Captain’s Log ~ Coming Home to Avalon

Coming Home to Avalon

Glastonbury, England

The Majick Here is Palpable.

Here, in the Isle of Avalon, do not be surprised to run into a few Merlins, a few Ladies of the Lake, and Priestesses of the Goddess. It seems that almost everyone here is “speaking the language”. There is not a moment that has gone by so far that I don’t feel right at home. However, I have had moments lately of feeling like I am in a different timeline, and that I have jumped 80,000 light years into the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and am living on a parallel earth. Don’t ask me why I think this, but I do. My scar on my right foot has disappeared into thin air, among other things. I haven’t been able to get in touch with my son for almost a month, since I noticed the timeline shift. It is a bit worrisome. I am sure I will eventually get in touch with him, but for now, it has been disconcerting at best.

Since I have been in Europe and the UK, it’s been full-on. I have gone through so many changes, and yet, I feel more at home here in this area of the world, than I ever did in the states. It is quite noticeable also the way I am not being as targeted as I was in the US. I have noticed a considerable difference. This could be from the timeline shift, or it could be that I am “out of reach” so to speak, and my focus has become more global rather than informing US citizens of the state of affairs. I will say however, I have continued to walk my talk, and have continued posting things that I feel are of massive importance to world affairs. For one, I can see, after being in another country, looking back, and hearing other people’s opinions of the United States and its citizens, that we are one of the most disrespected countries in the world, for good reason. In most of Europe, if they heard my accent, they would immediately change their tune and begin to treat me differently, as if I was a “stupid American”, it was quite hilarious. I decided to treat them with respect and energetically and verbally let them know that most Americans are not stupid whatsoever, but rather under mind control, and that I had a lot of compassion for what is happening there, even if I choose not to be there. At least for now. 
Quite frankly, I do not see how I can return to the United States, in the state of affairs that it is in. I have absolutely no desire to be there, not one bit. My son lives there however, so if I need to come back, I will, but for now, no bueno. I am starting to feel like an ex-Pat, after only two months. Its like I got out of the “matrix” of the US and can feel that there is a whole world out here that sees things very differently than us, and for that I am deeply grateful. And Gaia is my home, after all.
As for Avalon, she has welcomed me home. It is a place I can rest, where I can just be me. I haven’t had to try and figure out which language to speak, or how to communicate, how to find my way around, I can just be here, in this familiar place, and re-member all that I once knew, that I have taken for granted.
I have received so many downloads here, have activated the Albion codes within the land once more, and have decided that I could potentially live here. We shall see if that is what Spirit is calling forth. I have yet to visit a few key places on the map of the trajectory, and so we shall see how that plays itself out. There are many shifts and changes still to come.
For now, I have a few treats for you, some videos to watch for your activation and viewing pleasure!

Fall Equinox Transmissions – Part 1 & 2 – St Nectan’s Glen and Merlin’s Cave, Tintagel – King’s Arthur’s Castle – Part 1 – Part 2

Glastonbury Tor Transmissions & Singing in the White Spring

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