The Right to Exist – Divided Hearts of America

February 22, 2021 – 12:57am PST

My Heart is Heavy this Evening. It is a Rare Occasion anymore. I have gotten to the place in my life, where, with discernment and energetic protocols, I am able to navigate the emotional realms and fly through what would normally flatten me. I am grateful for that. I am no longer Plagued with PTSD and can Stay Fully Present in my Body without Dissociating on a Daily Basis. That is HUGE, especially Now.

You see, today is my 52nd Birthday, 2/22, and I would have more than 11 children. I would be a Mother to many adults right now, with my youngest also being the age of 4.5 years old right….now. I cannot tell you how I feel about this, because it breaks my heart that I was unable to create a space for those that chose to birth in through me. I have One child, and I am Deeply Grateful he chose me as his Mother and saw it all the way through. We were born two days apart, two peas in a pod. Lately though, with his teendom, and his recovery from long years of abuse, it has been a deep struggle to keep my head above water, and breathe through the changes that he is experiencing, and also knowing that I am doing the right thing by allowing him to find his feet…. Its a tough balance.

I fought for him to be here, on so many levels, from the fact that I was not with the person that I was impregnated by, to the interactions with this person, and the court battles that ensued, as if we were going through a divorce. We were literal strangers. All I can say it was Karmic, and the amount of suffering that we all experienced was palpable, especially my son. I cannot say I was a saint, by any means, but I found myself being victimized by someone I barely knew and getting suuuper triggered on a regular basis, and it ended up falling on my son’s shoulders somehow, as he absorbed my energy, no matter how hard I tried to Shield Him from it. It ended up being absorbed anyway.

There is a deeper level to this experience with him that speaks to Volumes of Soul Karmic Imbalances and what I had to endure due to my own activity on that level with an Energy, let’s call him E for short, who consistently has shown up over the years and channelled his anger towards me through numerous people. To the Point of Nausea…. and Physical Harm.

How I got to this place tonight is actually thinking about all the children that I have had an effect on through my victimizations, rapes, decisions made and choices that effected the outcome of their embodiment. I watched a Documentary called “Divided Hearts of America” starring Benjamin Watson, who has been an advocate of Human Rights for many years. It was interesting to see how he went about researching the topic of Abortion and how it has Single-Handedly Divided our Country, thru the operations of the Divide & Conquer Tactics that our Former Controllers Loooove to Imprint onto our Reality. The Court Decision of Roe vs. Wade was not to be felt until Now, when a Country has reached the point of no return, and we are right on the Brink of Extinction as a Species, as a Human Race, and as Individuals, Vying for our Freedoms. Our Sovereignty stands in the Wake.

How did we get here?

How do we Get out of this, and back on track?

We Start with the Right to Exist.

Baby Feet at 10 Weeks Gestation

Does that mean we all need to be Pro-Life, rather than Pro-Choice, or does that mean that we need to create a system that works for ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE? This isnt just as simple as the Dualistic Framework of Light or Dark, Black or White, Good or Bad, this is A Complex Conundrum that Affects Absolutely Everyone, and the Right to Make A Choice for Oneself. The problem is, with this particular scenario, Our Choices are being Deeply Influenced, and Steered in a specific Direction, and People have lost the Ability to Discern their own Reality until it is potentially too late and the Damage has been done, leaving Devastation, Regret and Despair to be endured, potentially for an entire lifetime.

For Centuries, this age-old practice was kept in the dark, until it hit the main stage and became a Law which was passed under the Guise of “Human Rights” but in fact was a Sinister, Clandestine and Satanic Agenda. There I said it. Depopulation 101 people. Come on. It is time to see Directly through the Veils of Dark Magick that are Consistently being Thrown at us and Reversal Spells that Taint our Reality to the Point that we have become obedient little slaves to a System that was built for only a few to profit from, and the Control of the Mind is the Agenda…..Think about it.

So here I sit, having gone thru many layers of my experience, having done the work to Forgive Myself, to Forgive the Former Controllers for influencing my decisions, Coming into Right Relations with Each and Every Soul affected by my actions, for allowing someone to scrape out my uterus, which then made it incredibly difficult to conceive, and to the family members forcing their agenda upon me, under the guise that they “knew better” what was best for me, even as an adult. I had to stop the cycle. I fought tooth and nail for that Sovereignty and it did not come easy. I will not mention how I even got to the place where I was willing to terminate, because that is a TOME, that someday I will tell, but for now I ask you to witness.

