Perspectives ~ This is not a Movie folks ….. or is it?

It’s been 14 years since I commanded the activation of All of my DNA strands.   After that event, my life changed forever.  I went from having a particularly “normal” life, for me, to being under full-on attack 24/7 for the following 6 years solid, until I left Los Angeles.  The attacks didnt necessarily stop, once I left LA, but I had some reprieve for a short time, once I left, or so I thought. 

During that time, a few things happened.  Years prior, my mother, who had fallen “ill”, had told me that she had been chased by what seemed to be Tall Lizard Demons.  My reaction, “Okay Mom…”. Yah right, I thought, having no reference point for these types of experiences, and yet somehow, deep down, I knew she was telling the truth.  She wasnt one to lie about anything, ever.  Predominantly, I was in full denial and had had a Mind Swipe at that point, so I wasnt able to remember my own experiences with these beings.  The night she described, was a night in 1996, where she was chased through the house by the Lizard Demons she called them.  She felt she was risking her life just to tell me this.  She fell and cracked her head open, and was left laying on the couch, which she managed to get to, after falling and cracking her head open on the coffee table after she tripped over the rug and fell.  My sister, after receiving no response from her the following morning, decided to go over to the house, and found her bleeding out on the gold velvet box couch we grew up with.   This was the beginning of the end for my mother.  

Today is my mother’s birthday, she died 13 years ago.  She would have been 82 today, instead she died too young, at the ripe age of 68 years old.  I still feel devastated by her loss, and feel if only I could have done something to save her.  She should have outlived my father.  To think about the evil that has been bestowed upon our family by the powers that be (were) is mindblowing.  The reason I am so determined to change things is because of my mother, and watching her demise, and what they did to her, to keep their secrets.  Watching my father’s demise was also disturbing as I watched him struggle to keep his oath of secrecy, when he could have said many things to me that would have changed my reality.  The trouble is, my mother tried to tell me.  All of this is predominantly because of me.  My sisters managed to have a different fate, to escape this travesty, as they managed to stay with the “status Quo”.  I, however, did not come here for that.

I had someone the other day say my most recent 2-hour film was rambling and unfocused and that I best not share it.  That right there told me this person was completely compromised, as I had originally suspected.  Unfortunately, these same compromised individuals got to another innocent and she blocked me on messages on facebook.  I mean….really?  πŸ˜‚. Seriously? πŸ˜‚, without provocation? For no identifiable reason?  πŸ˜‚  It is truly unfortunate that this innocent one has been affected, and now all of a sudden, I start coughing and clearing out of nowhere as I write this.

It is amazing to me, that at this point in our “reality”, that this awareness is not more prevalent in our society.  Why is it that we are unable to actually see what is going on right underneath our noses?  I am grateful for the progress that actually has been made honestly, because without that, we would not be where we are today, which is much further along.  We have come a long way in a very short amount of time.  The wake up process has been super fast for many. It has been a sort of slap in the face. 

Switching tangents.

My son has been somewhat distant since my father died in February, 3 days after my birthday.  His father made a point of manipulating him into rejecting me right before I left the states again after my dad’s funeral, and then made it virtually impossible for my son to contact me by grounding him and taking away his electronic devices, one of which I purchased for him,  and telling him he couldn’t contact me, all the while threatening to beat him, and then telling him to call me, to come get him.  Then my son demanded that I come back to the hell of LA and live in Woodland Hills, in his school district of mansions, and demanded that I do it immediately, while I was in Greece, camping, and had no level of money to support this idea.  This went on for at least a month, where I was worried sick and under full-on attack.  Clearly, this was the dark forces attempting to stop me from activating the Rose Living Crystal of the planet, which I managed to do anyway.  I was literally under attack the month leading up to this event, and basically being starved out physically and energetically, so that I could not accomplish my mission.  Sadly, for them, it did not work, and I was successful at accomplishing this mission. πŸ˜‰ 

This road has not been easy, by any means.  The contracts with “L” are rampant in our society, and quite frankly, it seems never ending.  Why is it that there is no parameters set for these demons running wild, and yet we have been placed in a dome “to protect us”?  It is clear we are living in a designated construct at this point.  The false flag event of Las Vegas has everyone clearly doing research, knowing full well that something is amiss.  It is out in the open now, there is no turning back.  

On some days, it feels all too hopeless that it will ever change, and on other days, I feel strong, and trust that this change is for the better.  Either way, we are deep in the maya of illusion and the veil is being ripped off our faces to reveal the ugliness of our society.  This isnt a movie folks, or is it?

The true destiny of this planet has yet to be determined in this moment.

What I do feel is we are living in a manufactured construct with puppets as players and babies that are branded from birth, and to me, if it is true that we are living in a matrix, as the movies have so clearly stated, then what is the point of all of this, other than to harvest our vital life force energies?  Is ascension actually a real construct, or just another mind control meme to throw people out of their bodies and off their center so they cannot be fully present to see what is really going on?  Please tell me!  I wanna know!  πŸ˜‚ 

If it is true, and some choice few are in on it, how can we play the game differently.  How can we free ourselves from this “ill”usory mind fuck that has us all trapped in the matrix?  

Somebody has the answer, or we wouldn’t all still be here.  They are keeping it from us to protect their precious assets!  

But then again, what if the actual matrix of illusion is as simple to fall away as just changing your mind about it?  And the cosmology waiting to be discovered is beyond what we have even been able to fathom at this point! 

What are our choices?

What can we do to shift our reality construct to allow for the truth to be apparent?

I’m just gonna leave this right here.


Saralise Shekinah Sophia

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings be free from suffering.


Captain’s Log ~ Despacho in Peru

Hang in, this is a long one…..with some juicy bits sprinkled throughout.

