2012 Kauai Winter Solstice Journey

The Legion of Light Global Ministries


Kauai Winter Solstice Journey

December 13th ~ 24th, 2012

A Rainbow Lightbody Activation Portal


Rev Dr Saralise Azrael, Niema Lightseed, Ashia Joanna Arc,

Amoraea Dreamseed,

Violet MoonRain & Kara Bernarda

Yoga Inspiration by

Niema Lightseed & Asheeliyah Inshallah

Our Intention for this Experience

Our intention for this journey is to facilitate a safe and sacred container for personal and cultural evolution.  We feel that now is the time to remember who we are and why we came to this planet.  We are entering a powerful portal where choice is the greatest resource we own.  We also recognize that we are in a collective transformative process, releasing lifetimes and generations of bondage and history, requiring our full conscious attention and awareness.   

On this 12-day journey, during the Winter Solstice of 2012, known as the Great “Shift of the Ages”, we will be exploring our own inner recesses of our consciousness as well as the collective unconscious that has been operating throughout history.  Through Ceremonies & Workshops, we will have the opportunity to go deep within, release that which no longer serves the highest collective, and recreate our lives for the benefit of all beings.  This journey is not for the faint of heart, we will be accessing deep inner core beliefs and rebirthing ourselves into a new light of consciousness, while working collectively to shift the collective consciousness on the planet.  While we are in this journey together, we are solely responsible for our own life and our own experience.  A space will be created where we can come together and merge our energies, skills and offerings for the highest good, walking this path together as a tribe.  This is an alcohol, drug & smoke-free event, we honor this with absolute impeccability.

We invite you to drop in and ask for Grandmother Kauai’s Blessings and Invitation to this sacred island of the Pacific, we will be working directly with her to activate and bless the land there and all its inhabitants as well as link up the global light grids for personal and collective global evolution.  

All of this integration is eased by sweet and sacred communal containers, in natural environments full of vital life force, such as the Kalalau Valley and the Koke’e Redwoods. 

Kalalau Valley viewed from the Na Pali KonForest Reserve Pihea Trail

In this time we are all teachers and all students, and we feel strongly that working together is what will see us through.

A message from Saralise: I chose to incarnate on this occasion to be of absolute service to humanity. I have often felt that I am a Catalyst, spreading love,  joy and transformation wherever I go.  I am choosing to go deep within Spirit to assist in answering our own questions, as we are all One.  My intention is to be available with our Angelic Teams and Guides to bring us and myself to a place of wholeness and enlightenment, to create a life of harmony and balance.  In Walking the Path, we have the ability to receive Akashic records, bringing our soul’s truth to light, so that we may choose full embodiment. We will assist in finding a form of spiritual empowerment that works for us all.  Together, as Alchemists, we can turn Divine Light into Pure Gold in our lives to Enhance and Align all of our Decisions and Actions for the Benefit of All Beings.  May the Blessings be Bestowed upon Us All!

A message from Niema: I intend to bring and weave all of my gifts as Yoga teacher, healing and performing artist, mythologist, priestess, nurturer and beautifier to inspire a delicious, loving, graceful transformation for myself and all players in this dance. I am following the call from spirit, and Grandmother Kaua’i, to gather a willing group of beloved friends and fellow light-workers to co-create a portal for us to step through into our full brilliance and purpose. Come, if you are called. Dance, if you are willing. Say YES! to the butterfly waiting inside you…

Retreat Facilitators

Saralise Azrael & Niema Lightseed

Guest Facilitators & Speakers

Ashia Joanna Arc

Amoraea Dreamseed & Violet Moon Rain


Kara Bernarda


Retreat Angels!!!

Tonya Marie Sunshine & Asheeliyah Inshallah

bio pic

Amelia Veritae & Willow Emmett


Divine Sacred Flow of the Retreat

December 13th
Arrive 4pm ~ 5pm @ Kaua’i Retreat Center (Sanctuary)
5:30pm ~ Dinner Gathering ~ Drop in and Connect
6:30pm ~ Opening Ceremony with Saralise & Niema
7:30pm ~ Ecstatic Dance Love Fest with DJ Jules & Dance Kauai
December 14th
Sunrise Meditation
7:30am ~ Mythic Yoga with Niema 
Breakfast 9am ~ 10am
10am ~ Frolic in the Waterfalls of Kapa’a
Lunch 1:30pm ~ 3:30pm
4pm ~ 5:30pm ~ Return to Sanctuary, Relax, Journal, Decompress
Dinner 6pm ~ 7pm
7:30pm ~ 10pm ~ Kara Bernarda Presents “I Know It By Heart”
December 15th
Sunrise Meditation
7:30am ~ Mythic Yoga with Niema
Breakfast 9am ~ 10am
10am ~ Soul Collage Playshop with Saralise
Lunch 12:30pm ~ 1:30pm 
 1pm ~ Opening  & Integrating the Next Octave of Our Collective Human Journey
with Violet MoonRain
Afternoon ~ Rest & Integrate
7pm ~ Cosmonautica: Graphic Love Songs to God
Collective Prayerformance Ceremony with Niema Lightseed & Others
December 16th
Sunrise Meditation
7:30am ~ 12pm ~ Hindu Temple Meditation (East)
Breakfast at Hindu Temple 9am ~ 10am
Afternoon Self Care, Sessions 
Journaling & Naps
Mythic Yoga with Niema
Dinner 6:30pm ~ 7:30pm

