Perspectives ~ This is not a Movie folks ….. or is it?

It’s been 14 years since I commanded the activation of All of my DNA strands.   After that event, my life changed forever.  I went from having a particularly “normal” life, for me, to being under full-on attack 24/7 for the following 6 years solid, until I left Los Angeles.  The attacks didnt necessarily stop, once I left LA, but I had some reprieve for a short time, once I left, or so I thought. 

During that time, a few things happened.  Years prior, my mother, who had fallen “ill”, had told me that she had been chased by what seemed to be Tall Lizard Demons.  My reaction, “Okay Mom…”. Yah right, I thought, having no reference point for these types of experiences, and yet somehow, deep down, I knew she was telling the truth.  She wasnt one to lie about anything, ever.  Predominantly, I was in full denial and had had a Mind Swipe at that point, so I wasnt able to remember my own experiences with these beings.  The night she described, was a night in 1996, where she was chased through the house by the Lizard Demons she called them.  She felt she was risking her life just to tell me this.  She fell and cracked her head open, and was left laying on the couch, which she managed to get to, after falling and cracking her head open on the coffee table after she tripped over the rug and fell.  My sister, after receiving no response from her the following morning, decided to go over to the house, and found her bleeding out on the gold velvet box couch we grew up with.   This was the beginning of the end for my mother.  

Today is my mother’s birthday, she died 13 years ago.  She would have been 82 today, instead she died too young, at the ripe age of 68 years old.  I still feel devastated by her loss, and feel if only I could have done something to save her.  She should have outlived my father.  To think about the evil that has been bestowed upon our family by the powers that be (were) is mindblowing.  The reason I am so determined to change things is because of my mother, and watching her demise, and what they did to her, to keep their secrets.  Watching my father’s demise was also disturbing as I watched him struggle to keep his oath of secrecy, when he could have said many things to me that would have changed my reality.  The trouble is, my mother tried to tell me.  All of this is predominantly because of me.  My sisters managed to have a different fate, to escape this travesty, as they managed to stay with the “status Quo”.  I, however, did not come here for that.

I had someone the other day say my most recent 2-hour film was rambling and unfocused and that I best not share it.  That right there told me this person was completely compromised, as I had originally suspected.  Unfortunately, these same compromised individuals got to another innocent and she blocked me on messages on facebook.  I mean….really?  😂. Seriously? 😂, without provocation? For no identifiable reason?  😂  It is truly unfortunate that this innocent one has been affected, and now all of a sudden, I start coughing and clearing out of nowhere as I write this.

It is amazing to me, that at this point in our “reality”, that this awareness is not more prevalent in our society.  Why is it that we are unable to actually see what is going on right underneath our noses?  I am grateful for the progress that actually has been made honestly, because without that, we would not be where we are today, which is much further along.  We have come a long way in a very short amount of time.  The wake up process has been super fast for many. It has been a sort of slap in the face. 

Switching tangents.

My son has been somewhat distant since my father died in February, 3 days after my birthday.  His father made a point of manipulating him into rejecting me right before I left the states again after my dad’s funeral, and then made it virtually impossible for my son to contact me by grounding him and taking away his electronic devices, one of which I purchased for him,  and telling him he couldn’t contact me, all the while threatening to beat him, and then telling him to call me, to come get him.  Then my son demanded that I come back to the hell of LA and live in Woodland Hills, in his school district of mansions, and demanded that I do it immediately, while I was in Greece, camping, and had no level of money to support this idea.  This went on for at least a month, where I was worried sick and under full-on attack.  Clearly, this was the dark forces attempting to stop me from activating the Rose Living Crystal of the planet, which I managed to do anyway.  I was literally under attack the month leading up to this event, and basically being starved out physically and energetically, so that I could not accomplish my mission.  Sadly, for them, it did not work, and I was successful at accomplishing this mission. 😉 

This road has not been easy, by any means.  The contracts with “L” are rampant in our society, and quite frankly, it seems never ending.  Why is it that there is no parameters set for these demons running wild, and yet we have been placed in a dome “to protect us”?  It is clear we are living in a designated construct at this point.  The false flag event of Las Vegas has everyone clearly doing research, knowing full well that something is amiss.  It is out in the open now, there is no turning back.  

On some days, it feels all too hopeless that it will ever change, and on other days, I feel strong, and trust that this change is for the better.  Either way, we are deep in the maya of illusion and the veil is being ripped off our faces to reveal the ugliness of our society.  This isnt a movie folks, or is it?