Reflecting back on my time in Peru, I have come to some very important conclusions about my time there.  As I watch the events continue to unfold in Life, and watch how my personal actions supporting the Stargates of the Planet have created a ripple effect in the Matrix.  
Jamaica to Peru

As I was boarding the plane from Jamaica, the morning of February 25, 2017, on my way to Peru for my 3 week excursion through the annals of time and space within the realms of the Peruvian mountains, I received a text from my sister, letting me know that my father had passed.  I almost collapsed on the floor, standing in line, waiting to board the plane.  I wasnt sure how to react, to be angry or sad, to be relieved that he was finally gone, and no longer suffering, nonetheless, it came as a shock.  I was not expecting this news, as I had only recently found out that he was in chemo treatment for his 5th bout of cancer.  I hadn’t spoken to my father in 6 years, we were on good terms and at peace, but for my protection and for peace, I chose to release him and live my life, finally, after 42 years of having him as a handler in my reality, conscious or unconscious on his part.  The beauty of the situation revealed itself when the plane waited for me to take off, so that I could text my sister, and complete my conversation with her.  Amazing.  The Divine Mother revealed herself that day.  She gave everyone the opportunity to see a graceful handling of news of this magnitude.  I held myself with grace that day, regardless of how I was feeling.  Granted, I was probably in total shock.

 When I received the news, I knew that this was a really good thing, that he had finally let go.  He had waited 3 days past my birthday to transition, as I had found out he was really suffering, on my birthday.  I told him he better not die on my birthday!  I was NOT happy with him.  Every experience of my father in the last 48 years has been predominantly negative.  I didnt really have much to hold onto in terms of a positive memoir of experiences to remember him by.  My father was a lovely man, to others.  To me, he was suppressive, consdescending, verbally abusive, and generally not very nice.  Even though he loved me, it was difficult for me to really feel the depths of this love, due to the negative aspects of our tumultuous relationship.  At one point, I decided to let him go in 2005, and my life began to soar beyond measure.  Letting go of him was the best thing I ever did, until he entered my life again, in 2007, and I was crippled by his involvement in my reality.  Within a month of him re-entering my life, I lost my job, my house, my relationship, and was again cripled by the weight of the energy, and struggling to survive, and get my basic needs met. The contrast was so incredibly obvious that I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I was being influenced by this energy.  It took me until 2011, to again release him and let go, knowing it was what I had to do to heal from the shattered reality of my childhood that had presented itself.

The next day, after he passed, after I arrived in Peru, I could not find his Spirit. It was nowhere to be found.  I called my friend Erin and we proceeded to search into existence to find his soul and release him from entrapment.  We found him in a black box, with no light, he had no idea where he was and was entirely confused.  We called in the benevolent troops and we released him from imprisonment.  We got him back to his Source Light Energy, and made sure that all his aspects were with him, so that if he chose to release life on this plane, for good, he would be able to do that, not having to return into the reincarnational matrix energy harvesting trap.

Immediately, within less than 24 hours, I was under full-on attack.  There were several interdimensional beings within my field that were perturbed and didnt want him to be free.  We released the contracts with my father and the Dark Lords, that had entered our family bloodline’s DNA 9 generations back.  We found the Dark Lord and the Source of his entry and removed him from the Bloodline, at the point of entry, and cleared the curse that had been with our family ever since.  The Dark Lords did NOT like this whatsoever.  So, they proceeded to make my life a living hell.  For the next 15 days.  It took almost the entire trip to circumnavigate these energies and to bring them back into alignment and into right relations.  

The Sacred Valley

The night we arrived at the house in the Sacred Valley, we had a Despacho Ceremony that took place with a local Peruvian Shaman.  The ceremony was a Despacho Ceremony with Coca Leaves, honoring the Coca plant medicine and blessing our journey and time together.  The ceremony was almost 5 hours long, and after a long hard journey, I was having a hard time staying fully present and being awake, not to mention that I was holding space for the clearing of all the densities within the house itself and the group that had come together.  Many energies were leaving the space, and I felt a stirring up of old demonic energies with this ceremony, and so it was difficult for me to get on board fully with the process, as I felt it was somewhat compromised.  

The morning after I arrived at the house in Peru, I stood with BT, a beautiful Native American brother who we named “Rainbow Jesus”, and he proceeded to channel my father’s Spirit, and asked for my forgiveness, stating that my father had no idea what I had been through, that I had been raped and tortured as a child, among many things, and that now he could see from the other side, what I had gone through.  Signing me up for those programs, he was on a need-to-know basis, he was following orders, but did not know or realize what was actually happening to me.  I got incredibly triggered and began to just scream internally.  This set off a rage in me that was just not manageable, I started to cry and said it would take some time for me to forgive him.  I mean technically speaking, I already have forgiven him, but there was a deeper level that arose last winter when I had some deep memories that were suppressed reveal themselves and showed me that my father was actually getting paid for my torture.  He, in fact, didnt actually know the depths to which they were untilizing me in these secret programs. He also had no idea I had been a part of the Secret Space Program.

I had brought two tribe brothers with me on the trip, one was a romantic interest, and after this event of supporting my father’s soul, it proceeded to collapse and fall apart.  There were many reasons for this, which would take forever to get into, other than to say, that one of the brothers was influencing the other brother, my romantic interest, and telling him things that were not true, and spreading what’s called the “Reptilian Spray”, a mind control tactic, throughout the group to try and turn everyone against me.  This went on for days and days.  We finally thought we had cleared this one brother, and it came back.  It took almost the entire trip to release this energy from him, meanwhile everyone had to deal with deep levels of attack and energy that was not in alignment with our mission.

What was crucial about all of this, is that there were two things going on here.  One was, the dark forces were not happy that I had made it to Peru, even though they had tried everything to dismantle that reality, and two, they did not want me clearing and activating the Planetary Stargates in Peru.  Whenever I have done this big work, there has always been a level of deliberate interference, as every time I have activated a stargate or cleared a vortex energy point on the planetary grid and restored it to its original divine blueprint, a little or a lot more energy enters the Earthly realms and allows access to more light, which then shifts the DNA of Humanity, and of all living beings, sentient or unsentient, simply put. 

