Captain’s Log ~ 3 Days of Light


So the weeks leading up to 3 Days of Light were incredibly interesting. First, I was starved of all monies flowing in my life. I was well aware that something was going on, but was not able to pinpoint the source of the trouble. I was not able to access my light, and my body began to die. When I lose access to my light source, or the Source of my being, I begin to physically die. Without Light at this point, my body cannot survive the physical world. That has become evidently clear. I found out from a friend that I was being cut off at the Source, at the Monadic Level of my being, which means that I was unable to access any energy coming from my soul or my Cosmic Light at the Center of all Creation.

When this happens, I begin to literally starve. Its the same when an energy comes into my field, I begin to feel as if I am suffocating and I cannot access air into my lungs, and I am being clenched in my heart. However this happened at the Source of my personal expression, therefore making it more difficult to detect. Malevolent beings are very sneaky with how they operate. If they cannot get you on a physical level, they will do everything in their power to get you however they can and will do everything to try and stop you from affecting or influencing others with your light. In my case, they started a month early. This has been a typical pattern that has shown up many times in my reality, and therefore, once I realized what was happening, and checked in with someone who could see as I do, I was able to determine the solution and get to work. As I cleared this energy out of my entire matrix, I then began to wake up out of the dreamspace where I was being raped and beaten with a bat. I was unable to get up and walk and my back seized up. I am still sore weeks later.

If that wasn’t enough, it then started to affect my roommates and the stress level went through the roof. We did everything in our power to circumvent any deliberate interference, however it was quite difficult to keep things from continuously being thrown in our direction. My computer would not turn on the morning I was scheduled to have a ZYTO session for my health, and the evening prior I had finished my presentation that I was doing for my Keynote Speech at 3DL. I spent the entire day getting my computer operating system re-installed and praying the whole time that I wouldnt lose $5000 worth of computer software programs installed on my computer. If that wasnt enough, that afternoon my roommate had two cars swerve and almost hit him while riding his bicycle, not an accident. On the second occasion in the same hour, he fell and crashed his bike and ended up in the hospital with staples in his head. By 11pm, after we went looking for him and couldnt find him, we came home defeated and worried, and he showed up in a taxi, in his hospital gown. The stress level that week was extremely high and we barely survived it. My air mattress was losing air, and I was ending up on the floor every morning, so I was not getting proper rest either. My entire body was shaking from the inside out and I was completely exhausted.


As we finally were able to get to the property where 3 Days of Light was happening, after many tests and trials being presented, we finally arrived at the gate to get yelled at by the “gatekeeper” that was holding the gate. I looked at her and told her that I was not going to take on what she was yelling at me for, and announced who I was. She just stopped and looked at me dumbfounded, realizing that she was yelling at one of the headliners of the festival. It was quite comical to witness. I sent her love and we began to drive up the road.

When we got to the office, I could immediately tell that the entire crew was overwhelmed and completely stressed out, as we had been in the weeks leading up to the event. Part of the reason for this is that the person who created this festival is at his breaking point and really needs to let go of his ideals in terms of what he wants to see happen for himself personally in terms of this festival. The Office was not a happy place and there was a swirl of spinny energy around everyone. I immediately had a splitting headache and felt like Black Goo had just slimed all over me.


It took me until the next morning, to let go of the dark slime that had tagged me upon arriving. The next morning, I awoke to an early start to walk down and check out the ampitheater where I had held my Energetic Responsibility workshop the year before, to see if it was still as majickal as I remembered it. It did not disappoint. I sat and gazed at the early morning sun peeking its light over the mountains. It bathed me in rainbow light and I began to pray. I prayed to the Ancient Sisterhood of my own personal soul lineage as well as the Ancestors of the land, and asked for their permission to be there, to hold ceremony there. I established a rainbow sphere of light around the entire property and neutralized the toxic dump that was present. I attempted to release the mind control mechanisms that were present in all the crosses found in each area of the property, as we gently created this all-encompassing golden sphere of light. We, being the Ancient Sisterhood of the Golden Rose and the Galactic Benevolent Races that I had called in. A legion of 3 concentric circles of ships hovered above the property through the entire weekend.

