for all to see. When you reflect the truth back to the density itself, it cannot remain in the density but must come forth into the Light. When the density has lifted, the true nature of that being can be revealed.
This is a Universal Law that exists within this particular universe. The Law of Appreciation states that when you appreciate something as the Light within, that it must reflect it back. This way the density can no longer hide.
When we see the true nature of any being, we are required, in accordance with Universal Law, to reflect that back to them. Sometimes that requires that you reflect the density first, and allow this being to recognize the density within their field, so that they may recognize the true Light within, in direct contrast to that density. This way they have a choice point available to them.
This is not necessarily an easy task. This may require that you step forward in confrontation to reveal this truth. The key is to create this reflection with Love. This may be extremely difficult, if you are triggered for any reason. In order to successfully transmit this information to someone, you must be coming from a Space of Love. Unconditional Love is a challenge for most on this earth. It is something that is not natural to us, at this time in history. However, we are doing our best to recognize that this is truth, and that we are here to bring that back into existence in a full resonance and residence with Gaia.
This morning, on my walk, at the trailhead of the magical forest, I had an encounter with a 23-year-old man named Joseph. Joseph proceeded to cloak himself until such time as he made himself known. The reason for this is that a reptilian was occupying his body. He decided to flirt with me. He decided to try and get me to come near him. I immediately reflected back to him the Light within his DNA. I let him know that he was in fact a true angel, and that this behaviour was not even remotely acceptable. I told him that whatever drugs or alcohol he was engaging in was not serving his highest purpose. It was 11 AM in the morning, he was clearly intoxicated and high and I was at the trailhead of the most magical forest I walk in every day. I told him he met ME for a reason. I told him that it was time for him to embody fully in his body. I told him that he could not steal people’s energy any longer. I read him the riot act. He denied everything at first, but by the end, when I was walking away, he understood. I sent blessings his way and proceeded to shield myself and walk into the forest.
This is something that every single one of us deals with on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. Society has been trained at this point to steal other people’s energies. We have been trained to take rather than to give. It is time for us to turn that around. It is no longer an option for us to take or steal someone else’s vital life force energy for our benefit. Service to self behaviours indicate reptilian occupation or some aspect of programmed life form occupation.
It is our choice now to step into our full embodiment, to step into our truth, and to come into right relations with ourselves and with each and every individual we come in contact with, including beings of a divine nature, and programmed lifeforms posing as such, astral lifeforms, animals, children, every single being on this planet. 
Like I said before, there are as many programmed lifeforms as there are human beings on this planet at this time, if not more. When you reflect on the truth of this, it becomes evidently clear that we have a mess to clean up. Those of us who have committed to taking on that challenge, are deeply embedded in the knowing that we have a lot of work to do. This work can be effortless or it can be burdened, it is up to us. Nonetheless it needs to be done and we have no time to waste.
The Time is finally NOW Dear Ones, the time has come upon us that we no longer exist in a world of linear Matrix construct, but rather spiralline in nature. The true nature of reality is ever present in our existence at this time. The timelines continue to collapse. We can use this to our advantage to create eternality at its finest. Some of us have chosen to step out of the reincarnational karmic cycle, and for this I am deeply grateful. When this happens, it makes it easier for us to do our job. As we move into this next phase on Gaia, we can assure ourselves, that by holding the Light, we can, in fact, shift reality. Being in our True Divine Essence of our Original Divine Blueprint, we can witness Divine Light within ALL things, and transmute anything that is out of alignment bringing it back into its True Divine Nature.
And so it IS, and So It Shall Be from this moment forward.
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May All Beings be Free from Suffering