2012 Kauai Coalescent Contributors

Kauai Winter Solstice Journey

December 13th ~ 24th, 2012

A Rainbow Lightbody Activation Portal

Retreat Facilitators

Rev Dr Saralise Azrael

Rev Dr Saralise Azrael is an Evolutionary Pioneer, Doctor of Vibrational Medicine, and Creator of the Portland Priest(ess) Portal Ascension Integration and Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage.  As a Priestess of Potential, she facilitates Ascension & Sacred Union Retreats, supporting individuals and the collective in their process of Divine Union, Ascension and becoming Multi-Dimensional Humans.  Using a heart-centered approach, along with Earth’s Integral Evolutionary Changes and her own Spherical Consciousness, she creates a Sacred Space of Safety for Personal Process that is unparalleled.  Saralise has always been involved in Sacred Healing Practices throughout her life and has owned several successful companies including The Legion of Light Global Ministries, The Sacred Village Project and The Spirit of Zen, Inc.  Saralise has studied & facilitated Mastery of the Light Body, as well as Vibrational Medicine, The Keys of Enoch Ascension Technology, Religious Science, Philosophy, Architecture, Interior Design, Feng Shui, Yoga and Meditation, bringing her a well-rounded perspective on human behavior and the evolution of consciousness.  Her passion for peace and harmonic resonance has led her to facilitate Ascension Integration Trainings and the 2013 Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage, beginning in Kauai and continuing through Fall Equinox 2013, bringing conscious awareness and full embodiment to the world at large and creating an open space for the shift in consciousness that is transpiring on this planet. www.linkedin.com/in/revsaralise

Niema Lightseed

Niema Lightseed is a luscious Yoga teacher, mythic poet, performance artist, and priestess dedicated to illuminating the relationship between our beautiful bodies, our creativity, and our world. A trained theatre artist originally from Chicago, Niema brings an appreciation of art and storytelling to her current life as a teacher. In addition to Buddhist and Tantric philosophy, she has also long studied the work of Joseph Campbell that elucidates the “hero’s journey”, the monomyth model that rests at the heart of most cultural mythologies. She blends these frameworks with an understanding of natural magic and cycles and the rhythms  and wisdom of the human body, all colored by her passion for ecstatic poetry and the eternal quest for the Beloved. Niema is also a Kirtan and jazz singer, Reiki and intuitive bodywork practitioner, ritualist, Sacred Journeys tour leader, and beautifier. www.niemalightseed.com

Guest Facilitators & Speakers

Amoraea Dreamseed

Amoraea Dreamseed, Co-founder of The Light School, Visionary & Soul Awareness Facilitator, Sacred Ceremonialist, Spiritual Artist, Musician, Author, and Lightbody Activator, Amoraea utilizes multiple mediums to express and transmit the Spiritual Reality of Consciousness and has created various ceremonies, spiritual images, sound holograms, activation seminars, and healing chambers as access points for others to Awaken From Within. He has been facilitating transformational experiences for over 10 years throughout the United States. His personal shamanic awakenings, inner initiations from Cosmic Master Teachers and the Direct Ground of Being have opened his channels to create a unique synthesis of activation and embodiment practices.  Each of Amoraea’s group ceremonies and seminars are an exploration and embodiment of our highest, exalted potential and the conscious transformation of our Species. Lightbody breathwork, guided meditation journeys, soul awareness training, sound vibrational healing with didjeridoo and crystal singing bowls, shamanic trance dance and sacred movement, are just some of the tools Amoraea offers in his events, ranging from intimate evening ceremonies to 5-day intensive trainings.