The true destiny of this planet has yet to be determined in this moment.

What I do feel is we are living in a manufactured construct with puppets as players and babies that are branded from birth, and to me, if it is true that we are living in a matrix, as the movies have so clearly stated, then what is the point of all of this, other than to harvest our vital life force energies?  Is ascension actually a real construct, or just another mind control meme to throw people out of their bodies and off their center so they cannot be fully present to see what is really going on?  Please tell me!  I wanna know!  😂 

If it is true, and some choice few are in on it, how can we play the game differently.  How can we free ourselves from this “ill”usory mind fuck that has us all trapped in the matrix?  

Somebody has the answer, or we wouldn’t all still be here.  They are keeping it from us to protect their precious assets!  

But then again, what if the actual matrix of illusion is as simple to fall away as just changing your mind about it?  And the cosmology waiting to be discovered is beyond what we have even been able to fathom at this point! 

What are our choices?

What can we do to shift our reality construct to allow for the truth to be apparent?

I’m just gonna leave this right here.


Saralise Shekinah Sophia

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings be free from suffering.


My Myth ~ Shimmering Window Blog

Here is another post from December of 2009, after just arriving in Mount Shasta. I was living right on the Mountain. I was going deep into the inner realms and receiving many levels of reality. I had never experienced such a Holy place.
I have left the post exactly as it was received at the time.
Shimmering Window ~ An exploration into the Inner Realms


Gemini Full Moon

12/02/09 11:01pm

Mt. Shasta, CA

In the Beginning, when Souls were first created, I was born into being. My initial sound was Ahn-Tah-RA. From this I created galaxies and saw them spinning, while I giggled and laughed with delight as I played with the spaces between spaces between matter between others chanting their names and deep breathy masculine vibrations speaking my soul into being as I held my consciousness in sway and allowed this integration. From this space, I took a form, although not right away. I sat with the ALL THAT IS for awhile to determine my place in the order of things. As it turned out, I became an angelic light being, blue in color. From this reference point, I was able to create even more splendid realities.

One of my assignments was to oversee the development of the humanoid form, the Divine Human body template, for the purpose of coming into physical form. Prior to this I acted as liason between the Council and the ALL THAT IS, such as a translator would. The Council was formed to determine what to do with all the matter that had been created through play. We had so much fun creating and playing and it was now time to utilize the forms that had been created. Thousands of sparkling stars filled the emptiness of space we call the Cosmos. Through what is now known as the Ninth Gate, in Orion’s belt, which at that time had no name, we entered this Universe.  The 7th Universe to have been created.

We were surprised to find sphere-like forms floating in formations and producing off-gases creating spirals and cycles of time. We knew that we would be experimenting with forming life and so we took our creations very seriously and remained committed to the task. It became apparent very quickly that we would be forming systems of planets that could exist, self-sustaining. We came upon several galaxies that had been created by different energies that had been chanted into being by the ALL THAT IS.

We chose vibrational frequencies for each, also known as energetic signatures, so they could be recognized individually. This was the beginning of independence. Identifying each as an individualized expression did not separate each from the whole but rather gave each expression a distinction as part of the whole. Many of us who had created these special expressions of matter worked together to create groups that could exist within the same space, as it was all interconnected. “Birds of a feather flock together” became the group soul formed from the original soul expression that was created. As Antara (Ahn-Tah-RA), I created the vibration of transition, from one reality to the next, and as such I chose to include many life forms from many galaxies that had been created in that process. So we came to a vibration that has since carried us through existence.  This particular soul collective, we flow together on the path of Artisan/Sage. With the development of the first life form in the physical, we discovered that we could continue creating instantaneous expression in the manifest and therefore determined to create a physical vehicle for the expression of our experience. These physical vehicles took on the form of everything from bacteria to trees to plants, to stones, crystals and rocks.

An anomaly happened when water formed on the surface of a sphere and we realized that life could be sustained through a physical form. All was happening at once and therefore it took several experiences of this new universe to grasp the depth of creation that had taken place.

So, as a light being, I decided to experiment with the elements that were revealing themselves and create a form, a housing, a physical vehicle with which to encase my Spirit as a temple. It took many manifestations before I was able to create the splendor of the humanoid.

