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Hey there!  I received this transmission just prior to leaving Los Angeles, a week before moving to Mount Shasta in October of 2009.  I feel that this message is very timely and as I have witnessed this transition on Gaia, so much has happened and I feel this information is more crucial now than ever.  

This is from an old blog post on my Akashic Transmissions Blog.  I have not changed any of the content, this is exactly how I received it.   

Shimmering Window – An exploration into the Inner Realms

Walking Between the Worlds by Saralise

10/4/09 7:30am

Yeshua was humble and encouraged everyone to find their own way. He made it clear that the “I AM” within all of us was “The Way”. He also knew that most likely we would be of the few that actually understood what he was teaching and that we would be carrying it in our DNA, that we already had encoded this information, so he knew he was coming to remind us, not to make himself a savior. He knew at a certain point that he would be sacrificed as the truth would not be readily accepted and he would be risking his own humanity to bring this message. As was planned, he followed his guidance and sacrificed himself. Due to the fact that we had this knowledge ahead of time, we prepared for it, we prepared him for this ultimate transition and as we had done this before, we both knew the importance of increasing the light quotient in his physical form. I was able to assist in this process by raising the kundalini serpent within his form on several occasions to increase the vibrations of Light within an incredibly dark, dense surrounding. It’s interesting because I received an incredible amount of jealousy from those around me when I feel it should have been absolute respect. Mostly the men. The women and children were incredible with me and they treated me with utmost respect as they knew my role and commitment I had made. So, because I had been a Buddha and had mastered the Ascension process prior to this specific incarnation, I was prepared to be of service to Yeshua.
What most of the disciples did not really understand is that they too had been holy beings long before this particular incarnation. The programming that they received in this particular life made them confused as to their purpose. Knowing deep within that they were on their path and that we were all included in this Divine Plan, they still chose to let their programming disrupt the flow. Overall though, Yeshua was able to counteract this system of learning and break through the barriers that had been set in place by lower frequencies. After all this was his job. 

 So here we are today, in human form, finishing what we placed in motion then, except this time, the focus is on the women. The Divine Sacred Feminine was erased from the religious teachings as that meant that each individual would have complete and utter freedom. This couldn’t be allowed by the patriarchal powers that be, as they needed to keep everything under control, and all Divine knowledge under lock and key or they feared they would have no order. And as God created free will as a construct within this framework of experimental existence, it allowed for this, as it was the will of the most powerful people in society at that time.
Fortunately, for the human race, there had already been a tremendous amount of religious history and teachings developed by places like India, China, Tibet, and other lands, so we can now, at this point, decipher what it is that we choose to believe. There is enough information being spread through the consciousness and people are well informed and making smarter choices. Although I would say the majority of humans have still made the choice to remain unconscious to the truth. They feel as though if they were to actually look at life square in the face and see the truth, it would require that they change their entire way of functioning. Everything they know and understand would no longer make sense. So as it seems, they are being helped, they are being nudged along by the Universe to wake up to the truth of reality, of what is, to what is really taking place in human consciousness. Some people will never be consciously available for this information, as they have been programmed deeply to believe only in what they see and feel in the physical as tangible.

This understanding requires an openness, an ability to set aside all belief structures that have been put into place and to trust in something intangible, yet completely and utterly evident! The purpose of this development is quite obvious to those who have chosen to allow this knowledge to enter their lives. For those who have made this contract to wake up, to be fully engaged in the shift and to facilitate for others, this time has come. For those who are choosing to remain in the physical world and continue down the path of the tangible, they will be given a choice to receive the Light or continue in contrast into the denser realms of dimensional frequencies where they will be given opportunities to proceed with their personal journeys undetected.

