Spring into Success Akashic Coaching Series!!!

One of my highest excitements is to support others in navigating their highest expressions!

I have decided to offer this exclusive series until Monday, April 4th, 2016!

I have space for 15 people total, so as to balance the energy output. These are personal individual one-on-one sessions. If you read this and feel interested, please dont hesitate to private message me! I am available to chat about this anytime, answer questions and get you started with this exquisite opportunity! Yay!

This is a series of Three 55-minute sessions designed to be utilized in rapid fire succession, to focus and hone in on a specific project or life goal that you may be working towards.

With these sessions, I, Saralise, along with your Record Keepers become your Life Coaches and specifically target your projects to give you details on how to implement new ideas and move forward with solid crystal clarity to manifest your deepest desires. This series is also designed to get you out of doubt and into knowing of your truest nature on being successful, and tools are given to create practical application of the ideas and projects that your soul is specifically designed for. With details such as this, you can create a solidified action plan moving forward to implement these ideas with grace and ease, and be fully resonant and satisfied with your choices.

This is also a key series if you do not have any idea of what you are here to do or have many choices to choose from. This is a way to harness the wisdom of your soul and recognize your innate skills brought in with you at birth, to give you a solidified vision of your life purpose.

I have been recently inspired with this series and have seen dramatic results in my clients! If this inspires you, please contact me and we can set up the series of sessions!

The Number Five (5) represents huge breakthroughs happening to break the chrysalis and live the life you truly deserve! It also represents action, movement, expansion and change!

Contact me regarding the Energy Exchange for this exquisitely focused series. This series includes Three 55-minute one-on-one recorded sessions.

Contact me at powerpriestess@gmail.com.


Photo by Teddy Anderson
Model is one of my dearest friends, the Exquisite Jaime Willow Emmett

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Perspectives ~ Enlightened or Awake? Part 1

