Spring into Success Akashic Coaching Series!!!

One of my highest excitements is to support others in navigating their highest expressions!

I have decided to offer this exclusive series until Monday, April 4th, 2016!

I have space for 15 people total, so as to balance the energy output. These are personal individual one-on-one sessions. If you read this and feel interested, please dont hesitate to private message me! I am available to chat about this anytime, answer questions and get you started with this exquisite opportunity! Yay!

This is a series of Three 55-minute sessions designed to be utilized in rapid fire succession, to focus and hone in on a specific project or life goal that you may be working towards.

With these sessions, I, Saralise, along with your Record Keepers become your Life Coaches and specifically target your projects to give you details on how to implement new ideas and move forward with solid crystal clarity to manifest your deepest desires. This series is also designed to get you out of doubt and into knowing of your truest nature on being successful, and tools are given to create practical application of the ideas and projects that your soul is specifically designed for. With details such as this, you can create a solidified action plan moving forward to implement these ideas with grace and ease, and be fully resonant and satisfied with your choices.

This is also a key series if you do not have any idea of what you are here to do or have many choices to choose from. This is a way to harness the wisdom of your soul and recognize your innate skills brought in with you at birth, to give you a solidified vision of your life purpose.

I have been recently inspired with this series and have seen dramatic results in my clients! If this inspires you, please contact me and we can set up the series of sessions!

The Number Five (5) represents huge breakthroughs happening to break the chrysalis and live the life you truly deserve! It also represents action, movement, expansion and change!

Contact me regarding the Energy Exchange for this exquisitely focused series. This series includes Three 55-minute one-on-one recorded sessions.

Contact me at powerpriestess@gmail.com.


Photo by Teddy Anderson
Model is one of my dearest friends, the Exquisite Jaime Willow Emmett

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