Modern Magi Mystery School

A13-week Intensive Immersion
The Portal Opens November 11th, 2017


Modern Magi Mystery School

Jedi / Priest(ess) / Magi 13-week Online Intensive Immersion
November 11th, 2017 – February 2, 2018


Just as in Ancient Traditions, this Mystery School follows the protocol of passing information down orally and honoring your own ancient wisdom that will reveal itself through energetic emanation, transmission and demonstration.  
This training is not for the faint of heart.  This Intensive Immersion is for souls that are serious about their spiritual growth and their sacred mission as administrators of the New Earth Grid and Gaian Priests.  Please check in with your highest guidance to make sure this is for you.  This Intensive is an experiential process-oriented immersion, so we will be integrating huge untapped aspects of ourselves.  This training is forever life-changing. 
You will never be the same.  You will not be able to go back to who you have been in this life, however by retrieving ancient aspects of your Self, you will be fully integrated and ready to pursue your Divine Sacred Mission on this planet.  This 13 – week Intensive Immersion will include processes diving deep into the Subconscious Sphere of your reality and plucking out anything that does not align with your highest truth as well as accessing your Ancient Wisdom through Soul Retrieval as well as activating your Sources Codes in your DNA.  These processes again are life-changing and you will be entering a world of magic never before experienced, or only dreamed of.  Its not all wildflowers and butterflies.  You will be asked to face your darkest demons and take your power back from what you thought was your life, only to find that your true life is waiting for you, through the veil.  Your Sacred Mission will come into focus through this process, as more is revealed during these ceremonies.  We will learn practical tools for Energetic Responsibility and how to sustain your life force while living in a 3rd & 5th-Dimensional Reality.  Being in the world but not of it, will come into your focus, as you realize your true destiny and the power that you hold as a Divine Being living in Human Form.   
If you are ready to dive in head-first into the depths of your power and access the Source of your being, then this is the training for you!  As we linger back through the veils of time, we will discover the deepest aspects of ourselves and retrieve that which has been hidden from our waking consciousness.  We will be activating and retrieving aspects of our soul and DNA that have been hidden and tucked away for safekeeping.  
NOW is the time to RECLAIM our power and DESCEND into our full embodiment and PERFORM our mission, the agreement that we each individually and collectively came to fulfill!    JOIN ME on this exquisite journey and reveal the truth of who you are!


_/\_ Namaste!

Registration has been extended through September 23rd, 2017!  

Space is  very limited!

Be sure to Reserve your Spot & Sign up Today!


Facilitated Offerings by Saralise:

  • Into the Void Ceremonies

    These ceremonies drop into the depths of the void, the subconscious, to retrieve and pull out any subconscious programming that may be preventing us from moving forward in our Divine Mission. We reach deep into the depths of our being to look at what has caused suffering in our own lives and in the lives of the collective.

    This is a ceremony, not just for our personal embodiment, but for acting on the behalf of the collective of humanity, to dismantle subconscious programs that might be influencing our collective dream. Raven, as the holder of this wisdom, witnessed the Universe being created and has a responsibility to Spirit as a Truthsayer, breaking through the illusions of collective memes of consciousness.

    We will dismantle ancestral miasms (patterns within our DNA inherited through our genes), and dig into the Subconscious Sphere to look at all the deep unconscious programs that run our daily lives, and clear any and all negative influences potentially controlling our unconscious minds, and reprogram our lives for success in all areas.

  • DNA Source Code Activation

    Deepening into our core essence, lingering back through the veils of time, past the extension of all of our current & previous embodiments, back to the Source Seed located in the Cosmic Ocean of Light, we find our Original Divine Blueprint of Creation, our Soul Spark. From this vantage point, we command the activation of our Source Codes, and activate the source seed to come into full embodiment at this time. Then we go through the process of healing the masculine / feminine imbalances, core wounds of the heart, re-integrating and anointing ourselves to seal in the activation. This activation is for those ready to step into their full embodiment.