The Divine Connection, that has not been lost, was the key to the operation of this new vehicle, as I was still able to operate outside of this form, and yet utilize it for the expression of the physical, where I could experience the senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, touch! I continued to work on the form, experimenting with different ideas, including wings, tails, and fins. I knew that this vehicle needed to traverse the many terrains available. I knew that being divinely ordained, this vehicle would have complete control over itself and would be able to shift and change whenever necessary to meet the needs of any situation.

After visiting several planets, we came up with the idea that many forms of expression would be greeted with a choice to create a physical body or some other form of expression so as to experience all aspects of reality. Each soul that had been created was given a choice to either incarnate into physical form and create the first race or to stay in the form of light to continue their assignment on that level where they could assist with the creation and development of new life forms that were expressing from Source. And so it was, new life had taken shape and form and there could now be a comprehensive way of experiencing life with a dedicated commitment to the flow of expression. This brought about many who decided to experiment with the human form. At this time, the dimensional frequencies were few, although ever expanding and so it was quite simple to make the decision as to where to begin. Most of us began on one particular planet, to experiment with creating all aspects of reality within that dimension, while others stayed within the cosmic ocean of light with the ALL THAT IS, to assist us upon our journey.

We would often go back and forth as to experience the fullness of what we were bringing into form so that we could truly experience all aspects of our reality from all perspectives and vantage points. At one point, a decision was made by the Council to create new life forms through the expression of creating new human bodies that contain new souls being created. This became the population of souls that are forever expanding and experiencing life in all forms. The essential element and key factor in creation of life forms is that they have the Divine Spark within them.

Regardless of its form, a life form was required to have a soul. This was usually simple as each soul was assigned a different life expression from the very beginning and could then live out that existence until such time as another assignment became prevalent for that soul’s experience. Death is a human idea, not a Divine idea. It is simply a matter of changing form.

The expression of life expanded almost instantaneously and continued to manifest new structures as it went along. All life is made of the same structure of DNA/RNA molecules and that spiraline rope of ecstatic vibrations determines what life form it will create by the programming that it receives. All this is done without a thought, it just is. Coming through the DNA structure we see different manifestations of life forms based on the formulations of the molecules that produce matter. It is easy to determine that at some point, there became a rent, a tear in the fabric of the Universe, as free will was a natural part of this reality.  Something happened that allowed a Separation from Spirit.  This has shown up in many ways over time, especially in the Human Form, and Astral Realms that force their hand upon the Physical.  Animals and other life forms have never lost their initial connection to the ALL THAT IS, nor will they ever.

The Design of the Universe is such that when something has reached it’s maximum expression, it naturally expires, so as to move into a new level of awareness, and can create anew, something that is not yet in expression. As this cycle continues, it ebbs and flows and creates ever expanding realities that reveal themselves as time flows on.

Perspectives ~ It Is Time to Crack the Code!!!

I have so many questions about our world, its hard to know where to start.

What I do know, is that from the moment of birth into this realm of existence in this lifestream, I have been duped.  I was born into a family bloodline that is deeply embedded unconsciously with the programming running the depopulation agenda, “the Grand Plan”, and as I look back on old memories of my life, I can now see how I was being lied to and information was kept from me, and if I ever questioned it, I was ridiculed, or made to look crazy.  Even with my own memories of what happened with me and what I was involved in as a child and young adult.  My mother desperately wanted me to know the truth, she ended up in a convalescent home from age 61, shot up with meds to keep her from being 100% lucid, and ended up dead at 68 years old.  It is all beginning to make sense now.  Did they really think I wouldn’t find out?  Did they really think that the programming would stick when I questioned it every step of the way?

NA - 1930-2012

This is/was my cousin.  He and my father were born in the same year, 1930, during the beginnings of the Great Depression.  Their grandfathers were brothers, John and Jacob.  So, as it would turn out, both cousins became Naval engineers and ended up working for the same factions, in different positions.  One as an astronaut/actor, and one as a Top Secret Engineer for Naval Intelligence.  My father authored the Sidewinder Missile, still being utilized today, and probably for the next 100 years, according to other people I have talked to, but I don’t really know for sure.  Nonetheless, they both held very prestigious positions within the matrix of the Military Industrial Complex.  My father was always taken care of, and I never understood it, even after he retired, it seemed that he had everything that he always needed, he was and is set for life, as long as he keeps his oath.