Amoraea’s Visionary Art images are designed specifically as maps and diagrams of our soul anatomy and inner spiritual landscapes. These ‘Ensouled’ images are intended for interactive holographic engagement with your own Higher Self. Like his teachings, all paintings are inspirationally sourced from direct experiences during his own conscious navigation through various domains of consciousness.  Each of Amoraea’s CD’s are crafted as sonic templates for soul journeys, higher consciousness activation, and deep meditation and are the musical translation of his art themes. As virtual soundtracks for Ascension, this music is also perfect for massage/healing sessions, ritual/ceremony, yoga, tantra, and dreamtime journeys. Currently Amoraea has 5 CDs, 2 of which are exclusively packaged with the Hemi-Sync company’s special brainwave frequencies derived from Dr. Robert Monroe’s 40 years of research on brainstates (Hemi-Sync.com).

Amoraea is a UC Davis graduate in Transpersonal Psychology and Religious Studies, a Reiki Master, and a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner. He has received intensive trainings in Full Sensory Perception, psychic reading / healing, activating Soul awareness states, clearing of the KA body, ‘Living from Vision’ and Tantra of the Soul. Further self-studies in quantum dynamics, sacred geometry, various forms of yoga, meditation, advanced breath techniques and ancient sciences complete his comprehensive wisdom and application of awakening of the ‘Divine Human Blueprint.’  www.divine-blueprint.com

Kara Bernarda

Kara Bernarda, M.A., is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and an Institute of HeartMath Resilient Educator trainer and product reseller. She integrates her studies in psychology, physics and principles of unification, spiritual philosophy, neurocardiology, and the design of the human nervous system and offers an understanding of the function of consciousness and our processes of emotional meaning-making, emphasizing the heart as our central navigating device, within the context of a holistic cosmology based on the feedback/feedforward wheelworks of nature.
Kara Bernarda presents: I Know It By Heart: A Glimpse into the Science and Spirituality of Love Combined with the science of water and ancient wisdom of the mystics, this presentation integrates current research on the intelligence of the heart from the Institute of HeartMath with key concepts and implications from the Unified Field theory of Nassim Haramein and the functioning of the proprioceptive sense of the human nervous system.  Focus will be on practical applications for coping with stress, increasing intuition and creativity, and enhancing nervous system coherence through positive emotional perception with the Institute of HeartMath’s biofeedback technology.  With a hobby of memorizing the poetry of the Sufi mystic, Hafiz, these heart-opening poems intertwine with the science to inspire the full scope of living this moral message of absolute interconnectivity.

Violet MoonRain

Violet MoonRain Beloved Owl Wings Crop
Violet MoonRain McBride completed her studies in Psychology and Public Policy at Tufts University in 2003, and went on to work in alternative media and study energetic bodywork.  At the age of 24 she received a powerful spiritual awakening and was soon led into her formal apprenticeship in Shamanic Healing with Lenore Norrgard and the Circle of the Living Earth.  From there, Violet was brought to Kauai where she was called to live in the remote jungle of the Kalalau Valley for four months, remembering the ways of the Earth.  It was here that she entered into deep mystical layers of spiritual initiations that would continue to become more profound in the years to follow, with intensive work with plant spirit medicines as her shamanic healing and guidance work unfolded.
In 2010 Violet returned from a pilgrimage to Ireland to serve as a founding member and Priestess of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, and in recent years has focused her shamanic work on collective planetary healing – founding The Global Peace Convergence and World Heal, and leading ceremonies at Red Lightning at Burning Man 2012 and the Beloved Festival.  She is now fusing her shamanic healing background with her work in Evolutionary Astrology.