This time however, they were not expecting the last piece, and neither was I.  Firstly, I went to all the Ancient temples built by Extraterrestrial beings, and then followed by Incan Construction.  Two very different realities.  We travelled through the Sacred Valley, visiting all the most amazing temples and structures of learning, mystery schools, that were built long ago.  This included Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, Pisaq Burial Grounds and the Sungate Temple, Wiracocha, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Waynapicchu, to name a few.  Hiking in the blazing sun, and shivering in the middle of the Peruvian Summer at night, we traversed the Peruvian outback at 15,000 ft with grace, and sometimes lag, needing to wait for the brother that was in his own agenda and causing the group to wait.  It put a strain on everyone.  We were gracious, despite the hatred coming towards us.  We chose to love him through it.  Being the youngest of the group, he had this idea that he was in fact coming into his Christ nature, and proceeded to show signs of the Messianic Complex.  He would not listen to anything anyone had to offer.  So of course, this made things quite difficult, and many times, people considered leaving, as the group was not in sync and was desperately trying to find peace.  Finally, one night, before the Lake Titicaca & Bolivian leg of the trip, he surrendered and let down his sword.  Whew!  I was then able to speak to our mission with the Stargates and what needed to happen.  However, we had a listener/watcher within the house that night, that had been placed there to get inside information.  The next morning, we ended up in the same position with our brother, and it started all over again.  We did our best to just ride the wave.  At that point, I just chose to be silent, no longer engaging, as he sat and proceeded to tell everyone that I needed to be eliminated.  Fortunately for me, Rainbow Jesus came to my defense and everyone else, attempting to clear this energy, when he said, “You are welcome to leave Brother”.   He immediately backpedalled and realized that the manipulation was no longer going to work.  A sigh of relief came over the group, as he admitted that he was scared and would do anything to be a participating member of the group. At that point, he had alieneated most of the members of the group, and no one really wanted to interact with him, except the bromance that was going on with him and my collapsed romantic interest.  Needless to say, I was exhausted from the intensity of the drama that had ensued and the level of attack that had been transpiring.  I had also been dealing with my romantic interest going back and forth with his feelings, and being confused as to how he felt about me, and not able to decide what he wanted.  Fortunately for me, there was a couple, Rainbow Jesus and his partner, who understood the deeper aspects of the Draconian energies and how they operate.  So that literally saved me.

Machu Picchu – the land of the Llamas

We proceeded to hike Waynapicchu for 12 hours, in Machu Picchu.  We hiked all the way to the top, and almost all the way down, stopping on the back side in the Moon Temple, where we performed ceremony and one of the members of the group and I independently proceeded to blast open the 5th Stargate that is in Machu Picchu.  As I watched the Light streaming in a huge tube of light down into and spiralling up from the Earth, I knew I had completed my task.  The beautiful thing is also that my father was with me, witnessing what I do, and who I truly am.  On the way back up, my heart almost stopped 8 times.  The Atrifibuxlation that exists within the family DNA revealed itself.  I had to stop several times to make it back up the thousands of steep stairs.  My romantic interest friend then held my hand for 2.5 hours, while we proceeded to climb those thousands of stairs back up the mountain.  I wasnt sure if this was an attempt to take me out, or if it was just related to my genetics at 15,000 feet altitude!  Haha!  Everyone was gracious and waited for me, to make sure that I actually made it.  I kept saying, “I am NOT dying on this Mountain!!!!”  I obviously made it.

That night, we had a harmonious dinner.  It was lovely, with local musicians playing in the streets, in the small town built at the base of Machu Picchu.

Lake Titicaca

The next main event, was Lake Titicaca.  We took a 7 hour drive to get to Puno, the town just at the edge of Lake Titicaca, on the Peruvian Side. We went through this really crazy vortex of a town about 30 minutes from Puno on the way there, and got lost and were almost unable to get out.  The town, Juliaca, where the airport is, was the main town that people fly into to go to Lake Titicaca.  The town was full of trash all over the streets, dogs and sheep eating the trash, as well as metal doors with little openings for a door, to a business, unfinished buildings, as if the town was either devastated by war, or had never actually been completely finished.  You couldn’t look into the eyes of anyone on the streets, and I shielded our entire vehicle with an invisibility cloak and rainbow light to get us through.  Puno, the city at the shores of Lake Titicaca, was inside the stargate and held a pristine energy in comparison to the previous city.  We were grateful to finally arrive and sit down for a nice dinner.

The following morning, we went to Amaru Muru, the “Gateway of the Gods”, where I received the download and instructions as to what to do exactly the next day in the middle of Lake Titicaca.  I knew I had to be there on that particular day, March 10, so I made sure that we could show up on that day.  What I didnt know exactly was what was about to transpire.  We had decided to split into two groups of 4, and 4 of us stayed on the Peruvian Side, to go deep into the center of the Lake, the largest body of water in the western world, and the other 4 went to the Bolivian side, to the Island of the Sun, to the 7th Stargate, to receive the Energies through ceremony that I would be blasting from the center of Lake Titicaca. 