When I first met Neil at 7 years old, I remember noticing that he seemed skiddish and was looking around a lot, as if he was being watched or followed.  I took note of it, because I had asked him about his experience on the Moon.  He did not want to talk about it, and scuffed me off.  It was quite obvious to me that he was paranoid, and even a little girl in his own family was not allowed to know the truth, and he had quite a hard time hiding it.  You could tell he hated talking about it.  I got my feelings hurt a bit that day, but I remembered thinking that it wasn’t personal at the same time.

Obviously my father has known all along about the Flat Earth and has never spoken to it, as he attended NATO conferences every year, and spent quite a bit of time in Brussels, Belgium.  It was as if he had a second home, or secret life there.  I know for a fact that he had a woman there, that he loved very much.  I found a few love letters along with a Masonic Ring in the top drawer of his bureau when I was living with him at the age of 15.  When I picked up the ring, I had flashes of being in the catacombs and halls of the town’s Masonic Lodge, directly across the street from my church.  When I went to Church the following Sunday, I stood there looking at the Lodge and could see all the ins and outs in my mind’s eye, and knew that I had spent a lot of time inside that place.  When I told my father I wanted to go in there, he said, “Oh Noooo, that is a private affair, it’s off limits.”  Who says that???  I mean really.  He could have said, “It’s not open to the public” and that would have made more sense.  I told him I remembered being inside, and he told me that was impossible, that I had never stepped foot in that place.  Remember, I was 15 years old, and I was very afraid of his wrath, as he was my “handler”.  I knew I wasn’t crazy however, I knew the truth, that I had spent time in there as a child with him.

China Lake is infamously known in the Conspiracy circles for the Mind Control Experiments performed by Nazi Scientists, Dr. Josef Mengele, aka Dr. Greene, aka The Angel of Death, and Charles Manson, an MK-ULTRA victim having a desert compound just outside of the town in Death Valley.  The Stealth fighter was stored underground on the Naval Base there, and most of the region was off-limits for civilian air traffic.


Meanwhile, back at the Ranch . . .

If Earth is a flat plane, what about all the other planets and why isn’t Earth like all the rest of the planets, spheres.  Or are the planets also planes/ships?  What about all the planetary astrological influences?  How do those factor in to a flat earth reality, if it has a dome or sphere enclosing it?

Why would they try to hide the other side of the ice wall, and why cant we see past it?  What’s so scary about the whole thing?  Obviously we knew at one point what was going on with Earth, prior to the NASA Invasion/Invention.

Also, in my visions, why wouldn’t I have noticed the Flat Earth upon leaving this plane in my Astral Body and traveling to other places, other than I was not focusing on it, and had the same mind control meme of a Spherical Earth operating in my consciousness, like everybody else on Earth.  Why wouldn’t I be able to remote view and see the Flat Earth?  Why hasn’t anyone else discovered this as well?  How are they running that program through the collective so deeply that no one is even questioning it?  It has to be set up on the astral, in dreamspace, and throughout the entire Control Grid, so that it is just accepted as truth, so no one even questions it for a second.  Also, given my history of being off-planet, I asked my Akashic Record Keepers to show me a memory of seeing the Earth from outside the Earth’s atmosphere or from another planetary body.  I was given a memory of my commencement speech at Lunar Operations Command, at the end of my Tour of Service as an Intelligence Officer on Mars for the Earth Defense Force.

This is exactly what I saw:


I saw the sphere of Earth, of our blue marble, on the grand window gazing upon the earth.  What I realize now, looking back at that memory is that we were at LOC, which is on the Back Side or Dark Side of the Moon, so it had to be a huge plasma screen.  There is no way they would have let any of those civilians, operating in an altered state, as officers, know the truth, there were too many of us, and it would be too much of a risk for all of us to know the depths of truth behind this Grand Deception.  Memories slip in and out, and the programming of memory dissolution known as Electronic Dissolution of Memory, begins to wear off around age 30.

Pretty soon, all those born before the induction of NASA will be dead and gone.  We need to find someone who remembers the true history from the early 1900s or from the 1920s at least.  My dad was born in 1930, but because he is tied to the MIC, and worked directly with the government, sworn under oath, he will not speak to this.

