Captain’s Log ~ Free Your Mind 4 – Philadelphia


So, at the last minute, after intending to go to the Free Your Mind Conference for months, I hit the road running, literally to the bus stop at 6am on Thursday morning.  I had to take the greyhound bus, last minute, and decided the night before at 11:15pm, that it was in alignment for me to go to the conference.  I had gone last year and well…


So I knew this year was going to be even more amazing, so I hit the road.  Little did I know what was in store for me.

As I got on the road, I realized that I was literally the only one who was not carrying a large amount of baggage.  It is interesting to observe humanity.  Travelling can be very enlightening and can teach you A LOT about human nature.  The total hours of the bus trip were approximately 24 hours, so I had a long ride ahead of me.  I wasn’t sure exactly what would happen, but I knew that whatever I would witness would be telling.

As we rode on the bus, through the countryside of the southern states, we would check in at each bus depot.  Most bus depots were small, and if they were larger, they were pretty mellow and normal.  That is … until we crossed into the Northeast.  Immediately there was a frequency fence that I could feel.  It was as if we crossed through an invisible shield and all of a sudden we were in a different country, literally.  In every bus depot that we stopped at, there were televisions blaring mind-control commercials advertising “Live Alert” a security system you could install in your house that allows live internal monitoring of your home “for your personal safety and resolve” and of course the dog and pony show of political debates.  Not one bus depot was free of this.  The commercials ranged in all levels of mind control, it was clear to me that something was up.  I believe now the frequency fence stretched from the Capitol to at least Roanoke, VA, possibly further, however that is when I began to notice it.


It was very obvious to me that the Northeast is under intense levels of mind control.  It was almost disturbing how people did not understand what it is that they were looking at.

As we were travelling through the northeast, at one point I began to notice that the moon was hanging in the sky, in the afternoon.  It didn’t make a lot of sense why it was there.  I was listening to music and daydreaming, staring at the moon, contemplating times I had been there, and had interactions with that sphere, and all the situations that involved this particular space globe.  I looked away and was talking to my neighbor in the seat next to me, and when I looked back about a minute later, the moon was gone.  We had not curved whatsoever in the road, we were on a straight highway, so there was not even a chance that we could have mistaken the positioning of the moon.  I was in a bit of shock, and so I asked the guy next to me if he had seen the moon, that had just been there.  This was again, just after I had noticed a cloud ship earlier in the trip, and had pointed it out, so we were already in this type of conversation.  That is when the moon went offline, for about 10 minutes.  When it finally returned, it was in a different position in the sky, and was not positioned as it had been before, it was literally 60 degrees rotated to the right, from where it had been.  About 10 people on the bus started discussing what they had seen, and we all confirmed that this event took place.  I was texting online with someone and they sent me a link to a video about the Lunar Waves, that have been recorded now by several people all over the world.  This is just another layer of the fascinating hoax that we are living in on a daily basis.


So as we continued on, I became hyper-aware of the frequency fence that IS the Northeast.  I finally was able to fall asleep for awhile once I was calmed down from the shock of witnessing the moon disappear and reappear, and spent most of the evening listening to very deep angelic music with crystal bowls, to keep my mind and body relaxed on this grueling trip.

All of a sudden, I woke up with a start, as we entered the Lockdown Grid of Washington D.C.  I opened my eyes to gaze upon the Washington Monument, the obelisk, and the White House.  As we entered the area, and were passing the Supreme Court, I began to notice that my abilities were completely not functioning.  I couldn’t see anything beyond the veil, so I immediately cloaked and began to observe the massive underground network that existed underneath the Capitol.  There is no question that Washington D.C. Is the center of the Control Grid for the United States.  I could see all the ley lines converging underneath the White House.


This is literally the only picture I could get, as we drove into the main area, where the White House was.  I began to have a full visual memory recall of having been in the Oval Office with my father when I was 3 years old.  The memory started with me sitting on my father’s lap and my father being enamored with the President.  My father then brought me over to the President’s desk and sat me down right in front of Richard Nixon.  Richard then proceeded to play with me for a moment, while he told me that I was a very special little girl.  I giggled and laughed, while he showed me a small rectangular device.  He told me the following, “Since you are such a very special little girl, I am going to put this tracker in you, so that if you ever get lost, we will be able to find you.  You are very special to us, and we want to make sure that you never get lost.”  At that point, he moved my panties to the side, and stuck his hand up into my vaginal cavity and reached up as far as he could while I winced and cried.  My father scolded me, so I shut up and cried silently, while Nixon put a tracker into the wall of my vagina and the tracker locked on.  Needles went through my entire body and I couldn’t stop crying.