When I went inside Amaru Muru, I was met by an Ascended Master, St. Germain, an old friend from Mt. Shasta, whom I hadn’t seen in awhile.  I was surprised to see him all the way in Peru, as it never occurred to me that he would leave his post there in Mt. Shasta.  I just wasn’t really thinking about it, so when I saw him, I was overjoyed and moved to tears, like seeing an old dear friend that you haven’t seen in ages.  It was a lovely reunion, but we quickly got down to business, as there was much to discuss.  He reminded me of the information I had received in 2010, while living in Mt. Shasta, from the Quero Elders regarding the Cosmic Alignment of Planetary Bodies that was to occur.  It had been 7 years, so I had completely stored this in the back of my mind, thinking that one day, it would come in handy.  This was the day.  I immediately recalled the story I had been told about the Cosmic Ocean of Light, lining up with the Great Central Sun of our Universe, lining up with our Galactic Sun, and then Solaris, our Solar System Sun, and then finally our Inner Earth Sun. Historically, this alignment has never taken place, so it was a special cosmic alignment that was designed to deposit energy upon Gaia, for the benefit of humanity and all the Earth’s inhabitants.  He then told me the other piece of information, which I had not previously had, that put all the pieces together.  He told me that 3 Universes were triangulating and receiving this energy.  Our Universe was at the Apex of this triangle, and that the Cosmic Rays would come through the base of that triangle and go thru our Universal Apex and travel through to our Galactic Sun and onto the planet.  The largest Body of Water in the Western World is Lake Titicaca, also the 7th Stargate, and also Mt. Shasta, the Largest Mountain in the western world.  The energies would be depositing on this region of the world, and so therefore these were the places to receive these energies.  It was requested of me that I go to the center of the Stargate in Lake Titicaca, on the Peruvian/Bolivian Border, in the center of the Lake, and open up the Cosmic Portal for 24 hours to receive the energies onto the planet. With instructions given and task in hand, I returned to the present moment, sitting in the cut out of the portal on the wall of the “Gateway of the Gods” and came to 3rd dimensional reality once again.  I decided that it would be beneficial for me to cloak for the rest of the day, and to keep myself incognito until the Task at Hand had been completed.  

The next morning, cloaked and ready to go, we went to the Tourist Harbour in Puno, and got onto our pre-arranged boat, to begin the 2-day journey of doing ceremony in the center of the Lake and staying the night on one of the many islands in Lake Titicaca.  This particular island, Amantani Island, held the two Temples, Pachatata, and Pachamama temples, honoring the Sacred Masculine and Feminine.  This island has no wifi, and is strictly vegetarian.  This was an exquisite experience to be on an island with a strictly vegetarian population.  When we set off on our journey, in stealth mode, we boarded a small fishing boat, that was designed for tours.  The boat driver, commented on the fact that in all his life, he had never seen the lake as such glass.  The water was calm and clear, the sky opened up to the heavens and all was well.  We set off on our 5 hour journey to the center of the Lake, stopping only for a homemade lunch on one of the many islands.  On the way out into the Lake, I felt into the underground bases.  I could feel the benevolent forces with us from an interstellar perspective, and the pristine energy of the Pleiadian base near the port of Puno, under the water.  As we progressed further out, I could sense and feel the locations of the other two bases, not so benevolent, of Draconian and Zeta occupation.  They appeared as black dense bases with much activity.  

I decided to cloak us one more time for good measure, to make sure that in no way we could be tracked on our mission.  After lunch, we headed to the center of the Lake.  After about 2.5 hours, we approached the center of the Lake, the driver was hesitant to come near the Bolivian border, I encouraged him to keep going further, and that I would guide him to the perfect spot to stop the boat. He was hesitant until I assured him that he was completely safe and that no “policia” would bother us.  He began to relax and trust.  This is when I got up on the roof, with the other 3 members of the group, my friends BT & his partner, and my friend from Australia.  We created a diamond formation on the top of the boat, and began to hold ceremony.  As I opened the directions, and began to call in the benevolent forces, my Australian friend said she saw bubbles form all around the boat in a circular formation, and at that moment, I could feel an extremely large presence of a sea creature, the size of a sea dragon or whale.  I do believe there were also smaller fishes circling around the boat, paying attention to what we were doing.  I proceeded to open the Cosmic Portal to allow the energies to come in, and streamed Golden Platinum Diamond Light from the Cosmic Ocean of Light into the Stargate in the center of Lake Titicaca.  Most people say that the stargate is located on the Island of the Sun, Isla del Sol, but I beg to differ.  I believe that the stargate spans the entire lake, and begins in the center, with an outpost point on the Island of the Sun.  Once I had activated the 12th Dimensional energies and sent the energies from the activated 5th Stargate in Machu Picchu to the Island of the Sun, I then had a realization in that moment that I was in direct line with Antarctica.  I immediately turned and blasted Antarctica with the Cosmic Energies, sending them down into the land mass there, and could see, all of a sudden that military equipment and machines were going haywire, all the gauges were going crazy, and people starting panicking and running in all directions.  I burst out laughing.  BT asked me what was going on, I said, “They are going crazy, running in all directions, they have no idea what just hit them!”  And we all burst out laughing.  The laughter was a nice break in the seriousness of the moment.  As this was taking place, the Draco and Zeta factions, along with their Reptilian counterparts, just crossed their arms and sat back, realizing they could not actually do anything at that point.  I said to them, “That’s right, Stand Down!”  

We continued with BT handing each of us one of his majickal activated crystals that he personally mined himself.  They were especially activated to deposit around the world, for world peace.  We said our intentions and prayers and proceeded to grid them in 8 directions.  This deposited the energies properly and cemented the work we were doing.  Each crystal was holding the light frequency of the Cosmic Ocean. After finishing the ceremony, we sat, looking around at all the benevolent observers watching us within the clouds.  There was even a rectangular window that was completely obvious.  

As guided, I left the portal open for 24 hours, until the following morning.  We took a smooth ride to Amantani Island, that afternoon, and stayed with a Shaman and his family.  We had a lovely home-cooked meal after a long-needed nap.  It was a blissful moment in time.  Nothing to do, except absorb these incredible Cosmic energies and receive the goodness of that moment.  We smelled the flowers, gazed at the beautiful rich lucious purple corn, native to that island, and the gorgeous quinoa grown.  All the crops were healthy and flourishing.  It was a gorgeous sight to see.  We sat, taking in the silence, and watching as the clouds moved in sync with our breath.  

