Meet Saralise

Saralise is a Super Genome Stargate!

She is known throughout the Transformational Festival Circuit for her Signature Ceremonies, such as her “DNA Source Code Activation” Ceremony, “Into the Void” Ceremony, and her “Primal Fire” Womb/Hara Cleansing Ceremony, among many others.

In the past several years, since 2012, Saralise has been traveling the world, on a Global Pilgrimage, activating and repairing the planetary Star Gates, Portals, Vortices, and Grids, bringing all these elements into alignment, and establishing the Magnetic Light Grid of the New Earth.

Most recently, this past summer, 2018, Saralise activated all the Temples of the Nile in Egypt as well as the Stargate in the Great Pyramid of Giza.  She then traveled to Bosnia, where she activated the Core Generator Pyramid Complex of the Planet, at the Pyramid of the Sun, in Visoko, at the Bosnian Pyramids.


When  I was a young child, at the age of 4 years old, I was visited by Higher Celestial Councils of Light and given visions and messages about the Magnificent World to Come.  As a young child, I would touch people and their chronic illnesses would leave them.  This was prior to the age of 4 years old.

Directly after my intimate experience with my Source Council counterparts, I decided to share my experience with my parents, who made it implicitly clear that I was not to speak of such things, as it was not appropriate or in alignment with my father’s beliefs, or so I thought at the time…  I decided to tighten my lip, so to speak, so as to not put myself in deeper risk, for there was a bit of a scare that day.  I continued to use my abilities privately and discovered many things about my environment through that process.

On some level though,  I needed to shut down to survive.  This obviously did not feel good, and so I continued to do my best to keep my senses alive through different forms of dance and other practices.  My mother took me to a yoga class at the age of 7 and I learned how to sit quietly and meditate.  This was and IS, to this day, my saving grace.  Without the ability to find solitude, I believe I would have lost my mind!  I now spend my days without the need to “think” and keep a clear channel, so that access to the higher realms and original thought forms are effortless and frequent.

My passion for Peace and the expansion of my own Spiritual nature has evolved into the Legion of Light Global Ministries, and the Priestess Portal Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage, as well as The Sacred Village Project:  Designing and Co-Creating Sacred Cities of Light on Mother Gaia.

I have previously owned & currently operate several Highly Successful Companies & Projects:

  • The Legion of Light Global Ministries
  • 2020 – Language of Light Conference 
  • Modern Magi Mystery School
  • Jewels of the Jedi Online Course
  • Full Spectrum Source Session Practitioner Training
  • Ongoing – The Priestess Portal Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage
  • 2012 – The Portland Priestess Portal
  • 2009-Present – The Sacred Village Project
  • 1996-2009 – The Spirit of Zen, Inc. Feng Shui, Vaastu & Interior Design Firm
  • 1992-Present – Thunder Moon & Krystal Mermaid Jewelry Collections
  • 2008 – Urban Garden Loft Gallery – Downtown LA
  • 1999-2008 – Nitting Frenzi High-End Custom Knitwear
  • 1998-2000 – The Zen Den Healing Center – West Hollywood.

The reward for me comes when I see the internal and external shift that takes place within my clients and friends, and can really see the difference I have made in their lives and energetically in the world. Above all, my main focus has always been to be of service utilizing my unique talents, helping people grow and expand their consciousness.

Everything that I have studied or done in this life, all my jobs, my career and all my activities over the years have been a cumulative experience to bring me to this point in time, and this point in our collective history, of which I personally feel I play a significant role, as a member of the Universal Star Gate Templar Security Team for Gaia at this time.  I believe that the Human Race is going through the most profound shift ever known in the History of this Universe.  Within each individual, are specific codes, within our DNA, and when activated (or “turned on”), we have the ability to change our physical reality to that which we desire to create, for ourselves and for the human collective, as well as for the benefit of all beings.  With our activated DNA, we AND our Galactic Brothers and Sisters have the ability to come together and unite for the benefit of all.  It is NOW time for us to step into our fullest expression and hold to our Sacred Covenant that we all agreed upon so long ago.  As Gaia transforms and becomes more of her natural embodiment, so shall we too experience this incredible transformation.