As the bubble went up, I could feel the energy around me begin to settle down, and I was gifted a thank you in response by the Trees and the Ravens responding to my energy. I knew that I was receiving Cosmic Light and making good on my promise from last year that I would be sure if I came back to clear the property of all mind control grids and energies that may be laying dormant. I felt good about my action and decided to create a deep level of neutrality around the property, so as to not set off any alarms.

That afternoon, as the Huge White Cross sat glaring at us all from the Pavilion, I realized that there was a huge gaping vacuous open black portal that was open in the ground there, and that behind the pavilion there had been a guillotine and women burned at the stake, as well as people hung from the trees on that land in the late 1800’s. The land was incredibly sad and tainted with deep levels of programming. We decided to cover up the cross with a chocolate brown king-sized sheet, the same color as the wooden wall behind the cross, to neutralize the effects of the mind control attached to the Christian programming that was present on this property. The property where we held the festival, is a Christian Children’s Summer Camp. The property itself has at least 20 crosses placed throughout the different spaces, so as not to forget the purpose of why everyone was there. There was a cross in the ampitheatre, my favorite spot on the land, that had all its points going towards the central heart of the cross. It occurred to me that these were daggers pointing at the heart of Christ. Christ was, in fact, just like you and me, and part of a tribe of “hippies”, as they call us now, that had reached enlightenment and was taken down by the “system” and then his name used to create control of the masses. Everything good that has happened on Gaia has been somehow shifted and redirected to benefit the powers that be, or were, in my Opinion…


After the Huge White Cross was covered up, the energy on the land began to settle down and people began to filter through and the energy of the entire property relaxed. The heaviness began to lift and people came into their joy. The feeling of abundance and cheer began to circulate. Again we could feel the true essence of peace upon this sacred land. The rest of the afternoon went great, and into the first night. We had the opening circle just after that and it really felt like the energy had shifted by that point. The Sun cascaded down on all the people in the circle, and we all held hands and the love flowed through each and every one in the circle. We all stated our intentions of what we were bringing to the festival and to the world, and how we were contributing our energy. Coming together with like-minded individuals really makes a difference in how the rest of normal life flows. When you are able to connect hearts and really drop in with people and share true heart-centered love, it really makes a difference in our everyday lives, we no longer feel so alone. For me, I make this an everyday practice, as I choose to reveal the love in everything I do. I truly believe in the Universal Power of Love that runs through all life. All we have to do is tap into that Source of energy and it flows naturally through us.

In my experience of having had many levels of deliberate interference in my life, I am here to say that I understand fully now that I am never truly separate from my Source, from The Source of all Life and it is merely an illusion. All that is needed is a little energetic clearing to clear away anything that is not in alignment with the highest light and the truest place within, which is Bliss. Bliss is our natural state of wellbeing.


This was the Big day! BIIIIGGGG!!! I ended up doing 3 ceremonies in one day. I truly had no idea how much energy I would be expending, but I made sure that I had my vitality herbal tea blend that I had created for my adrenals. I wasnt willing to burn myself out like I have done so many times before. I did my best to rest and pace myself and really stay present to what was happening in every moment, so that I wouldnt end up being completely maxed out upon returning home. I had a vending booth, and I was scheduled to do 2 ceremonies and a Keynote Speech for the festival.

I started with the DNA Source Code Activation Ceremony in the Medicine Wheel in the Sacred Sanctuary. We had a tremendous amount of Deliberate Interference, and then finally it began to sink in. I had to make sure that each and every individual that was there was absolutely ready to activate their DNA in this way and to take on the responsibility of being in their full embodiment and their truest expression. This meant that they all needed to agree that they were ready to bring the Source of their being into their physical body.

After checking in with everyone thoroughly, their eyes clear and present, I decided that we were able to proceed. I had already established a rainbow sphere of light around us and all the beings were present. People reported later seeing a spiral rainbow being above the center of the circle holding the sphere of light in place, and also a sphere of angel wings surrounding them. Many different visions came through for many different people, each one very different. After we went to the Cosmic Ocean of Light and people began to find their Soul Star and identify their Galactic Signature and/or their Soul Tone, or Soul Name, and any light languages that they may know, we decided to ground that into their physical bodies. As I went around, I sealed in all of their activated Source Codes, into their pineal glands, sealing in the light language and the total and complete activation of their DNA.