It has NOT BEEN EASY, and it is DEEP in my bones….. This spans through Lifetimes, not just this one. And it Plagues ALL OF US!!!! It is TIME to FORGIVE OURSELVES, and ANYONE ELSE, that may have Caused this Harm to Humanity. It is TIME to MOVE….ON……

Let’s Begin with a Simple Ho’O’Pono’Pono exercise where we take FULL Responsibility for Whatever Harm we May Have Caused through this process in this incarnation or any other, in terms of ANY Participation we may have had in this regard.

It is TIME TO HEAL THIS RIFT. It is TIME to BE DONE with the Depopulation Agenda, it is time to GET TO LIFE and LIVE IT, with the HIGHEST AND BEST GOOD for EVERYONE in our CONSCIOUSNESS. No longer can we ALLOW 1 BILLION Souls/People to be Murdered through the Eugenic Selection Process of Convenient Abortions. This is NOT A SIMPLE SOLUTION, it NEVER IS, but if 1 Billion people have been eliminated before they were even born, in the last 20 years, just here in the United States of America, imagine the Implications of that on a Worldwide Scale since 1973 when Roe vs. Wade was first passed into Law and Planned Parent to the Hood became a walk around the Corner.

Let us DO OUR PART to END This……


With Love and Gratitude for this Awareness, I honor my Connection with You.

Thank you for Witnessing me in this process,


Image Credits: Divided Hearts of America Documentary found on Amazon Prime

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The New “Human Rights” Movement of 2020 – Part One

June 16th, 2020, Tuesday – day.

This is a Long one, its Worth It. Hang in there. You will be Glad you Did. 😉

Im BURSTING Right Now, Bursting. Take what you want, leave the rest, don’t kill the messenger. Thank you.

This is a Blog of Observation, rather than Solution. Its time to Pay Attention. That is the First Step along the Stairs of Solution on the Rainbow Bridge back to Heaven……

Fact or Fiction, it doesnt really matter. Take it with a grain o’ salt. 😉

Here we find ourselves in a conundrum. A diabolical conundrum at that. We find ourselves being divided over and over, by different narratives causing massive levels of confusion and keeping the population ungrounded and out of their centers, out of their bodies, so that they can’t think straight and are in their emotional pain bodies reacting to the pain they are witnessing on the collective level.

It is IN YOUR FACE! There is nowhere you can go to avoid this pain, it is spilling out everywhere, in conversations, in witnessing people’s experience on Social Media, on the Fake News, and the Real News. Which is Witch?

“We are the News Now!” Its true, we definitely are. The population have taken to their phones and have been filming this “Event” from all angles! I say THANK GOODNESS TO THAT! Imagine if this narrative were to continue to remain hidden, as it has been historically up until this point….

People who lived through the 10+ years of the Civil Rights Movement or any modicum of War remember. Period. They remember that their lives were turned upside down fighting for common civil rights that should be a natural birthright. They suffered long and hard. Veterans, almost all of them, have been thrown away, disregarded, and left to fend for themselves, after serving their country, and fighting for what they believed was “freedom”. They were relieved when it was “all over”, but was it???

The answer is No. It just went Underground.

To understand the depths at which this is operating, we must think about several aspects of this, not just one. We must think about the fact that We, as a collective, Humanity itself, have been lured to sleep, with Shiny Things, and Modern Conveniences, Entertainment to Quell our Stress and Delusions of Fame and Grandeur, only to witness those that are in this “position” are being contracted with their Souls to Pure Evil, and are victims of this rapacious darkness that has permeated our existence.

How did we get here?

To answer that we must go back, not thru written history, but to historical record, sometimes physically recorded, sometimes not. The records of which were destroyed or purposely hidden throughout time, to control …. you guessed it …. the “Narrative”. Think about it.

When have you ever really thought about the voices feeding you the information? When have you openly questioned what you were reading in history books, or what you were seeing on Television as truth or fiction. When have you taken the time to realllllly pay attention to what was being said, and how many times on repeat the same thing was being plugged into your brain??? Have you ever researched where the money goes? Who is funding these large events? Who is receiving these large sums of donations given by the population they are controlling the minds of. Hmm….???

Its quite telling, I will say that! You will find only a few names and a few groups involved at the end of the day. All of which have Huge Billionaire “philanthropists” and their organizations named as the players or benefactors…..

By Universal Law, to “Play the Game” in this matrix, you are Required to Inform. This concludes as Informed Consent, when in fact, consent may or may not have been given voluntarily, but just by the mere fact that they have informed, they are able to enact heinous crimes against humanity unchecked. Well……not anymore.