This will be an interesting contrast to observe and witness. The two dimensions will be co-existing and yet rarely will they cross each other. Those that remain in the denser frequencies will have a job to do there that relates to their specific journey. The youth with be able to traverse the dimensions as they will be working in both, and their family members will be present in both. Some family members may be in the 3rd dimension, while others may be in the 5th dimension, requiring that they walk between worlds. They will be asked to facilitate bringing their family and friends into the lighter frequencies in a way that most people can receive. As for the parents of these special beings, they will undergo many lessons and will be asked to choose which dimension they wish to reside in. Most will choose to stay in the 3rd dimension, as they believe it is the easier way and their attachments lie there.

There will also be the select few that will understand their own purpose and are being asked to detach completely from the 3rd dimensional frequencies, even though they have children and family members still residing there. They are being asked to release all attachments that would hold them to the physical as their bodies are transforming into light. This process requires a crystallization of all of the physical form which in turn requires that these individuals stay present in their bodies and yet it requires that they become lighter in density, which means leaving densely populated areas where the mass thought forms are not influencing every movement. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay present in their bodies who are going through this shift if they are living in densely populated area, as there is “no room to breathe”, so to speak.

Understanding this could save many lives. Although most are tied to obligations in the 3rd dimension, these certain individuals are coming to a place where it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to function in 3rd dimensional reality, as they are being asked by their higher selves to shift their focus onto lighter things and to place their attention on their true Divine Purpose and not on the everyday duldrems of life as that reality is very quickly leaving.

For those riding the wave in acceptance of their truth and lineage of light, they are experiencing long waves of bliss and communication with higher beings, as they are preparing for the next wave of their journey here, during this shift.

There are those still walking on the fence. These individuals are resistant to change on this level, as they know on a deep deep level that it is inevitable, and yet they are not ready to leave everything and everyone they know behind.

There are those who are just beginning to understand that a major change is taking place that they are a part of, and that they are being asked to remain open to the possibilities of what is coming. They are not sure they are willing to make the jump and would prefer staying in the 3rd dimension, even though deep down they know they are being asked to shift into a new level of awareness for their highest benefit.

And lastly, there are those that, for some time, have been embodying the light, they have been taking the shift very seriously and yet they have found themselves unable to let go completely of their previous incarnations and present lifestyle. Something continues to hold them there, even though they are continuing to suffer tremendously by staying behind. They simply are unable to let go or they feel their work is not finished, even though they are fully aware that it is time to go.

So here we have many different levels of acceptance: those who are willing and able, and those who are undecided.

This transitional time is actually set in place so as to keep the transition as smooth as possible as the light quotient has increased to such a degree that there is no longer any question that something major is happening. There are those still who refuse to see what is right in front of them for fear that it will interrupt their reality. They are not willing to see the truth on any level because that would require the ego to step down and to take a back seat to their Divinity, and seeing as how most humans have allowed their ego to be the predominant ruling factor in their lives, they would have to completely change, and that is no small task.

Those who have committed to their path are being looked upon with disdain and ridicule and are not in favor with those who allow their ego to rule them. There are those well-respected spiritual teachers that have bridged science and spirituality, and then there are those that have come after who are in a completely different place who are being asked to give up everything familiar and enter a new way of being on the planet.

This new way has never been attempted in human history on planet Earth. This will be the first time humans will be living in light bodies and remaining in physical form, after having been in the denser frequencies. In the beginning of human history on planet Earth, it was quite simple as our God connection had not been severed, hence we were able to live in our light bodies and be on the planet in physical form. The information regarding this time in history has always been there, and yet most of us were unable to receive it. We now are at a place in our Earth’s frequency where there is enough Light to reveal these truths in such a way that they may be accepted and received, not without question, but with an open mind.

These and other realities are being more readily accepted within the framework of mass consciousness in such a way that we, as a Human race and family are finally able to consider what is coming next. This is truly a benefit to all beings. We, as a human race and all other species on this planet will benefit from this shift and will be given freedom we have never experienced in human form since the fall of the God principle. This will benefit all beings everywhere as ours is the last dimensional shift that needs to take place until such time as the galaxy turns inward.

Saralise Antara Nada Azrael


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