So, when I was younger, I used to say that I was an open raw nerve ending to the universe and that I could feel everyone around me and everything that was happening in every moment. I now understand that to be that I am what is termed an “empath”.
Are we really awake? Are we enlightened? What exactly are we?
The term “enlightenment”, is something that people aspire to be, without really understanding the implications of what this actually means. It is not a true representation of what is happening during the awakening process.
To be en”light”ened requires full presence, every moment. To be awake means there is no turning back. Being awake means that we cannot remain in Spiritual Denial. The denial constructs are so completely embedded in our everyday culture that it is hard to even fathom how to begin the process of dismantling the broken constructs within the matrix in such a way as to bring things back into balance.  
I heard something yesterday that made sense to me. “You cannot hit at the heart, you must dismantle one limb at a time, until they are so weakened they cannot get back up.” This was from a new television series about a hacker dismantling the system. In other words, if you are going to “take down the system”, you must navigate your way through each imbalance.  
This not a quick fix.  
Dismantling the system within us of false constructs requires a deep level of patience and tenacity, we must be willing to do the work. We must be willing to be rigorously honest with ourselves and allow the unraveling of false patriarchal constructs that have been holding this matrix together to collapse. 
If we choose “happiness” without really looking at the underbelly, we are in Spiritual Denial. It is one thing to focus on what is positive and to have “positive thinking”, it is another to look at what is present, at face value, within the construct of our society and the way it has been constructed for the value of functioning with a massive population, and still choose peace. 
Here’s the thing. There are indigenous races all over this planet that are not accounted for in the global census, that are not a part of this modern world. There are tribes that don’t even know “we” exist. How is that even possible in a modern world you say? The answer is quite simple, they have been protected from our society.  Whether that be through Spirit or whether that be to keep them from experiencing our world, has yet to be determined.  They are truly the lucky ones. And yet I am sure on some level they have been affected by the actions of the elite few and the global mayhem that has ensued.  
Do we really understand what is happening and how we got to where we are? Most of us have no idea how we came to live in this modern world, and how we forgot mother earth along the way.  
It is time to get back to where we originated from on this planet. This is not to say that we can dismantle the construct without serious consequences, or that we desire that outcome, this just means we need to step into a solution that works to bring things back into balance.  
So what does that look like? Does that mean we destroy what has already been built? Not necessarily. What it does mean however is that we look at how this construct has personally affected our reality and we take steps to re-establish a relationship with the world we have forgotten or left behind. We cannot go back, we can only continue forward on this journey of the spiralline cycle that is our authentic nature and do everything in our power to bring balance where there are huge misalignments in the system.  
Starting with ourselves, what is the one thing that we are missing when we feel out of sorts? What have we ignored that our body, mind and Spirit need to come back into balance? Chances are it is somehow related to the busyness of the world, and we have forgotten to tune in and rectify that imbalance.  
First things first. When was the last time we felt a resonance with the earth? It may be that we are spending entirely too much time with electronics in a virtual world, not putting our feet on the ground. When was the last time you gazed into someone’s eyes because you could?  Or even received a real heartfelt hug?
Could it be that the place we are living does not support this? Are we living in a city, with cement sidewalks and no exposed earth? Or do we live near a forest or a river where we can take walks and step out of the “matrix” long enough to hear her, to listen to the calling she has for us? These things become incredibly important when we begin to lose our sense of direction or feel overwhelmed by the business (busyness) of life.    
If your life lately has been giving you signals that you are out of alignment, are you taking steps to bring that back into balance? Are you actually looking at the root causes of what is creating this imbalance? Could it be that you are not living in your true paradise? Could it be that you are giving your energy to the system and denying your own happiness for the sake of “survival” or “success”? These are hard questions to ask when we have set ourselves up for “success” in a world that does not support our dreams, but rather supports our living within the construct of a matrix created by a select few to create wealth and control for these few, and leave us slaves to their system. Even in the attempt to pursue our dreams, we are pursuing them in a broken system, one that is designed by default to fail for us and succeed for them. Now Im not talking about “us and them” mentality per sei, what I am talking about is this idea that we are living in a world that has been designed for us for thousands of years, not a world that we actively created and designed ourselves consciously. We have allowed this construct to exist out of convenience and laziness, and until recently, prior to the veil being lifted, we really had no idea how bad it was.  This is on us, not “them”.  We need to hold ourselves personally accountable for this.
Now it is time to step out of our denial on all levels and look around. What is really going on? Where are we off in our own thinking that we cannot see readily? How can we move through our denial and find clear answers to our questions that plague us in our modern society. Many of us are already asking these questions and have become willing to speak up about them. Many of us feel the imbalance so completely within our bodies, that we sometimes need to choose the shut off switch on our feelings in order to get through the day. We have been using this tool entirely too long, to our detriment. It is now time to look things square in the face, and feel the feelings we have been suppressing out of survival.
This may look like a collapse of our personal realities, however it is clear that the old must be dismantled in order to be reconstructed and put into right relations and proper balance.  
Since it is everyone’s Divine Birthright to be abundant, the first dismantling comes in the form of our monetary system, that is designed to fail, over and over again. What can we do to support ourselves within the construct of money? How can we attract and allow our true Divine Birthright of abundance and prosperity? Money is an energy, a form of exchange, it can be used for good or it can be used for malevolent purposes. It can appear in all ways to be working for you, to give you material possessions that make you “happy”, but is it really doing its job if there are starving children all around the world? The answer is no. What is happening is that energy is being harvested, funneled through a select energetic system that has been set up through dark practices to benefit this matrix construct and keep us locked into a certain idea of how things should be and are. This does not mean that these constructs and ideas are in right relations with Spirit or with our true nature. How can we create harmony within our own personal financial realms to bring about this true alignment with Spirit and our actions regarding this? 

 One thing we must know is that there is no actual real need for money. It does not even truly exist, and we continue to buy into the idea that we need it in order to survive. The truth is, it is quite the opposite. The way money is utilized today creates chaos and  then chaos magick is used to fuel the construct that supports this matrix of broken dreams. This will not change until we are willing to see the flaw in the system. Other societies within our galactic realms do not use money in their societies. Their worlds are filled with abundance where all needs are met, always, with no exception.  
As this world of money begins to break down, we must find new systems and new ways of operating within this world that has been created for us and on this planet for the benefit of everyone, not merely the few. We need to stop lying to ourselves about what is really going on. It is that simple.  
To be continued…