The Priest(ess) Portal

Ascension Integration


Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage

We knew deep in our hearts that there would come a time that no matter what we were doing in our lives, that we would be called to act, to serve, to bring forth that which serves the highest good for the benefit of all beings!

Artwork by Amoraea Dreamseed

Blessings Beloved ~

Have you ever had visions of wearing white robes, walking with many others in the sandy desert, or in the forest, on a pilgrimage, smelling the flowers along the way, working with the Crystal & Elemental Kingdoms, performing ceremony as you go?  Have you ever had memories of being a famous composer or artist?  Have you walked and lived “the Way” with Yeshua?  Have you had dreams of being an elemental in the form of a Mermaid, or Merman, or perhaps a tall Pixie?  Do you have ancient memories of living in other star systems?  If so, then you will know deep in your heart that you are a part of this ancient tribe.  This is the most ancient tribe on Planet Earth.  We walked onto land from the deep blue waters thousands of years ago and shape-shifted into Divine Humans.

NOW it is time to fulfill our agreement……

There is no name for this ancient Brother/Sisterhood of Priests and Priestesses, only the deep knowing that we have made this agreement and we are here now, finding each other, so that we may fulfill this long lost soul contract that is present for us now, today, in this time of the planet’s history.

Do you dream of activating the Divine Feminine Principle on this Planet, of bringing forth balance between the Masculine and Feminine? 

Do you desire to restore harmony and balance every time you walk out your front door?

I know I do, and that is why I can no longer ignore the Calling that has been with me since the beginning of my days here on Gaia. 

I made an agreement, a soul pact with many others to bring forth the dormant Divine Feminine & Masculine Codes on Planet Earth and to integrate and heal that which is out of balance.  This can only be done once we have shifted into a Divine Feminine Principled Reality, which is occurring as we speak and will continue to integrate through the end of 2022.

I, Rev Dr Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, have been guided to create a container in which to hold this grace, and bring it forth, in the form of The Portland Priest(ess) Portal, an Ascension Integration and Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage around the world to activate, integrate and bring forth Divine Feminine & Masculine Codes that have been dormant for thousands and thousands of years.

As we travel on our pilgrimage together, we will bring with us Healing Ceremonies, Performance Ritual, Sacred Sound Concerts and Internal Activation and Integration to as many Sacred Sites, Ecovillages/Communities and People as possible.  Although there are specific sites and places that we will visit and integrate with, this is also a deeply intuitive journey which allows us to traverse the terrains of Hawaii, Europe, Egypt, Israel, Africa, Asia, New Zealand, The Mediterranean, Russia, South America, Several Small Remote Islands, Mexico, Canada and the United States. 

This is not a journey for the faint of heart, this is for you, the priest(ess) that is committed to your divine mission and calling that is telling you that this is the right fit for you.

I simply ask for you to go within and ask your highest guidance if this deeply resonates with you and where you are on your journey…  There are no specific expectations with this Portal other than full commitment of your soul’s agreement to be fully present and fully embodied for your personal journey, at this time.  This is no small task, and you will know exactly what to do in every moment, as Spirit guides us along our journey together.  What this may mean to you is that you participate in the entire journey or you go on a partial traveling journey with us, although staying fully present to the process and ascension integration.

I invite you to go deep within and bring forth your offering to this collective!  What does that look like?  What is your spoke of the wheel?  What are you here to bring?  BRING IT!!!

Do not hesitate to share your gift, as it has been given to you for this very moment, for this very reason!
What do you want to remember, and be remembered for?

I am honored to be graced with such Divine Beautiful Beings of Light all around me that are fully expectant and ready to dive into this beautiful Journey that we all planned so long ago!!!  Please join us as we traverse the Multi-Dimensional Reality that is our Beloved Earth, bringing forth the Gaian Principle and share our Divine Gifts for the Benefit of All Beings!!!

Many Blessings Dear One ~

Rev Dr Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, DVM
Founder and Executive Director
Legion of Light Global Ministries
Creator of the Priest(ess) Portal
The Sacred Village Project

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