I was reminded the other day of the “KILL YOUR TV” Campaign, in the late 80’s and the stickers you would see on the back of a VW Bug bumper as you drove down the street. There were so many of them, everywhere. It was a “thing!” Until it wasnt. Until they made the household entertainment center the most important item to own, to have, to make sure that we were “informed” through News Media and Entertainment, to appease our lingering minds that were beginning to question the narrative. John Carpenter’s “They Live” is a Cult Classic to this day that was Banned, and has been difficult at best to find. It is OUT THERE and worth watching every.moment.

This “household” phenomenon of owning a television and having all the best of everything actually started after World War II, when America as part of the Allied Soldiers supposedly Won the War, but actually didnt, and a secret project called Project Paperclip brought the Nazi Scientists into our country and absorbed them into the workforce. Consumerism and “modern” society became the “activity” of the population. Society was being sold the idea, that if you had all these things, these material possessions, you somehow had “status”, upper middle class being the ultimate goal for the modern day average person just scraping by with their desk job. The Keep Up with the Jones’ race then began. Everyone tried to outbid each other, from cars, to televisions, to new inventions, the world was a “magickal” place. And indeed it was. But not for the reasons that we thought. It was magickal in that behind the scenes, Mind Control was being tested out, administered and implemented into the narrative on the unknowing population. New Frontiers into Space were the focus. Racism had already become systemic within the population, and through the class system, they began redlining neighborhoods for opportunity and investment. No one blinked an eye, it was just the way it was. The World Map by Mercator, designed the countries according to stature, not actual physical size. Segregation was the flavor of ice cream that everybody licked up, and enjoyed on the daily from the “Ice Cream Man”. Hidden within the paeodphilic agenda was the idea that if you could get the children, you had the world at your fingertips….. everyone became children under the thumb of the Cabal.

Every layer of these narratives were imperative to produce a 100% mind-controlled slave. No one even thought that what they were doing was wrong, they just accepted it for the way the “world was”, you were never to speak of it, to bring up anything outside of the common narrative that was being spoonfed through the television and conversation in the workplace.

One day Rosa Parks came along, and sat at the front of the bus, refusing to move out of her seat, and then proceeding to move forward to the front of the bus as time went on. Thank Goddess for Rosa Parks. Seriously. The First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement. A Strong Warrior in the face of daily danger, just to exist. Rosa Parks, was a Woman who could speak her mind, and was not willing to stand down when being victimized. She changed America, and the world.

All along, there have been many people that came along to free Americans from this Evil Sect of Society, and so far, every single one of them has failed, until now. And still it remains to be seen. It is happening in real time as we speak.

As the Civil Rights Movement began to break down the existing narrative, and the deep state and secret societies began to lose their footing, the people came out of their houses and began to fight for what was right. The Global narrative was changing every single day, similar to what we are experiencing now. WWII ended in 1945. Two years later began The Cold War that lasted for 44 years until 1991. When the Cold War was in Full Swing, and the Vietnam War was happening, that lasted 20 years, from 1955-1975, many many soldiers were blatently dying every day, and people were fed up. Simply, there was no putting the Genie back in the bottle. Pandora’s box had been opened. How could the Perfects of Saturn close back up that box? The lid had been ripped off….. There was no turning back. They had to find a way to implement complete control over the population to have full dominance, so they could harvest the vital lifeforce energy of each organic living being and human on the surface of the earth.

The Atlantean Scientists, who had been successful at sinking the continent of Atlantis through splicing the atom and doctoring human and animal DNA, and then coming back in as Sumerian Kings, and then resurfacing as Douchebag Roman Emperors, had to figure out a way to keep their loosh flow going. They couldnt stop, they had to remain tightly organized and gain the support of people on the ground to do their bidding, soldiers of their clandestine plans. These souls incarnated on this timeline to indoctrinate and control the population by any means necessary and went to work to find ways to incorporate advanced technologies for total and complete mind control and keep secret that which they were creating until such time as the Voluntary Consent, through manipulated media, was at a level that the mind control could be be completely turned on through the implementation of AI interfacing through Neural Net connections in the latest Wireless Technology.

Little did any one person know, who were working in these environments, what they were getting themselves into. They were just “following orders”, doing right by their country, being a “patriot”, keeping food on the table, until they then realized they were trapped and couldnt get out. Their blood contracts were real, and there was no way out. Many Top Secret service operatives have spent their entire lives sworn under oath, and have not come forward for threat of their entire families being eliminated. They have gone to their grave with these secrets, that made them sick and eventually killed them. My father was one of those people.