The next morning, after a peaceful night’s rest, we got up, intending to go to the top of the island, to visit the Pachatata and Pachamama temples on horseback.  When we all gathered, BT decided to stay behind.  The three women proceeded to go up the mountain in a Hail Storm that arose out of nowhere.  It was at that point obvious that we needed to close the portal as quickly as possible, as my sheild was growing weak and the 24 hours were approaching, so it would be easier for the malevolent energies to enter the portal.  We got to the top of the mountain, to the Pachatata temple, and observed the entire 360 view of the all the islands on the Lake, it was a spectacular sight to behold.  The three priestesses came together in a trinity formation and closed the Cosmic Portal, closing and sealing it with Rainbow light.  Immediately the forceful storm energies subsided.  It was amazing to witness.  A peaceful stroll back down the mountain took us to the Shaman’s home once again, for a nice breakfast, before we headed out for Puno.  

Within an hour, we hiked back down the hill, to the port, and almost immediately there was a violent storm that ensued.  It was clear that the malevolent forces were extremely pissed that they could not make their way into that Cosmic Portal.  What would have normally taken us 2.5 hours, would now take 6 hours, with the storm that was brewing.  Black waters and a boat that was tilting at least 60 degrees, and the smell of leaking gas from the boat motor, were our challenges of the moment.  For awhile we just dealt with it, but after a certain point, I was done.  I decided to command that the elemental forces calm down, and called upon benevolent Devic forces to adjust the situation, so we could make it back to the port of Puno safely.  Within a few minutes, the waters began to settle, and we cruised back to the port.  The boat driver, again, having grown up on Amantani Island, had never seen that level of a storm on Lake Titicaca.  

During the storm, the driver lost his long wooden pole used to dock the boat.  As we approached the dock, I decided to jump and support the docking of the boat, next to the other boat, just at the dock.  When I looked up, there was a cop, in riot gear, standing on the boat against the dock, waiting for us to dock the boat.  I called out to BT to come and observe the situation.  We nodded at each other with a knowing all too well of what we were witnessing.  I decided to be the last one off the boat.  The policeman made it so that we had to cross his path in order to get onto the dock.  He was literally blocking our path. As I looked into his eyes, I noticed they were gold with black vertical slits.  I put on my innocent face and waved, “HOLA!”  Lol. He immediately jumped onto the boat, and began to search the boat.  I later realized they were looking for technology.  They were looking to see what could have created such a stir in the Antarctic realities.  I began to chuckle to myself, thinking how odd and uncanny it was that the cops were there to greet us and look for any possible technology that could case this reaction.  When we got to the tourist harbour, I noticed that all the stores were shut, and cops were everywhere, some in riot gear, some just in black uniforms.  It was 12pm on a Saturday in the Main Tourist Harbour in Puno, the main city on the shores of Lake Titicaca.  IT was just weird, all the way around.  We all laughed in pseudoshock, once we realized what was happening.  The rest of the day proceeded to be challenging as well.  When we returned to the hotel, the doors were locked, there was no attendant, and no hotel residents.  The hot water was off, and there was banging on the roof, for the entire day.  That night there was a wedding with house music until 3am.  Needless to say our plans of napping and showering and finally sleeping did not go well.  The next morning we all laughed at breakfast at the irony of it all.  We said, “IS that the BEST they can do?  Seriously?”  It was actually kinda funny.

We then headed back to Cusco for our final days together.  The Bolivian Team of 4 met us back in Cusco at the Hostel to swap majickal stories and hear of how they received the energies and bonded as brothers.  The woman on the crew was the one who received the energies and grounded them in at the Island of the Sun stargate portal, as well as the three brothers doing their own level of ceremony, at the Island of the Sun and Tiwanaku.  They had a crazy adventure going nonstop the entire time, escaping Bolivian Border Patrols, and rules set for the average tourist!  Lol

Needless to say, the results of this work are listed as follows:

The Schumann Resonance of the Earth shot up from 11-13Hz to 113, to now over 200Hz. 

Peru had 811 cities that began to flood, causing an energetic culling effect.

David Rockefeller died within 10 days of the Cosmic Deposit Portal.

3 Spiritual leaders received severe injuries, or were under attack. One of these people committed suicide.

Since that point there have been many other levels of work that have been done in France and Greece, as well, including the 12th Stargate, that will be spoken to in a later post.

For now it is important to know that things are getting handled, albeit, potentially in a haphazard fashion, but nonetheless, the final leg is upon us, closing this window at the end of 2017.  The Stellar Activation Cycle closes at the end of this year, so it is high time to complete these tasks.

If you are interested in doing any of this work, and are interested in what is coming next, please feel free to contact me personally via Facebook message (the best way at the moment), and I will respond and answer any questions you may have.  

Also, If you are interested in working with me on a personal level, and would like to know more about the Magi/Priestess Realignmetn Session Series, please feel free to contact me as well.

I am also running a Summer Special on Akashic Readings, for $88 per session (value $111).  A great gift is to invest in yourself with a series of these!

For now, I send you off with the light of Spirit to fill your days.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all Beings be free from suffering πŸ™πŸ»




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Perspectives ~ What It Costs to Maintain Our Slave Status in America

So …

It’s been 8 years since I stopped driving a car.  It was by choice that I let my car go.  I got to the point where I was not willing to subscribe to the Petrol Industry.  I do not regret this decision.  

I had a turning point the summer of 2008.  I had let my house go, a $5000 mortgage, not including property taxes and bills, and a $9000 overhead, which I proudly commuted to and from Los Angeles, to “own” as a Single Mom.  I was keeping up with the “Joneses”, the other set of parents, trying to outdo me, every step of my existence.   It was nauseating at best, and I worked 90 hour weeks to pay for my life.  I was exhausted, and had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and had collapsed on the job, which then got me “let go”.  Silly, isnt it?  That we spend so much time and energy to pay to live.