8:00pm ~ Rainbow Lightbody Activation Ascension Ceremony
with Saralise Azrael & Amoraea Dreamseed
December 17th
4:44am ~ Leave for Whale Cruise
Sunrise Meditation
6am ~ 2pm Na Pali Snorkel Adventure with the Whales & Dolphins
with Kauai Sea Adventures  
Lunch on the Boat 12pm ~ 1:30pm
4pm ~ Arrive at Polihali
4:30pm~ 6pm ~ Sunset Yoga with Niema
Sungazing & Ceremony @ Sunset
Campout on Polihali Beach
December 18th
Sunrise Meditation
7:30am ~ Mythic Yoga on the Beach with Niema 
Breakfast 9am ~ 10am
11am ~ Return to Sanctuary
2pm ~ 4pm ~ Wailua River Head ~ Inner Alchemy Sacred Union Ceremony
Afternoon Integration and Grounding In 
Dinner Gathering 6:30pm ~ 8pm  
8:30pm ~ Healing Arts Circle & Sharing
December 19th
Sunrise Meditation
7:30am ~ Mythic Yoga with Niema 
Breakfast 9am ~ 10am
10am ~ Grounding & Adventure Krew Leave to Kalalau Trailhead for Sendoff Ceremony
Adventure Krew Leaves for Kalalau Valley
 Grounding Krew plays on Beach
Dinner 6pm ~ 7pm
December 20th
Sunrise Meditation
7:30am ~ Yoga with Asheeliyah
Breakfast 9am ~ 10am
10:30am ~ Waterfall Hike in Waimea Canyon
Dinner 6:30pm ~ 8pm
8pm ~ Mayan Energetic Gateway Practice with Saralise
9:30pm ~ Grounding Krew ~ Rest, Ground & Integrate
Adventure Krew ~ All Night Vigil in Kalalau Valley
December 21st
Sunrise Meditation
7:30am ~ 9am ~ Yoga with Asheeliyah
Breakfast 9am ~ 10am
10am ~ Hike to Kalepa Ridge ~ Koke’e
Lunch 1pm ~ 2:30pm
4pm ~ Global Rainbow Heart Bridge Meditation
Sunset ~ Solstice Awakening Ceremony 
Koke’e Campout @ Koke’e  Redwoods
December 22nd
4:44am ~ Leave Campground
5:30am ~ Sunrise Crystal Bowl Celebration @ Dawn (South)
7:30am ~ Yoga with Asheeliyah
Breakfast 9am ~ 10am
10am ~ Deep Integration Day ~
12pm ~ Galactic Remembering with Ashia
Afternoon Sessions, Personal Ceremony
Self Care, Movement
Going into the Water
Journaling, Afternoon Naps
4pm ~ Deepening into our Galactic Core Ceremony with Saralise
Dinner 6:30pm ~ 8pm
8pm ~ Arrival Concert & Ceremony at the Golden Chalice Palace with Elijah Ray and the +Band of Light- & Amoraea Dreamseed
December 23rd
Sunrise Meditation
7:30am ~ Yoga with Asheeliyah
Breakfast 9am ~ 10am
10am ~ Pack Personal Items 
1pm ~ Grounding Krew Leaves for Kalalau Trailhead
3pm ~ Meet Adventure Krew @ Kalalau Trailhead ~ Ke’e Beach
 3:33pm ~ Stargate Ascension Portal 
4:44pm ~ Ascension Ceremony in The Blue Room
Return  to Sanctuary from Ke’e Beach
Dinner 6:30pm ~ 8pm
8:30pm ~ Healing Sacred Circle & Sharing Integration
December 24th
Breakfast 8am ~ 9:30am
9:30am ~ 11am ~ Prepare Personal Things for Departure
11am ~ Closing Ceremony with Niema & Saralise 
1pm ~ Departure into New Life Matrix

To Register for this Magnificent Ascension

Experience and further Details

Please Click Here



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