Perspectives ~ Suicide or Sabotage? ;… Can you wait, through the proverbial timespan it takes to breathe out?

I was going to write my captain’s log, of my most recent travels, but here I am, witnessing death, again, just a few short weeks after my father has left us.  It is 1;11, as I sit here, pondering life.  One of the great advocates for the Feminine has left us.  I dont even know what to say.  She could have been saved.  She could have saved herself, but alas, her pain was too great.

When I hear about suicide, and knowing my own battle with those abhorrent voices, I know that something has sabotaged this life.  I no longer look at life in the same way, when I have those influences around me.  I lose all sense of light.  Its like the absense of light, is so overwhelming and strong, that it blocks out any possible solution to the pain, and leaves a state of nothingness.  No-thing-ness.  

Pain is part of being alive, pain is part of being human.  In these bodies, we get to feel, we get to experience all that is happening on all levels of reality.  Sometimes it is too much.  Sometimes, it makes people feel that they cannot go on, that there is just no hope that it will ever change.  This just happened to a dear sister of light, who impacted the world on so many levels.  My respect and compassion for her runs deep.  She took her own life.  She said she was done, but was she?  Her close friends tried to implore her to stay, to soothe her, to make it through the pain, to the other side, but alas, she could not.  

What do we do then, when someone reaches out for help, and talks of ending their existence?  Do we sit back and let them be in their pain? Or do we work to assist them in seeing that it is not actually truth, that it is an illusion, that could in fact be placed in their reality, by something other, by an outside interdimensional influence, that does not have their best interests at heart.  These dark forces will do anything to harvest energy, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want, and even moreso, to stop those bright shiny lights from impacting the world.  My dear friend battled against these forces every day, as I have.  The difference is, I have found peace within the knowing that these forces are outside of me.  Some people never discover this.  They think that they are the ones causing and creating the pain.  This is simply not true. 

Our natural state of wellbeing is bliss.  There is nothing else.  In our purest, most relaxed state, bliss happens, it takes over, and it resonates and ruminates in every subatomic layer of our being.  This is our truth, as humans in form.  The structure of humanity however, in its inorganic state, is a state of chaos, of static, of disorienting pain, and suffering, caused by outside forces, outside of our 3rd dimension.  The empathic nature of our reality has gotten to a point of absolute and utter exascerbation.   There is no turning back.  The level of sensitivity we have now, as humans, living on this planet, has surpassed even the highest state of sensory overload.  We are being MAXED OUT, on purpose.  Did you read that?  ON PURPOSE.  It’s called energy harvesting, and I must now speak to it.  IT is NOT OKAY, and IT MUST STOP!!!!!!  

I, for one, have been sharing this concept for years, as soon as I discovered what was happening in my own reality, I started to speak to it immediately.  No one wanted to hear what I had to say about it, and they still dont, they want to own their pain, they want to believe that the utter NEW AGE Mind Control lie of “You create your reality” is true, and that nothing else can happen in that regard.  So here is my question to you:  WHY?  Why would we create this reality?  Why would we create a life of pain and suffering?  The answer is this:  WE WOULDNT!  Organic Humanity does not create pain, and suffering, its creates LOVE!

So then tell me, where is this coming from?  Where is this pain and suffering that is being inflicted upon the human race coming from?  Is it from Organic Humans?  I think NOT, I KNOW NOT.  In my experience, I have witnessed some of the most brutal acts upon humanity, through what appears to be humans, only to find out and witness that there is an “upper hand”, and influence outside of the normal thinking process, that is controlling someone who would harm another.  This is not a joke people, this is real, and we are ALL dealing with it.  No one is excluded from it.  If you live on Planet Earth, then you are privy to this experience, which means what?  It means, that we, as organic humans, MUST NOW TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what has been created, if it is going to change.  

We didnt need to lose someone with such light and such an impact on humanity for me to write this blog post, but this is what has sparked me to speak.  And so I must.

I have kept my mouth shut about a lot of things, for a long time, period.  I have, out of respect for my family, decided not to share my story.  At least for now.  

Now that my father has passed, I find myself desiring to share the truth of my world, of my past, but now is not the time, I must wait, be patient, in the concept of time, until the Divine Moment flows forth to tell my story.  I am patient.  That is one attribute I have learned, over the concept of time, and living in this body.  All I have is “time”, because it doesnt actually exist.  There is no rush.

So…..just for today, can you, as a human being, not a human doing, make a commitment to yourself, to stay here, to stay present, to reality, and take full responsibility for your livestream, and what you have created in your reality, or not created, but what is present?  Can you do that?  Can you stay with us, just a little while longer?  I beg of you, please stay. πŸ™πŸ»

In love,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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