So for that exit point, I decided to live, and rent a loft in Downtown LA, for a mere $2150 per month, a far cry from a $9000 overhead. The trouble was, I didnt have the wherewithal to maintain such a high-cost standard of living, even though I had clients and things were supposedly running smoothly.  They weren’t.  When the Housing Market crashed, all the deposits in my account disappeared.  I was at a decision-making point, where I had to decide if I was willing to continue the slave status, or step out.  I was 100% Raw Vegan at the time, and had been discovering and realizing huge things about the world we live in.  In 2007, I became a Raw Vegan, and cured myself from Cancer, without any assistance from the rapacious allopathic industry, aka medical doctors, hospitals, cancer treatments, chemo, etc.  I took my life into my own hands and went on a 14-day master cleanse, and a silent retreat.  During that cleanse, and silent retreat, I wrote 7 songs.  When I came out of the silent retreat, I recorded a spoken word album.  It was amazing how much energy I had and how creative I was.  I was super inspired by life, and saw things as they were, right in front of me, at face value.  I got excited about this new way of eating, and decided to become 100% Raw Vegan to assist with any health issues, and to experience a different way of living in the world.  My veil was officially lifted during that time.  Although I had been pretty psychic up until that point, and a “Spiritual Healer”, this was a whole new level.  The veil was never to go back down.  I saw the demonic system set-up and saw how we were being manipulated on every level.  At first, I tried to work with the system, on the private side, by becoming a secured party creditor, and then finally doing my freedom documents, that made me officially a sovereign.  I created a ministry during that time as well.  I decided that I answered to only one power, and that was the power of Source, otherwise predominantly referred to as “God”.  I dont see source as a Gender, however I do experience a more feminine caring presence in my world that supports and holds me infinitely in her arms.

From that point forward, when I left my house in 2008, I made a commitment to never turn back, to continue moving forward in the direction of freedom.  I would never look back at how my life once was.  

As I continued to stay present and listen, Spirit (Source) would reveal things to me, and I would follow the leads. In the summer of 2008, I was led to the Light School in Sedona, where I blasted open completely, saw myself as a Buddha with a Golden Orb around my head, just like you see in the pictures, and I activated my DNA on a whole new level.  It took me 9 months to reground back into my physical body.  Five years prior, in 2003, I had commanded the Activation of all of my DNA Strands, by myself, in a little meditation room, where I had been living.  I had gotten the message it was time.  Within a week of my activating my DNA the first time, I went under full-on attack.  I ended up in an Ex-parte hearing with the Father of my child, and the beginning of a 5-year court battle ensued.  Within that next few years, the DaVinci Code appeared, and it was clear that I had activated codes on a multi-dimensional level that were directly related to my soul, and applied to the collective.  I was grateful for this, but it continued to be an incredibly hard road.  Before this point, my life had been sorted with different levels of trauma, which I will speak to in my book, but I was able to manage, because I was under the illusion that I was in control of my life, from the perspective of “You create your reality”.  I had been attending Agape for several years at that point, a spiritual center in Los Angeles, where “The Secret” was first introduced, through the Science of Mind, and Religious Science teachings.  I was studying to be an Ordained Minister of Religious Science.  I didnt realize that there could potentially be outside influences, that would make my life seemingly hell.  When the first activation happened, it started a harrowing journey that has continued to this day, and that I am extremely grateful for, every moment.

So, I ask you… What is it, about living in this society that really makes you want to show up every day for it? What false beliefs are still operating in your consciousness?   I personally could not continue living in this societal illusion that was constructed for us, to render us slaves to a system we never chose for ourselves, as Organic Humans, and within which we are required to “pay to live”.  The cost of living in America is the most outrageous set-up I have seen to date.  At this point, I have traveled to several countries within the past year, and have not witnessed the cost of living as high as in America, anywhere else.  Cities gentrify and then it becomes impossible for most people to live comfortably, without being a slave to their job, families and the government.  The idea that the government requires us to pay their bailouts should be clue enough that we are not in control.  The thing is though, is that we are.  We have the element of choice available to us in every moment.  It never changes.  It is always present, this element of choice.  Its about looking at what our choices have been and how we choose to move forward.

We DO have a choice.  It really is a choice that we have, to make decisions based on discernment and resonance.  I have been living this way since 2008.  So like I said, when 2009 came around, and the unraveling of my life had been in full swing for about 9 months, I decided to give up my last chain that was tying me to this society.  I had been living out of my car during the summer of 2008, with my 6-year old son, having to find a place to sleep when he was with me, and sleeping in my car if I couldn’t find someone to let me stay on their couch for the night.  People would project their fears onto me, scream at me and say, “What are you going to do?!?!!”  I would calmly respond and say, “Does it look like I am afraid?”, and they would say, “Well no actually, you seem pretty calm”.  That’s because I had one thing going for me, the action of Faith.  Faith in my higher Source light energy that was providing for me, no matter what.  Private Investigators had been hired to follow me around, by the other set of parents, so that was a thing as well.  It was nervewracking at best, and I survived it.  I am here, present and available, and I did not die.  “What doesnt kill you makes you stronger”, an old adage I had learned as a tike, has kept me alive, and I am so grateful for it, because I really know what the meaning of that is.

So today, with the world as unstable as it is, with no assurance that we are not going to be bombed any moment, it is important for us to remember what we are buying into exactly, and do our best to step out of the proverbial “matrix” and into the true natural reality of Gaia, who is fully supporting us in every moment.  We can make choices for ourselves that support the collective, to support her, the earth, and all beings living on and in it.  It is in fact a choice.  We no longer need to be slaves to an outdated system that in fact, is designed to be broken.  