As I was having this memory, my whole lower abdomen and vaginal area began to seize up and cramp.  I could feel exactly where the tracker had been placed within me. Apparently it is still active.  Tissue has obviously grown over it, since it has been there since 1972, and so it would be quite a feat to remove it.  It was meant to be undetected, obviously.  Over the years I have felt sharp jabbing pains in that region of my groin, thinking it had something to do with my bodily functioning, even though it did not feel like it.

I sat in my Bus seat, staring at the White House, plagued with sadness and shock, knowing that this memory was in fact real, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have felt any physical pain associated with it, not to mention that is the first time I have been physically in that geographical location since I was 3-4 years old, when I lived in Reston, VA during the year my father worked in Washington, D.C.  That is how I know when something is a cellular memory, that has been unlocked. This memory took place within my front personality, not an altered state.  When you retrieve memories from alters (altered personalities), sometimes it can feel disconnected, and so it is difficult to discern whether or not it is potentially a real memory, or a planted memory, or screen memory.  Massive amounts of discernment are required to be able to really differentiate between different types of recall.  Since I had not been anywhere near the Capitol of the United States since I was a child, there is just no way I would have had the opportunity to experience this recall.  It was truly a blessing that we were 1000 feet from the White House, and I was able to have this memory pop up.  I attribute it largely to the fact that I was already waking up from a deep and relaxed Thetic state of consciousness, due to the fact that I had been sleeping.



Arriving in Philadelphia was quite interesting.  It was early morning, and I had to find my way via subway and bus to Langhorne, where the Free Your Mind Conference was taking place.  I had many different people attempting to help me, and I found quite a few situations where there was deliberate interference by way of people stalling or trying to distract me while I was trying to catch a train or a bus.  It was quite telling.  It was like the gremlins crawled out and tried to disrupt my route.

I finally made it to the Target Superstore a mile away from the Hotel, and met up with Vinnie from PTP IS HERE.  Vinnie is a conscious hip-hop artist, who raps about the illegitamacies of the world.  We proceeded to head over to the hotel and began setting up.  Things got rollin as we worked the PTP booth, in front of the conference room.  Check him out here:

So many of the lectures were so overwhelming that I am still processing a bit of the information I received.  I focused my energy on sitting in on the subjects that I was interested in, predominantly the lectures regarding the dark feminine and the influence and steering of humanity by the Illuminati on society.  Subject matters included Sex & Pornography in schools, The Dark Feminine, Population Control, and many many others.  Some of the presentations were extremely graphic to the point where I could not sit through them.

I spent the majority of my time connecting and having long deep conversations with many different women mostly, talking about how these things are affecting us, and also sharing my story with many people.  There is so much to tell, so I tend to relate to most of what people talk about.  Sometimes a subject matter will come up and I will expound upon a story that crosses my mind regarding my past, and how I have integrated that experience within the context of what we are talking about.  Inevitably this helps whoever I am speaking with to recognize and see what is taking place in their own lives.

Being at a conference like this really brings up the deep levels of denial we usually have in our own consciousness, and reveals where the frequency fences lie, and where we have subconscious mind control programs running in our own life.  What I can say that I am in agreement with is that there is a controlled agenda to demonize and create women to be evil and to emasculate men.  Through the imbalance of the masculine and feminine roles within our society, the natural propensity to inhabit our gender roles becomes more difficult and hence our testosterone levels drop, leaving us vulnerable and easier to control.  What is important here is that we are willing to embody fully.  Without our full embodiment, it is quite easy for a malevolent energy to inhabit our physical body.  This can then cause many problems, such as disease, or illness, mental instability, or psychosis, etc.  The trouble is, people do not realize that they are not fully embodied or that they are being hosted or have attachments.  It is difficult to detect in yourself, however it is quite simple to recognize in others, and there is a sense of repulsion or resistance that you feel around these people.  Something makes you feel like you do not want to engage.

I would highly recommend that when you have an opportunity, if you are curious at all about what goes into some of the organization of these groups and how they operate, and the resultant chaos that is being created in this society, that you take a few moments to dedicate the witnessing of some of the videos from last year’s 2015 Free Your Mind Conference.  You can find them on the Free Your Mind website at   The videos from this year’s 2016 conference will be available at some point, and they are following up from last year, and so it would be good to have that foundation available once this year’s videos come out.

My main reason for being at the Free Your Mind Conference is that I have personally had numerous experiences with mind control and other such experiences, and have begun to study the ins and outs of what is transpiring in our populations around the world.  My main focus comes from an innate deep need within to really hold space for this transition on Earth into a free sovereign society that honors all life and creates a fundamental foundation for living that can work for all beings.

As I continue to study this information, I will be sharing my experiences and findings on a new website:  The website is not up yet, but I thought I would just drop this as a note…;)

Until then, enjoy your day and thanks for reading this !!!


Blessings and love to all of you!







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