Those that began to suspect that they could make a difference and challenged the narrative were immediately taken out. There was no other way around it. The Narrative had to be impenetrable, even if it meant killing your loved ones, or sacrificing them for the greater plan that was set in place. The steering of those minds had to be so scientific that the subjects would never stray from the elitist narrative and they had to be in full resonance and agreement with this narrative for them to carry out this plan and for it to work. Thus producing high-profile mind-controlled slaves that influenced the masses for the energy harvesting of loosh for consumption by interdimensional non-human beings that then utilized that energy in their hive mind to feed the “king” outside of this realm, and the dark “androgonous” being that rules over this particular group or sect of the population in society. We can see the evidence of these particular slaves in the actions of high-profile people such as Bill to the Gates, Mark to the Zuck, Winfrey to the O, Streep to the Meryl, Jimmy to the Buffett, and many many others. Stylish Hankskerchiefs were actually produced and put out on the market last year in preparation for the spread of a “novel” fictional virus that was to “sweep” the world.

What I speak of here is real. 100%. It sounds like fiction, but it is not. None of it. It is all real. Stranger than fiction. And a risk, even now, in this moment of history, to speak or write of such things.

The difference is, I have no fear when it comes to this. I have lived it. This was my story. I was raised in a family bloodline with 7 royal lineages, that groomed me for this. These Elitists and Secret Government groups read me German Nursery rhymes and tortured me, “Grooming” me to be an Elitist and a World Leader, doing their bidding.

But that was not my Soul’s plan. Their plan failed with me. It stopped dead in its tracks. Warring factions for my allegiance for the first 40+ years of my life was my reality. I lived it I was smart enough to have paid attention early on. I was able to circumnavigate the boldest attempts at my life, direct hits almost daily, and to use these experiences to my advantage, similar to a martial artist who knows what they are capable of, but doesn’t utilize their lethal skills unless absolutely necessary.

Just to say, the Diamond is no longer rough.

Fortunately for me, I have not had to put those skills into action in any way that would do lasting harm. I am definitely lucky in that regard. Many others I have known, have lost their lives, and it has served to silence me on more than one occasion. Even now as I write this, a pang of anxiety runs through my veins. Do I publish this? Do I tell the truth? Maybe one day. For now, today, this level of reveal is plenty. I just have to keep breathing.

Back to the story. Minds are being controlled through the Narrative that we see every day.

Disinformation agents can be found in every single community. They have been purposely placed and infiltrated throughout the population to cause confusion and chaos. We see this with terrorist groups posing as rioters and looters, that get paid to trash certain businesses, leaving others untouched. Deep State Operatives in civil suits smashing windows with mallets and hammers, terrorists dressed in black, spray painting certain very particular phrases on windows and boards that are boarding up storefronts. Trucks on the ready with Boards available to board up windows of businesses large and small, selective of course, depending on your allegiance and who you answer to.

Could you call this Modern Day Mafia activity, I definitely could. Terrorists organizing and creating their own nations in 7 city blocks, only to call upon help outside their nation when their food has run out, or something precious of theirs has been stolen and they need the assistance of the world around them. Typical martyrdom. Too many video games and too much sugar pumping through their veins. Not enough education and oversight that then produces a Mind Controlled Slave Race. Not to mention also that when put under pressure, the city officials are answering to the thug bosses, rather than the law.

Our constitutional rights, that have been stripped incrementally through the last 40+ years, are being challenged on every level right now. Also adding here that while all this is happening, there are military tribunals for people who have administered acts of crimes against humanity and are being tried in court, to either serve a life sentence, or two, or be sentenced to death. The laws that have been passed through Congress behind closed doors have created this mess, allowing very dark criminals to pass laws into place for unconstitutional activities and crimes against humanity.

There are those who want to rise up and fight, but find themselves too scared to say anything for fear of being ridiculed and criticized for going against the mainstream narrative and people who are under deep levels of mind control doing their bidding. Its ridiculous. Black people being called racist against their own people. Its complete mayhem. What people dont realize is that they are ALL being played. Straight up.

This is Systemic Mind Control at its finest.

The goal of the 100% mind controlled slave was almost completely accomplished, until 1969 when something happened that changed the collective consciousness, and it became almost impossible to lock down the population. The hijacking of innocence had to be accomplished, they couldn’t allow people to be Free. The way that they implemented this was multi-dimensional in nature and in modern time appears with the hyper-sexualization of children and connecting energetic cords through the back of the skull, back of the heart and the tail, the root. This serves to “hook in” a matrix body, which can be controlled through the pineal gland; the main service center of the brain and body, the back of the heart; the hidden gate to the soul, and the tail; the root of the spine, which brings in base level frequencies to allow sexual trauma to be administered continuously and produce dissociation which then creates multiple personalities in the victim. Most people walking around today have a mild level of this manipulation, even if they have no cognitive memory of any manipulation of this whatsoever. 80% of the population of the United States alone has a systemic problem with Satanic Ritual Abuse in the home, and directly in the close circuit of community, including teachers, public officials, and parents.