My friend Ben Stewart, if you haven’t heard of him, has put out some incredibly amazing documentaries about seeing the system for what it is.  I highly recommend taking a look at his website, and watching some of his films to catch up on what’s happening from his perspective.  They are definitely thought provoking, even now, when I go back and watch them, I receive so much information that I forgot, or missed the first few times I saw them.  They are that good.  His website is

At 20 years old, after going through what I now understand as a Spontaenous Kundalini Activation, and almost burning my mother’s house down, my mother said to me, “Saralise, you need to write a book about your life.” I said, “Umm…. Mom, I’m only 20 years old.”  She raised her voice, breaking through the walls of programming and penetrating straight to the core of my being, and said, “LISTEN TO ME! … YOU NEED….TO WRITE…. A BOOK…. ABOUT YOUR LIFE!!!!! AM I CLEAR?!?!”  My response was nothing short of “CRYSTAL!”…….. Silence leaped through the ethers.  She had made her point.  Little did I understand the true repercussions of her words.  To this day, she has come in very distinct moments to speak to me from the other side, she passed in 2004, and has only spoken a few times over the years, but that message rings in my mind, over and over, nagging me to complete this mountainous task.  I dont think there will ever be an ending to my life.  I just dont.  It will continue, no matter what state I arrive at.  There will always be The Saga of Saralise, and any other lifestream connected to this soul’s embodiment will experience the nature of infinite life, never-ending, always eternal in its nature.  But I digress.


Stepping out of the Matrix, filling your cup, can be an enormous decision and one that should be contemplated thoroughly.  This does not mean in any way that you step out of life, or stop participating, quite the opposite.  This means showing up, in the world, but not of it, in a whole new way, with a new set of eyes, that require you to claim your sovereign space within that said matrix.  Not an easy task, by any means, because as you know, the construct of society requires us to “Pay to Live” and continues to encourage looking outside of ourselves for our sustenance.  Do we need to go through such a tremendous experience?  Do we need to completely leave all that we know?  Only you can answer that for yourself.  What I can say is that I did it.  It doesnt mean that my life is easy, quite the opposite, but is it worth it?…..  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are the things I had to look at, in my proverbial “life”:

How much gas am I using and paying for to drive my car, when there is public transportation available to utilize? ($1000/mo in 2006/7)

How many Paper products am I using on a daily basis to sustain my habits?  (I went an entire year without using toilet paper, paper towels, 8.5×11 paper, and reducing mail)

How am I using energy? (my own, electricity, water)

Am I being responsible with my energy?

How am I in excess? (Do I have clothes that I can part with and give to someone in a shelter? For example)

Do I really need all these items in my life, or are they just clutter taking up space in my life?

How am I spending my money, am I investing in my wellbeing, or just spending frivolously, and without care?

How many times a day am I eating?  Am I consuming too much food/ too little? Am I eating properly?

Am I giving back or paying it forward in any way? (Volunteering, paying for someone’s groceries, feeding someone who is hungry, donating to worthy causes)

How am I contributing to a better reality?  (Everything from society to universal energy)

Am I investing in relationships that nurture and sustain themselves, or am I being depleted by my connections with people?

Am I spending too much time NOT taking care of myself?  And too much time focusing on others rather than my wellbeing?

Am I maintaining a peaceful state of being, or am I finding myself in a constant state of emotional crisis… consistently?

Am I willing to look at my issues/imbalances and integrate them? (childhood trauma, current relations, etc)
These are just a few examples, the list goes on and on.  I came to a place where I was willing to ask myself any question that needed to be asked.  I was willing to look at myself on all levels, and to see where I was denying life.  There were a lot of places where I was really holding on and contracting, rather than just allowing my life to move.  Life has a tendency to keep going, so you either get in the boat going downstream, or you miss the boat altogether, or you swim upstream, until you are so exhausted that life nudges you to pay attention.  There is an easier, softer way, and that is to LISTEN TO LIFE.

No politician, or self-proclaimed “authority” will ever be able to take that away from us as organic humans.  We are their battery.  If we stop feeding the system that has been operating, it will eventually collapse, and all their sources of food with it.  The powers that designed this system will no longer have a feeding mechanism and will be forced to either leave or change.  It is already happening.  My most recent escapades to Peru, are proof of that, which I will post in my Captain’s Log.

Listen to Life, it has something for you…..❀️

Blessings and Love,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May All Beings be Free from Suffering


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Perspectives ~ Suicide or Sabotage? ;… Can you wait, through the proverbial timespan it takes to breathe out?

I was going to write my captain’s log, of my most recent travels, but here I am, witnessing death, again, just a few short weeks after my father has left us.  It is 1;11, as I sit here, pondering life.  One of the great advocates for the Feminine has left us.  I dont even know what to say.  She could have been saved.  She could have saved herself, but alas, her pain was too great.

When I hear about suicide, and knowing my own battle with those abhorrent voices, I know that something has sabotaged this life.  I no longer look at life in the same way, when I have those influences around me.  I lose all sense of light.  Its like the absense of light, is so overwhelming and strong, that it blocks out any possible solution to the pain, and leaves a state of nothingness.  No-thing-ness.  

Pain is part of being alive, pain is part of being human.  In these bodies, we get to feel, we get to experience all that is happening on all levels of reality.  Sometimes it is too much.  Sometimes, it makes people feel that they cannot go on, that there is just no hope that it will ever change.  This just happened to a dear sister of light, who impacted the world on so many levels.  My respect and compassion for her runs deep.  She took her own life.  She said she was done, but was she?  Her close friends tried to implore her to stay, to soothe her, to make it through the pain, to the other side, but alas, she could not.  

What do we do then, when someone reaches out for help, and talks of ending their existence?  Do we sit back and let them be in their pain? Or do we work to assist them in seeing that it is not actually truth, that it is an illusion, that could in fact be placed in their reality, by something other, by an outside interdimensional influence, that does not have their best interests at heart.  These dark forces will do anything to harvest energy, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want, and even moreso, to stop those bright shiny lights from impacting the world.  My dear friend battled against these forces every day, as I have.  The difference is, I have found peace within the knowing that these forces are outside of me.  Some people never discover this.  They think that they are the ones causing and creating the pain.  This is simply not true. 