  • Energetic Responsibility
    and Self-Sustainability

    This is where we get to explore with each other how to practically apply a checklist of self-sustainability, discuss the process of energetic responsibility, what that looks like through exercises such as Ho’o’pono’pono, self-forgiveness work and many other energetic practices, and how this affects our daily lives.  Practical Solutions will be given wherever possible and we will work together as a collective to come up with solutions that we can apply in our daily lives for the benefit of all those traveling this path together. This is a very individual process and so lots of questions might come up.

    We will explore all possibilities, as well as find ways to implement what we have learned and integrate this knowledge into our daily flow. Different exercises will be utilized depending on what comes up during this process. Through examining our own personal realities, we can find core trends that apply to everyone. We will then apply the wisdom of self-sustainability to this process to find the answers we most often look for in our daily lives, assisting us in moving forward seamlessly.

  • The Amrita Movement and Daily Practices

    This is where we get to explore with each other deeper rituals and how to practically apply daily practices and ritual that serve our highest good.  This is a very sacred personal process and so lots of questions might come up in this process as well.

    This exquisite time together is about forgiveness of our mistakes or shortcomings, accepting that we are simply learning how to be authentic, and releasing those things that keep us in the shadows.

    We are here to come into full embodiment during this time on planet Earth (Gaia) and fulfill our Divine Mission as Magi/Jedi/Priests that came here to make a difference and recreate the Earth in a Sustainable Regenerative way with Light Codes, Intention and Prayer, building Regenerative Biotopic Sacred Cities of Light around Gaia.  We will be exploring the Blood Mysteries during these ceremonies.  In these evenings there is holding of space for our inner selves to come out and be free. Join us in creating a wonderful rite of passage.

    Together, by moving from the Intellect (Brain) to Heart-centered Wisdom, we embrace that which no longer serves us, and come into our full power as the Divine Humans that we are!

  • Sacred Marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

We will all meet initially in the First Ceremony to come together as individuals and a collective to open the portal and hold space for each individual participating in the Mystery School.  As the Ceremonies proceed, will be in weekly ceremonies to allow for the sacred container to be held in grace and emotional safety.  This will allow each individual to have the opportunity to dive deep into their vulnerability without having to think about what others are thinking or being distracted by the process happening with other individuals within the sphere of our reality in this Mystery School.  As we wrap up the Ceremonies, we will again rejoin as a collective and support the process of Alchemical Marriage between the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects of ourselves.  We will hold space for the merging of these codes through the process of anointing the feet with Sacred Spikenard Oil, used during the time of Magdalene and Jeshua.

  • Everyday Jedi

    This is where we go out into the world together, and perform ceremony on land that is calling to be aligned and re-established within the sacred womb of Gaia.  We will visit certain vortexes and perform ritual to clear and re-align reversal grids and work with the energetic grid and leylines of the planet to bring these gridpoints back into true alignment with their original Divine Blueprint for the benefit of all beings.  This activity will then continue as we move around the world on the Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage, now underway.

  • Final Ceremony

    We will be offering a Final Ceremony around Imbolc, 2018.   This is where the rubber meets the road, where boys become men.  We will be utilizing our active DNA Codes to activate portals and vortexs in this area for the benefit of all beings everywhere. We would so appreciate the whole collective coming together for this event.  Others may be included in this final Ceremony to benefit the collective.


Modern Magi Mystery School Tuition

  • Tuition for this 13-week Intensive Immersion paid in full is $888.00.
  • 3-payment Tuition option is $1,111.00, with last payment due by Final Ceremony on Imbolc, 2018.
  • Tuition includes all 13 weeks of Intensive Immersion as well as Two 45-minute Sessions with Saralise to support your process. (valued at $333 per session)
  • A Non-Refundable Deposit of $333 for 13-week Intensive Immersion has been extended and is due by October 10, 2017. Tuition must be paid in full by November 11, 2017,  unless choosing the 3-payment option.
  • For 3-payment Options, please email Saralise to discuss payment schedule, once Initial Deposit of $333 has been made.
  • Please click on the How to Register Page link below for details on how to Register for this exclusive 13-week Intensive Immersion beginning November 11th, 2017.


If you have any questions regarding Tuition or the Mystery School itself, please do not hesitate to contact me at the link below.

How to Register | Contact Saralise


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