Ritual Abuse does not discriminate. People need to understand this simple point.

The main concepts to observe and pay attention to are this:

Loosh & Energy Harvesting – The bi-product of a high level of trauma being administered to someone, and the energy or hormones that are produced from that event create a substance, or containment of energy that can be consumed. Substances that contain loosh and have a narcotic effect such as Adrenochrome, are utilized and sought after by the elite in Hollywood and Political Circles, as well as Satanic Sects and Secret Societies. The drug of Immortality. The withdrawal symptoms include death.

False Narratives – Repeats of ideas and narratives such as Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, and the Jews escaping the Nazi’s in WWII are examples of situations where false narratives were administered to produce an energy harvesting mechanism for consumption by non-physical interdimensional beings.

Fear and Indoctrination – A large-scale event, as we are seeing play out in real time, where they create scenarios that hook in our emotional trauma or our pain bodies, and harvest the energy for consumption because they have become insatiable. These would be considered false flags, such as riots, shootings, huge protests, social injustices, invasions from the skies, etc. Something or anything that can be utilized to distract and scare people enough that they are willing to give up their sovereign rights for protection against the “enemy” ( common war tactic ).

Dissociation – Observing in someone when they are blindly following and not thinking for themselves, or they are exacerbated in their Rebel stance because they have been hooked into emotionally by an inter-dimensional being through their matrix body and they are not acting like themselves, and thus they are playing out a false narrative. Usually these people have endured high levels of sexual trauma or neglect, and serious abuse. This dissociation can also cause extreme Narcissism as a coping mechanism to survive.

The Battered Wife Syndrome – Stockholm Syndrome and Gaslighting – Believing a Narrative, and defending one group, but criticizing and slamming another’s for their beliefs, all the while being victimized by their own group and set of beliefs. They are being sold a false narrative. This is a mild form of it. Unfortunately right now though, with what is happening, this particular tactic is being used on a large scale on the population to try and convince people that there is only One Narrative, and that it is permissable to Snitch on others, and in fact is being encouraged by Government Officials (i.e. the Corrupt Sector of Politicians), who are also encouraging Violence under the narrative of “Peaceful Protests”.

It is ALL Mind Control. The Cognitive Dissonance is Real Folks.

This Concludes Part One of this Series, however I will leave you with this Afterword from the Late Author Jim Keith. He suspiciously died in the hospital after having a hard fall and hurting his knee. When in the hospital, they put him under, his last words were: “I have this feeling that if they put me under I’m not coming back.” He was Unapologetically a Pioneer for our Freedom from Mass Control of the population:

“Here stands the New Man, his mind and body stolen from him, soul reduced to the impulses of the animal he thinks he is. His conception of reality is a dance of electronic images fired into his forebrain, a gossamer construction of his masters, designed so that he will not under any circumstances perceive the actual. His happiness is delivered to him through a tube of an electronic connection. His God lurks behind an electronic curtain; when the curtain is pulled away, we find the CIA sorcerer, the media manipulator, the cyberneticist, the weaver of the Dreamscape.
As can be seen in the recitation of horrors in these pages, with the advent of advanced technology for mind control and people control we stand at the edge of an abyss. We are at that moment in history where the controllers can do away with what little freedom the human race still possess, and chain every aspect of the life of mankind to their own parasitic purposes. We are at the point where it is feasible that the destiny of mankind can be owned, and can be molded and shaped with the ease of shaping clay.
A revolution is taking place in the United States instituted by the controllers, whose agents have learned their materialist, immoral philosophies at the knee of monsters like Cameron, Mengele and Delgado. They are putting in place mind control technologies, advanced surveillance, computerization, indoctrination, prisons and other people-control technologies, that will render freedom meaningless and obsolete, syllables fallen from the lips of a mind-controlled moron. They are launching new assaults on people’s lives every minute.
Using these new and old technologies, dissent and original thought are being ripped from us. Traditions of individual sovereignty and freedom are being expunged from our minds and from the history books. And, due to the multitude of anesthetics we have been shot up with, we don’t feel a thing.
If we do not succeed in stopping the Controllers, ultimately the only people left will be the marching morons, the gullible, and those so apathetic as to have entirely forgotten that freedom can exist.
I am no technology-hating Luddite of old. I use a computer, I surf the Internet. But I am against the use of technology in the continuing commission of crimes against humanity. Throughout history new technology has been used in the service of authoritarian control without regard for the presumed, at least in America, rights of individuals. Unless our children are going to be the subjects of a world that makes 1984 look benign, then it is time for us to resist the mutilations that the mind masters are foisting upon us.
People should be reminded that the individual sovereignty of our minds and bodies are our most valuable possession. We must educate the populace about the programs of control that have gone on for at least the latter half of the 20th century. We must expose mind control programs that are currently going on in the military, in religious cults, and in psychiatric experiments, in the media, and see to it that these operations are brought to an end. Mind control fascism should be turned worldwide into a hot button topic so that at the mere mention of new incursions of our freedom, the public uproar will be overwhelming.
We must force government to open all files on mind control and related experimentation. Although much of this information has been destroyed, there is certainly a great deal of such documentation that still exists. We must take back the ownership of our world and ourselves.
It is Time To Act. As Always, I advise against illegality and violence. We must expose the nature of totalitarian control, its technologies, its agents. We must safeguard against further incursions against our freedom, our humanity. We Must End the Mass Control of Mankind in our Lifetime.