The clarity in each person’s eyes was absolutely profound. Each person landed with their souls intact.


Later that day, the women decided to meet to do some womb clearing and sync up for the Into the Void Ceremony where we would be clearing the Original Rape from the face of this planet. Historically speaking, the Original Rape took place in the Garden of Edin, over 400,000 years ago. Clearing women’s wombs is truly one of my favorite things to facilitate. It really is a rewarding process for me. As we wrapped up this clearing, angelic voices and crystal bowls billowed out from the bamboo geodesic dome just next to us, soothing our souls as we walked in silence towards our next destination.

We then proceeded to the Into the Void Ceremony which was being set up by 2 of the Magi from the previous year’s ceremony. I was honored that I was able to have that level of support, which made my job easier in comparison to prior ceremonies given in the past. It was also an adjustment for me energetically. I am used to being the one that handles all aspects of ceremony, and I find it to be truly powerful when that is the case. I am happy to move into a level of understanding that I can now have more people involved, however it is imperative that I hold the container. Energetically however it does feel like I will get to a place where it is all powerful while having people assisting in the process.

At one point during the ceremony, a girl was not feeling safe after several people had started releasing and screaming out the energies of that which no longer served them. Many participants were familiar with this ceremony as they had participated last year at this festival. I decided to reel it back in and moved into self forgiveness work to really bring it into a gentler place so we could concentrate on the clearing of the Original Rape in the collective DNA of humanity. Unfortunately, the group was not in a strong enough place to perform this act, and so the two magi and I cleared the DNA of the participants in the room, but were not able to bring it to the level needed in order to facilitate this collective awakening. My computer literally shut down and I got the message intuitively that it needed to be done at a different time and to also be done on the land where it originally took place. Tall order! HAHAHA!


After the ceremony, I chatted with a few participants and looked into their sparkly eyes, and knew that I had still done a good job facilitating what they needed. I fell asleep to the lullabies of some of my favorite Conscious DJ’s playing their spins on the main stage.


I spent the day in solitude, as I was preparing energetically for my Keynote Speech and woke up with another screaming headache. I cleared to the best of my ability what was in my field, and then went to the Pavilion to give my talk. I had no idea what I was going to start with, due to the fact that I did not have the facilities available to me to do my presentation that I had prepared and so decided to wing it and simply tell my story and do a meditation on Sacred Village. This was a huge Leveling Up for me, as I revealed publicly that I had been an intelligence officer in a Secret Space Program. I have not spoken of this publicly until now. I have kept myself safe by not mentioning this on any social media, except privately to a certain few. I was of course encouraged by Laura Eisenhower, my dear friend, to speak to this, as it is time now to reveal this information to the population. I still have reticence about this, however I do know that by telling my story, more memories will reveal themselves throughout the collective and the millions of people that have been affected by this will benefit from this information. Everyone on this planet has the right to know exactly what is going on! We have been paying taxes that go directly to a Secret Space Program on Mars and other planets that bleed our vital energies as we work as slaves for the system that was created by a choice few. The beings in control of this planet are beginning to scramble, because their plan is not actually working any longer and they do not have a solution for what is coming. The Cosmic Light that is being deposited and the Golden Age that is coming onto this planet cannot be stopped.

I spoke in my Keynote Speech about the need for provisions, i.e. food, water and other supplies that will be necessary in the coming months as things shift and a possible ELE could take place. I am not saying that it will, but for the first time in my life, I am preparing for such things. In the past, when all these things were supposedly happening and people were freaking out and telling others to prepare, I would know that we were fine. This time, not so much. I want to do everything in my power to be prepared for what is coming.

I see future timelines sometimes, however these future timelines are subject to change and nothing is ever set in stone.


Until next time, I bid you Adieu.

Be Safe!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May All Beings Be Free From Suffering
Namaste  __/\__
We are always ONE~

Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, D.V.M.
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine

High Priestess of The Priestess Portal Pilgrimage

Creator of “The Sacred Village Project”

Director of “The Sacred Village Project” Documentary

Founder of the Temple of Living Light

Creator of the “Modern Magi Mystery School”

Founder and Executive Director of Legion of Light Global Ministries

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