Ashia Joanna Arc

Ashia Elf

Ashia Joanna Arc  is an exquisite multi-faceted Multi-dimensional Human and Priestess who facilitates vast openings of consciousness and assists in the energetic changes happening on Planet Earth at this time.  She offers a well-rounded perspective and grounded approach to Ascension with her offerings of Meditation and Visualization.  She reminds us that we are all capable of reaching new heights and creates a safe space in which to explore and create new levels of awareness in our consciousness.  Living as if she were a character in a mystical, sensual adventure story that pushes all edges of possibility, Joanna Arc, Ph.D., blazes a path as a visionary, a writer, a deep ecologist, a healer, an intuitive, a fire and water dancer. Living a sacred life, seeing ceremony everywhere, she supports the awakening of a large tribe. Her childhood exposed her deeply to the cultures of Europe, Africa and the United States, leaving her unbound by the constructs of any one society, free to birth a field of unity, love, and utopia for the next cultural evolution of all beings. Her life’s work ignites Divine Codes, while connecting people to the natural world and to one another.  Fascinated by patterns, her professional research has explored the monitoring of aquatic systems and analysis of change in environmental attitudes, knowledge and behaviors. After integrating interpersonal and community development within the field of environmental protection during 15 years in academia and government, Joanna launched into a fulltime engagement of her inner calling and spiritual gifts. Using a variety of modalities, with an emphasis on the shamanic, galactic, and the ancient Dakini tradition, she guides people into remembering who they truly are. She specializes in supporting doctors, academics and visionaries in their reawakening of telepathy, channeling, and galactic gateway openings.  Integrating from a variety of dimensional constructs, she easily multi-tasks her way through a rolling field of miraculous bliss, co-creation and anchoring of the impossible as the new normal.  
Ashia’s Motto:  “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. AWAKEN!”

Musical Inspiration

DJ Kyahnasun

Healers and Massage Therapists 


 Tonya Marie “Sunshine”

Tonya Marie “Sunshine” is a natural empath and intuitive with extensive training in energy work, shamanic healing, movement therapy, nutrition and detoxification. A Reiki Master and ordained minister, she has a deep understanding of the human energy systems and practices to harmonize the entire rainbow body. In addition to Reiki, she moves energy according to your highest self’s directives, listening deeply to the wisdom of your soul, heart, and body. Trained and initiated by the Q’ero, indigenous elders of the high Andes and the lineage of the Inca priesthood, she is considered a 4th level Inca priestess in heart and spirit with an unwavering dedication to service and the ascension of humanity.  Tonya’s sessions are as unique as the individual and can include any of the following: nutritional consultation, face reading, crystal healing, chakra clearing and balancing, removal of any unwanted energies or entities, deep listening, Munay Ki, suggestions for movement and self-care, Reiki, and shamanic ceremony. She loves the outdoors, dancing, celebrating, witnessing the beauty of life & returning to joy in each moment. A dancing shaman, she is a teacher, healer, guide, mentor & friend to any & all who choose to walk a healing path.  www.tonyamariesunshine.webs.com

Tangelina D’aviatress

Tangelina D’viatress is classically trained in the healing arts and the human condition for the last 22yrs. Her greatest desire is to inspire the heart and witness change from within into the world around her in playful abandon. She’s an ordained Priestess of the Zheng Yi Daoist Sect and is a student at the Temple of the Celestial Cloud in Monterey, CA where she has studied for the last 3+yrs. Tangelina lives in Santa Cruz, CA where she works as a Massage Therapist and Daoist Alchemist out of her business, “Immortal Falcon Therapy”.  Tangelina is a life long student of the human condition with a deep desire to serve with a compassionate heart.  Tangelina’s Healing Modalities include Medical Qigong, Polarity, Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Myofacial, and Intuitive Massage.  Sessions are tailored for each person’s specific needs. Her healings are beneficial for regulating emotions, organ function, & metabolic processes.

Asheeliyah Inshallah

Asheeliyah Inshallah is a Certified LMT, RYT, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and Ordained Minister. She received her massage training through Healing Mountain Massage School in Salt Lake City, Utah. At Healing Mountain she trained in Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Swedish, and Lomi Lomi. Currently, she is training with the Milne Institute in Cranial Sacral Therapy. Natural born empath and visionary, Asheeliyah is constantly complimented on her gifted touch, which is nurturing, deeply intuitive, and full of breath. She has been told several times by clients that she has laser fingers that seem to draw pain out of the body. She has been invited to provide her services at festivals such as South By South West, Sun Dance Music Festival, and Building Man Festival. Asheeliyah focusses her work on creating a comfortable space for creative expression. Her work is deeply energetic and supportive for the bodies unwinding.  Asheeliyah earned her 500 hr yoga instruction and 300 hr yoga therapy certification through Dana Baptiste’s Connect/Resonate Teacher Training. She has taught and volunteered with various studios and community outreach programs including business institutions, refugee programs, drug and alcohol recovery, and cancer treatment, all of which are located in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley.  Asheeliyah has a keen ability to read the energy of her classes. Her intention is to create a light and inviting space for her students to explore the depths of their psyche with the knowing that they are totally and completely supported.  She whole-heartedly believes that by providing this safe container, practitioners will ease-fully develop a much greater sense of Zero Point, in that the physical structure may naturally realign itself. Her passions for nature, adventure, music and laughter bring forth a refreshing experience for anyone who considers themselves to be a student of life.