Our natural state of wellbeing is bliss.  There is nothing else.  In our purest, most relaxed state, bliss happens, it takes over, and it resonates and ruminates in every subatomic layer of our being.  This is our truth, as humans in form.  The structure of humanity however, in its inorganic state, is a state of chaos, of static, of disorienting pain, and suffering, caused by outside forces, outside of our 3rd dimension.  The empathic nature of our reality has gotten to a point of absolute and utter exascerbation.   There is no turning back.  The level of sensitivity we have now, as humans, living on this planet, has surpassed even the highest state of sensory overload.  We are being MAXED OUT, on purpose.  Did you read that?  ON PURPOSE.  It’s called energy harvesting, and I must now speak to it.  IT is NOT OKAY, and IT MUST STOP!!!!!!  

I, for one, have been sharing this concept for years, as soon as I discovered what was happening in my own reality, I started to speak to it immediately.  No one wanted to hear what I had to say about it, and they still dont, they want to own their pain, they want to believe that the utter NEW AGE Mind Control lie of “You create your reality” is true, and that nothing else can happen in that regard.  So here is my question to you:  WHY?  Why would we create this reality?  Why would we create a life of pain and suffering?  The answer is this:  WE WOULDNT!  Organic Humanity does not create pain, and suffering, its creates LOVE!

So then tell me, where is this coming from?  Where is this pain and suffering that is being inflicted upon the human race coming from?  Is it from Organic Humans?  I think NOT, I KNOW NOT.  In my experience, I have witnessed some of the most brutal acts upon humanity, through what appears to be humans, only to find out and witness that there is an “upper hand”, and influence outside of the normal thinking process, that is controlling someone who would harm another.  This is not a joke people, this is real, and we are ALL dealing with it.  No one is excluded from it.  If you live on Planet Earth, then you are privy to this experience, which means what?  It means, that we, as organic humans, MUST NOW TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what has been created, if it is going to change.  

We didnt need to lose someone with such light and such an impact on humanity for me to write this blog post, but this is what has sparked me to speak.  And so I must.

I have kept my mouth shut about a lot of things, for a long time, period.  I have, out of respect for my family, decided not to share my story.  At least for now.  

Now that my father has passed, I find myself desiring to share the truth of my world, of my past, but now is not the time, I must wait, be patient, in the concept of time, until the Divine Moment flows forth to tell my story.  I am patient.  That is one attribute I have learned, over the concept of time, and living in this body.  All I have is “time”, because it doesnt actually exist.  There is no rush.

So…..just for today, can you, as a human being, not a human doing, make a commitment to yourself, to stay here, to stay present, to reality, and take full responsibility for your livestream, and what you have created in your reality, or not created, but what is present?  Can you do that?  Can you stay with us, just a little while longer?  I beg of you, please stay. πŸ™πŸ»

In love,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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Captain’s Log ~ Coming Home to Avalon

Coming Home to Avalon

Glastonbury, England

The Majick Here is Palpable.

Here, in the Isle of Avalon, do not be surprised to run into a few Merlins, a few Ladies of the Lake, and Priestesses of the Goddess. It seems that almost everyone here is “speaking the language”. There is not a moment that has gone by so far that I don’t feel right at home. However, I have had moments lately of feeling like I am in a different timeline, and that I have jumped 80,000 light years into the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and am living on a parallel earth. Don’t ask me why I think this, but I do. My scar on my right foot has disappeared into thin air, among other things. I haven’t been able to get in touch with my son for almost a month, since I noticed the timeline shift. It is a bit worrisome. I am sure I will eventually get in touch with him, but for now, it has been disconcerting at best.

Since I have been in Europe and the UK, it’s been full-on. I have gone through so many changes, and yet, I feel more at home here in this area of the world, than I ever did in the states. It is quite noticeable also the way I am not being as targeted as I was in the US. I have noticed a considerable difference. This could be from the timeline shift, or it could be that I am “out of reach” so to speak, and my focus has become more global rather than informing US citizens of the state of affairs. I will say however, I have continued to walk my talk, and have continued posting things that I feel are of massive importance to world affairs. For one, I can see, after being in another country, looking back, and hearing other people’s opinions of the United States and its citizens, that we are one of the most disrespected countries in the world, for good reason. In most of Europe, if they heard my accent, they would immediately change their tune and begin to treat me differently, as if I was a “stupid American”, it was quite hilarious. I decided to treat them with respect and energetically and verbally let them know that most Americans are not stupid whatsoever, but rather under mind control, and that I had a lot of compassion for what is happening there, even if I choose not to be there. At least for now. 
Quite frankly, I do not see how I can return to the United States, in the state of affairs that it is in. I have absolutely no desire to be there, not one bit. My son lives there however, so if I need to come back, I will, but for now, no bueno. I am starting to feel like an ex-Pat, after only two months. Its like I got out of the “matrix” of the US and can feel that there is a whole world out here that sees things very differently than us, and for that I am deeply grateful. And Gaia is my home, after all.
As for Avalon, she has welcomed me home. It is a place I can rest, where I can just be me. I haven’t had to try and figure out which language to speak, or how to communicate, how to find my way around, I can just be here, in this familiar place, and re-member all that I once knew, that I have taken for granted.
I have received so many downloads here, have activated the Albion codes within the land once more, and have decided that I could potentially live here. We shall see if that is what Spirit is calling forth. I have yet to visit a few key places on the map of the trajectory, and so we shall see how that plays itself out. There are many shifts and changes still to come.
For now, I have a few treats for you, some videos to watch for your activation and viewing pleasure!

Fall Equinox Transmissions – Part 1 & 2 – St Nectan’s Glen and Merlin’s Cave, Tintagel – King’s Arthur’s Castle – Part 1 – Part 2

Glastonbury Tor Transmissions & Singing in the White Spring

If you feel to donate to the Global Pilgrimage, and can donate whatever you feel seems appropriate for the energy exchange of receiving these downloads, go ahead and donate via “family and friends” on paypal to the following email address:
Many Blissful Blessings your way!