~ Jim Keith, Afterword, Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness, 1999

Perspectives ~ The Guardian Alliance Speaks


April 11, 2020

Today, and many days prior to this, I have been having conversations with the Guardian Alliance.  I have felt to share this information with the public, however have been hesistant, of course, for fear of backlash from darker forces.

I can no longer allow my fears to get the best of me.  This will be a continuing conversation that happens between myself and the Guardian Alliance.

I feel it necessary to disclose this piece of information so you understand the level I have been playing at and the risk I have taken to put information out there into the world.  Usually when I do a blog post, there is almost an immediate reaction within the matrix, where I will be confronted by a demon seed, and it will not be pretty.  I have learned to deal with these scenarios and my skin is very thick, however it is still something that I have dealt with over the many years of being who I am, and being on the front lines.  Having said all that, please gleen from this information what you will, take what you want and leave the rest.  This is only one person’s narrative, you have your own.  I am in no way putting this information out to the collective to scare anyone, but rather to help people be more informed, in the ways that I can.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, and to receive this information.  Blessings, Saralise


GA: Blessings Dear One, we are here, the Guardian Alliance is with you.

SL: Hiya! Okay so I opened the records of Gaia and myself.

GA: We would suggest that you stay fully present to this process that you are in right now, and gather as much information as you possibly can about this transition you are in.

SL: Me personally, or?

GA: The Transition that Humanity is going through is touch and go at this point, it could literally tilt either way, and it is imperative that you stay present to that.

SL: Okay, so what is my role in this and how am I to serve this situation the best that I can?

GA: We would suggest that you gather a team of people that you can 100% rely upon for doing remote planetary work and get to work.  Meet once a day if possible during this time until the threat has passed.  It could be months, you are in the tunnel, so to speak and there is no end in sight. 

SL: Trump seems to think there is light at the end of the tunnel….haha

GA: There is, its just that your world has been living in a false matrix for so long now that it is going to take some time to unravel and bring the energy back to stasis, in order to move forward.  People do not really understand this, they are operating from their personality and mind, rather than from their heart, where their truth lies.  This is a key configuration to anyone who wants to move forward into the next phase of Gaia.  If someone is not in their heart, they will have a very difficult time bridging that gap between mind and heart.  The last 100 years have been about this transition, all the while being trapped in a false matrix projection of reality.

SL: Hmm, that makes perfect sense to me whats been happening on that level.

GA: If and when you decide, as a species, to step out of this game that has been set up by the Demon Seeds, the Sons of Belial, and the Fallen Annunaki, you will have the opportunity to move into the collective phase of enlightenment, which will benefit all.  These demon seeds will be given a choice, and will have the opportunity to choose their “fate” so to speak.

SL: Will these sons of Belial be given choices once they are incarcerated, or is it more on a Soul level we are talking about here?

GA: They will be given the opportunity to redeem their Spirit and come back into alignment with Source, once they are in a position to do so, so it cannot be determined at this time, how that will unfold, but just know that every person, every soul, and every energy, whether organic soul or not, will be given the opportunity to align with Source, at whatever point they are able to comprehend that reality.

SL: This makes sense, altho how does that play out in terms of the future? Right now it seems difficult to determine any one future timeline.

GA: That is because there are several timelines merging together, back to the point of Singularity, at which point there will be only one timeline moving forward, and basically we cant even call it a timeline because it is actually from that point, just one space of existence. 

SL: Can you please explain further what that means?

GA: The Singularity, of which many are aware, is a point in existence, where all timelines and realities merge with one another, and we are given the opportunity and choice to render ourselves viable at this point. 

SL: Does this mean that many will die off, and leave their bodies, and a new level of humanity will be present, without the influence of the darkness?

GA: In certain senses yes, although that is not exactly what we are saying.  It is more like a point in time where there is a decisive moment where every soul will be given an opportunity to make a choice as to whether to merge with itself, or whether to go back to the beginning, or cease to exist.

