Perspectives ~ A Mother’s Love

In the days that we find ourselves, it is difficult to recognize sometimes the origin of where we come from, who brought us here, how we came to be…

I honor Now the exquisite timeless nature and changeless eternal veracity of the Divine Mother and all who inhabit her.  Some may be mothers themselves, some may Mother the earth, and some may Mother and nurture children, not of their own seed.  Nonetheless, we are all Mothers in some way.  When we nourish a life, we are Mothering it.  We must remember however, that we didn’t come to be this way by ourselves.  The innate divine nature of the Mother exists within us all from the very beginning.  When we think about how nature works, and how things come into being, we must remember that a seed is always planted, and grows from the soil of our consciousness, and from the soil of the land in which we inhabit.  It is no mistake that we all came to this planet via a soul vehicle, and were “planted” within the mother’s womb.  For nature, it is natural to continue the cycle of life, and to embody the cycle of death, rebirth and returning again back to the soil.  For us as animated beings, the process has one more step.  Our seeds must be planted with the human womb.  That is if you are an organic humanoid…;)

So when we are seeded with light and love, and decide to bring a Spirit into manifest form, we have the option of planting the seed consciously or unconsciously, with everything in life.  The Spirit of an Idea, the Spirit of a Dream, the “Spirit” of whatever we are creating from the unmanifest.  When we work with this energy, we are tapping into the Source Light Mother of all Creation and calling into existence the incredible majick of manifest embodiment.  This is a process again, that is natural in nature, but through the process of human life, and society, we forget how this process works.  We become unconscious in our creations.  What is interesting about this, is that we are still manifesting our realities each and every day and the thoughts that we have determine the outcome.  If we are succumbing to negativity around us, and allowing those thoughts to permeate our consciousness, we will consume the energy in a way that serves us, but can wreak havoc on our souls, our health and our environment, and others.

When I observe negativity, and it is directed at me, the “Mother”, I think to myself, how is this person or situation being served by their illusion?  How is it that they can actually think that what they are perceiving is truth, when they only have one side of the equation?  With only one side of an equation, nothing can sort itself out.  When someone is poisoned with negative thought forms or negative thought projections, gossip and other rumors, the only way to handle this is to clear and uncreate whatever negative charge is there and the negativity that is being directed.  It is not our responsibility to change someone’s mind about something, but it is our job to make sure that no more harm comes to those engaged.  This energy can be debilitating for the one it is directed towards, and it serves as black majick, even if no words are being said.

So here is my “Mother’s Love” for this beneficent day:

When you see someone, do not automatically assume that who they appear to be, is in fact accurate to their life experience.

If they are having a hard time, pull upon your compassionate heart, and remember how much compassion and unconditional love you have been given along your journey.

If you see someone suffering and you know you can help, without being judgmental, even if it only means being an ear to listen, take the opportunity, as Spirit has a message for you, through that person, for your own life.

When you see someone in their power, and you feel resistance or triggered by their presence and you feel like judging their life stream, go within and ask why.  What is it about the situation that is triggering you?  Is it something in your previous experience that is unresolved, that needs light shed upon it for clearing and balance?

We may never know, from appearances, what is happening, but if we do not start listening, and allowing Spirit to share with us through someone else, life becomes dangerous, in that we are cutting ourselves off from Spirit and allowing the darkness and the absense of life to shroud our experience, which is in essence, a lie.

Your natural state of wellbeing is Bliss.  So if you find yourself in a state of suffering, find  the root cause of it, of the suffering, and do what it takes to bring balance back into your experience.

There may be experiences where you have not actually caused the suffering yourself, but are propelled into situations where you are Experiencing suffering, or someone is projecting their experience upon you, that is not yours or has been thrust upon you.  In this case, face this situation head on, and know that the Divine Mother is always holding you in her arms, and you don’t ever have to be afraid.

The Truth will always reveal itself in the end. Be patient dear one, and stay steady.  Observe your experience with Open Eyes to see, what is right in front of thee!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu





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