Retreat Angels!!!

Tonya Marie “Sunshine”

bio pic

Asheeliyah Inshallah

Considering myself to be a Jedi Priestess, bridge maker, and shapeshifter, beneath the surface there is a deep yearning for connection with a community of tribe, a familythat can hold and create space for the unfoldment of my gifts as a healer, teacher,performing artist, and visionary. In this community I desire to serve in whichever way,shape, form, or non form my truest essence will provide. Every fiber of my being feelscalled to serve in the Portland Priest(ess) Portal Ascension Integration in Kauai. TheKalalau valley is a very sacred place and has initiated me on this path of remembering.For this I am eternally grateful and honored to partake in this Solstice CeremonialRetreat. I will be assisting in multiple areas including raw food prep, massage, energywork, and yoga instruction. The river of my divine flow is moving swiftly now, the mosteaseful decisions for me are to ride this current with curiosity and gratitude. There is noseparation in this lucid dream reality only undertows of collective energetic exchange.

 Amelia Veritae

Reading the goals and missions of The Portland Priest(ess) Portal Ascension Integration caused my heart to open even more, and I feel the need to put my feet in the proper place, the proper path to honor the changing time of This Earth and its inhabitants. I would be honored and humbled to be led by my own guides and assisted by other Priest(esses)s, and assist them in any way possible. I feel at this stage in my personal development it is the time to clear all past contracts that do not serve well, and help others Remember through lovingkindness that separation is an illusion, and to nourish those that need help healing, clearing blocks/brambles on their/my own understanding of true union. I have drawn out a contract to be a vessel of divine and infinite love, by honoring, addressing, nourishing and healing any fears or distortions in “me” and those in “you” so we can make it through this clearly and together and continue on our journeys with new eyes and ground to assist others wisely and lovingly. That is essentially what I hope to Bring- Re-membering giving way to healing and clarity for all beings. 

Willow Emmett

As I sit to write this at 1:11 pm, I glance at my clock and smile. I embrace the synchronicities that have flooded into my life since I have become conscious of my need to activate my light body. What an adventure.  These synchronicities, I realize, I once dismissed as coincidences. Now, every magical little synchronicity I see, I add to my puzzle to help me remember my story. As I sit and embrace this human experience, divine contracts reveal themselves in relationships and in self. I am so filled with excitement and love, I work everyday to share this with every passing glance, hug, handshake and relationship. More contagious than the common cold, I hope to inspire and infect people with the desire to live from their hearts and recognize the love and beauty there is to find in all living things.
In doing so, I will also continue to remind myself of these values I hold true.  I often feel like I am only a student, but then I remember, I am also a teacher. As we all are. As someone who has more recently became aware of this path we are on, I hope to become a pillar of support, empathy, translation and excitement for those of us, who are a bit newer to this, in this life at least 🙂

“Our lives are not our own.

From womb to tomb, we are bound to others.

Past and present.

And by each crime, and every kindness,

we birth our future.”

~  Cloud Atlas


One comment on “2012 Kauai Coalescent Contributors

  1. Amazing… may the honey sweet nectar of the Divine Mother Bee grace this profound gathering. Whether by spirit or physical manifestation, I will bee and take part in this ceremony of the heart. To all of you, to all of us, I am another yourself.

    Emaho, Anthony Baron Kirk


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