Current Embodiment

Creator – Language of Light Conference

Facilitator ~ Priestess Portal Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage

Facilitation of Global Awakening through the application of Living Light Ascension Technology in certain locations around the Globe, activating Dormant Vortices, clearing Reversal Grids, Mastering the Light Body and Full Embodiment in the Form of the Priestess Portal Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage currently in progress.

High Priestess ~ The Priestess Portal

Facilitation of Global Awakening through the application of Ascension Technology, Mastery of the Light Body and Full Embodiment in the Form of the Portland Priestess Portal Ascension Integration Training Program.

Founder and Executive Director ~ Legion of Light Global Ministries
Locale: Global

Designing our Collective Future.  Coming together to Co-create Substantial Eco-Sustainable Societies for Personal and Global Evolutionary Awareness.   We have created a Global Visionary Council that works together for the Benefit of All Beings.  If you are interested in being a part of this Global Visionary Collective, please send an email entitled “Global Visionary Council” to for more information and schedule of weekly conference meetings.

Creator ~ The Sacred Village Project
Locale: Global

“The Sacred Village Project”, a Long-Term Gaian Wellness Activation Network of Metropolitan Eco-Cities developed globally will be holding space for retreats and workshops, including Living Foods, Sustainable Design, Permaculture, Visionary Art Parties & Gallery Openings, Light Activation Ceremonies, Alternative Healing and New Youth Education.  If interested in hearing more about this Amazing Endeavor and how you can be a part of it, send an email to: with the Subject Line “Sacred Village Project” , or visit our Facebook Group “Sacred Village” for further details and information.

A Message from Saralise:

I chose to incarnate on this occasion to be of absolute service to humanity.  I have often been referred to as a Catalyst, and a Spiritual Broadcast Station, spreading love and joy wherever I go.  I am not afraid to go deep within Spirit to assist in answering deep questions, as we are all One.  My intention is to be available with your Angelic Team and Spirit Guides and Record Keepers of your Soul to bring you to a place of wholeness, enlightenment and full embodiment.  Your Guides and Teachers may not always give you the answer that you are looking for, but you will know that it is of Divine Truth, and coming from an Authentic Safe Place.

Together, with your Akashic & Angelic Team, we will work towards wholeness and living a life of harmony and balance.  In Walking the Path with you, I have the ability to receive Akashic records as well as bringing additional incarnations and subtle energies, thought patterns and core hidden beliefs to light that might be of assistance to you.  We will assist you in finding a form of spiritual empowerment that works for you.  Together, as Alchemists, we can turn Divine Light into Practical Pure Gold in your life to Enhance and Align all of your Decisions and Actions for the Highest Good.

Please see Work With Saralise for Services Available

Sacred Shamangelic High Priestess of Light
Global Visionary Leader
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine
Akashic Records Reading Facilitator
Crystal Healing Practitioner
Channel for Lady Nada Lineage of the Divine Feminine Principle
High Priestess of the Portland Priestess Portal
Creator of the Sacred Village Project
Founder & Executive Director of the Legion of Light Global Ministries
Co-Facilitator of the Legion of Light Global Visionary Council
Member of the Akashic World Council
Usui Reiki Master & Level II Tanran Reiki Practitioner
Level II Akashic Records Reading Facilitator (ARCI)

Radiant Blessings Bestowed Upon You Dear One~

Rev Dr Saralise Shekinah Sophia


6 comments on “Meet Saralise

  1. I’m not sure if you remember or not but i met you at the mind body spirirt expo last year and talked for a little bit. I said i might contact you at a later date. I just got your email so i thought why not.


  2. Hi Rev. Dr. Saralise,

    I met you on 10/10/10 in downtown Los Angeles. If it was not this Exact date , it may have been somewhere near there. I was intrigued by your words for me and corresponded with you via email a couple of times after that. You revealed to me who you are and who you have been and I must say I was a bit frightened back then.

    I’m reaching out now because I am feeling an urge to reach out to someone for help. I know there are forces trying to keep us in the cycle that we spoke of that day. They are trying to stop us from ascending to the higher vibration we spoke about. We stepped onto the WALT DISNEY THEATRE or whatever it’s called that day and held hands and you let me know about the light after the 3rd dimension. That everything is LIGHT. IT was amazing! I just wanted to reach out , thank you, and see if you remember that day 6 years ago.

    I’m somewhat of a wounded soldier right now and need to be clensed. What can I do?


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