SL: Wow!

GA: Yes, this is that point dear one.

SL: When exactly is this meant to take place in linear time?

GA: It is happening now

SL: Wow, so it is kind of like the spiral of time, where we are on a certain rung of the spiral and it is coming to the center point?

GA: Yes, similar to when the center point of a spiral comes and then there is a supernova explosion into the light!

SL: Yes i feel that, and that is why everything is moving so fast and there is pressure building up yes?

GA: Yes dear one.

SL: So does that mean that some souls will continue into this new reality of light, and some won’t?

GA: It means that each soul & expression therein will be given the opportunity to move into the next phase of existence, and take with them what is precious.

SL: Wait, so when you say that, do you mean people, that are precious to us?

GA: We mean that you are able to take all aspects of yourself that serve the highest, and you can release all else into the composting pile, to use your wording!  haha  Each soul is responsible for itself, and so you cannot determine other’s fates, however you can assist when asked.

SL: That makes sense.  also, then, what about people like my son, whom I know to be on this particular path within his soul, but in his personhood, it seems he is choosing darkness.

GA: That has yet to be determined dear one, however we are hoping for the light quotient to be available for his transformation in time for the singularity.

SL: But if it is coming so quickly, will he be able to make that transition?  i mean is he Merlin? an aspect?

GA: Yes dear one, he is an aspect of Merlin, as are many.

SL: Is he someone that is meant to lead in that way tho?  his generation?

GA: He will lead many people if he decides to be a part of the collective moving forward.

SL: I truly hope he comes to that place where he knows this for himself.

GA: We do too, and …. you are his mother.

SL: Yes, and I don’t feel I have any sort of influence at this point.

GA: You do, it is just not evident.  he is watching your every move, and how you handle life, and it is influencing him on a very deep level.  he sees your sensitivity, but he also really respects your strength.

SL: Oh that’s good to know!  haha

GA: Yes, dear one, this is the crux of every mother’s existence, is whether or not they are able to allow themselves to just be who they are, within the construct of their children and being an example.

SL: So yes, in terms of that, the Divine Mother, what does she have to say about all this?

GA: Well, as you well know, she is a nurturing beloved cosmic presence that showers unconditional love upon all the beings within the cosmos, so this to her, is just another situation, one she has seen many many times, although this time, she is making a point of shifting the narrative, through the Sophia Souls incarnate on Gaia. 

The thing is that if Earth transitions without her people, then all will be lost.  But if Earth can transition with her people and survives this nexus, then there will be another level of living for all of the Cosmos that comes online.  It is as if to say, she is birthing into a STAR, similar to your Sun, a cosmic portal, and stargate.  Earth is right there, as she becomes Gaia.  So when the Singularity happens, it will be like a Supernova, and the beings on the planet that can transition with her into that light, will stay embodied, and will take on their crystalline matrix form. 

SL: Will we continue to have carbon based bodies?  or will we be completely transitioning into light bodies?

GA: You will keep your carbon-based form, altho you will have light within each cell that has not been experienced in the carbon based form up until this point.  This level of embodiment however is very familiar to you as a Soul and Spirit, and pre-embodiment, which you have experienced prior to carbon based embodiment, so it is familiar and can be naturally integrated for you.

SL: I was also hearing how important it is to bring this awareness forward to the collective as a whole.

GA: Yes, we were definitely communicating that through direct knowing dear one.

SL: So how do I do this when I don’t seem to have an influence, and there seems to be constant interference with my message being received?

GA: This will change soon enough dear one, and it is important that you are fully prepared for this.

SL: What exactly does that mean?

GA: This means that any activities that do not serve your highest good must be considered before engaging in them, as the amount of vital energy expended for those activities must be saved and utilized for this mission.

SL: Yes, I totally understand that.

GA: Thank you for being able to receive this information without judgment and with an open heart.

SL: Thank you for entrusting me with this information.  How often would you like me to receive information.

GA: We suggest that you sit down every day and do your best to receive as much information as possible as we will have plenty to report.

SL: Yes I feel that, how would you like me to disseminate this information to the public.

GA: For now, that is not necessary, until we feel that this information is vital to the population.  For now it is important for you to come online with your own mission and to be fully in it, so that there is no way that you can be swayed.

SL:  I feel I am there already, for years now.

GA: You definitely are, however there has been some level of letting yourself off the hook and we are just inviting you to come back online fully in terms of your consciousness with this and to be within this team, so that you can fully access all the information available for you.

SL: Yes, I suppose I should have been writing all along.

GA: You are fine dear one, we just invite you to come into a more open communication with your guidance so that we can ground it on Gaia in a more efficient way.

SL: That makes sense. I am deeply grateful for your/my guidance and will continue to listen deeply to the message.  One thing I will say tho, is that I have a hesitance around sharing publicly about certain things, I still feel myself hesitating, and that is bothersome, as I really wanna say so many things.

GA: That time will come dear one, right now it is about concentrating on your strength so that when you do, there will not be any issues with your safety.

SL: Is that something that will potentially change in the near future, due to the happenings on the planet?

GA: There is a level of that yes, however, we would suggest being fully prepared with all your protocols as this is a process humanity will be going through for awhile, until such time as you can be free of the Demonic influence upon the earth and upon humanity. 

SL: How long would you say this transition will be on the planet until we are completely free of this influence?

GA: We would say that at least until 2024, there will be some type of influence, at which point, the singularity will be in full swing, and there will not be space for density and therefore it will be impossible for these beings to be in your realm.

SL: Will this affect the collective of all other planetary expressions within this cosmos, what is happening here at this moment?

GA: Yes, as we said earlier, All of Life is being affected by Earth birthing her star Gaia.  So this is a process that not many will survive, however, there will be individuals here that will survive and build the new earth as Gaia.

SL: Am I involved in that process?

GA: You are to lead that process my dear.

SL: Am I the only one leading???

GA: No dear one, there are many, however you will be at the helm along with many others.

SL: Phew!  Okay!  haha Yes i feel this.  Is the Legion of Light part of that process?

GA: Yes, it is the Mothership for all things New Earth, however the name might need to change into something more aligned with the present moment.

SL: Federation of Finding Light?  haha

GA: We would suggest feeling into it and see what comes.  For now, you can keep it as the Legion of Light until the right energies align for you to receive the new embodiment of that council and organization.

SL: Okay thank you! I need to rest for now, and switch gears, but I will come back around.

GA: Yes dear one, Thank You for your time. 

SL: Thank You!!!!!

GA: Blessings and Radiant Love

SL: Blessings to all of you, thank you for being here and for assisting us through this massive transition!!!!

GA: You are welcome Dear One.

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Perspectives ~ From Chaos to Coherence

from Chaos to Coherence

The world we live in today, is allowing us to witness the elements of Chaos and how they interact with our individual environments.  What we know to be true, but are not easily experiencing, as these energies shift is Coherence, is that we are in this together, and must take personal responsibility for what is happening.  As we ride these waves of energy and find a common ground within the Chaos, we have the opportunity to recognize how out of alignment we have actually been, and how we have been very deliberately steered, through mind control mechanisms to be influenced in our beliefs, our critical thinking, our behaviors, our coping mechanisms and our ways of being, on all levels.

Now is a critical time when we must ask the hard questions:

What kind of world do we choose to live in?

What kind of world do we desire to create?

What are the steps we need to take to ensure life continues on this planet?

With so much at risk, and so many systems being affected by our actions, how do we go about shifting our consciousness to allow for the truth to be witnessed, for us to admit to ourselves that we have been living in a lockdown grid of consciousness that has attempted to keep us imprisoned and blinding us to our own truths and our own realities, that would otherwise look very different?

Modern Life has its conveniences, but at what expense.  What I am saying is nothing new, and I know I am preaching to the Choir, but really, how do we do this, and thrive?

Many people are having such a hard time even staying in their bodies presently.  The energies are so massive, and as the sadness releases from many, how do we manage our own energy, so as not to harm others with our own frustrations and anger towards the previously established powers that have steered us astray?

I invite that we really listen deeply when we ask these questions, to allow new thought forms to emerge, original thought forms that then allow us to see from a different perspective.  It must first require that we be radically honest with ourselves, and not allow ourselves to be influenced or swayed by popular beliefs or by others with their own agendas, but rather by our Prime Directive, our own individual Source Light Energy, in our own Vertical Alignment, that helps bring clarity and cohesiveness to our thoughts, our hearts, and allows us to rest in the knowing of Who We Are, rather than Who We Be.

As we continue to ride the wave of this transition, I invite us to remind ourselves of how special we truly are, and that We Chose This, we chose to be here at this time, on Earth, on Gaia, for the benefit of all beings, and to transform this Earth school into a place of Peace, Awareness and Bliss, in the next Golden Age.

Let us Celebrate Together, coming together in harmony and grace, with each other, interdependently, for the sake of everyone, especially our Elders, and our next Generations.  We all need each other’s help right now.  May we be there to lend a helping hand, and to Love without condition.

I love you! Beyond the Moon, Beyond the Stars, Beyond the Firmament, back all the way to the beginning of our existence, to Source.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, May All Beings Be Free




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