What I would love to know, is the motive behind all of it.  I understand there may be several reasons.  It’s too dangerous for me to even have a phone conversation with my father at this point.  It’s quite unfortunate.  And to what appears on the outside looking in, the fact that my sister is an astrophysicist/rocket scientist and one of the only females in her field makes it even more ridiculous in terms of the ridicule I would receive from even pondering the idea, and discussing this with my family of origin.  I am honestly grateful to say that I will not subject myself to abuse on that level, from any one of my relatives in the Scientific realms of religiosity in their beliefs of “fact”.  I love myself too much.  I really wish I would have gone on the North Pole Expedition when I was invited. . . I am fortunate however, as there was a huge accident with the North Pole Expedition the year I was meant to go, and the son of the Original Owner of the ship had followed in his footsteps and was murdered, and no explanation was given.

Pobedyat NorthPole

I do believe there is an inner Earth reality of some type, and that the dinosaurs and mammoths are there, but I need to figure out how it works with the underneath aspects of the Flat Earth Theory or if they are still trying to figure that part out.  I have had several experiences of Inner Earth Beings and direct communication with them as well as being present within my light body in the Inner Earth Realms.  I have seen temples and spired large halls and marketplaces, inside of Mt. Shasta, Waimea Canyon, Mount Hale’akala, Mount Adams, The Superstitious Mountains, The Blue Ridge Mountains, Pyramid Lake in California, The Black Rock Desert Basin, and many other places.  I lived in Mount Shasta for 3 years and experienced many things.  I wont even get into that on this post.


The Vision that I received at the age of 4 years old, I need to pull up and re-examine it from the perspective of Flat Earth, to see if it was mind control programming or if it was a true experience with Divine Beings.  Everything I know may be completely wrong, or inaccurate.  And Trinicon, a parallel earth & possible concurrent timeline may be just outside the firmament, who knows!


Something is going on.  I feel like the firmament somehow does not stop the cosmic radiation as we go deeper into the photon belt.  I do believe we are somehow moving through a galaxy and not completely stationary.  It doesn’t add up that we would be the only stationary environment.  There are time lapse photos that are proof that we are in fact spinning from a central point.  However that could also be true that we are stationary and the stars are moving around us depending on where on the planet those pictures were taken.



And what about the Milky Way Galaxy?  How would they explain that away?  It has never actually seemed to me that Earth is a part of it, and also I have never read anything about the Milky Way Galaxy in old texts.  That seems to be a new development.

And what about all the Galactic Nations that are hovering just outside our “atmosphere”?

And what about our atmosphere?  Our Climates, in different regions?  Is that all controlled as well?  If the planet were in fact flat, it doesnt quite add up the way the regions receive weather, however if the earth were in a wave like pattern, it would make a bit more sense in terms of the altitudes in certain areas being closer to the higher atmospheric levels and therefore receiving more of the weather patterns.  Are the weather patterns manipulated?  We know that geo-engineering is definitely playing a role in all of this, however I just heard that they recently somehow lost their funding, so there are not as many planes circling the earth at this time.  Who knows if that rumor is actually true.

To me, it seems like the earth is more of a wave-like structure with a toroidal field and the dome is a part of the entire toroidal structure.  And are the inner or under earth beings in the 3rd dimension, in physical matter or are they in a different dimension and form? Are these beings in a carbon-based form like us, or crystalline?  From my personal experience I have witnessed these inner earth beings only on the inner planes of my consciousness.

Also, when we dream, how are we having a collective experience with so many other people on the astral, that is so totally organized, unless it is somehow real?  Where are we actually going?  What happens when we all go to sleep and why isn’t it obvious that we are all going out of body?  The collective dream bleeds into reality often, and so it makes me wonder what exactly is happening.  Why is no one able to crack that matrix so far?  What is there that they don’t want us to know or see?

The Powers that Be have been hijacking our dreams for at least the last 70 years or so, at least since the 1940s, possibly longer.  And what happened to all the books that were written prior to then, it seems that most books from back then “did not make the cut”.


Who was talking about dreams in the 1920s?  In fact, who ever really talks or writes about dreams, except for those paying attention? It seems that the collective consensus about dreams is similar to that of the globe, where people just automatically assume the Zeitgeist Meme that dreams are essentially not real reality, but we all know that is not true and that we are participating in a multi-dimensional construct.  I sort of imagine it to be somewhat like the String Theory, with multiple layers of energy happening in multiple dimensions at the same time.   So then, what is going on in our dreams, and how have they managed to set it into our consciousness individually to where, upon awakening, our minds are immediately erased of the dream.  We need to crack that window from sleeping to awake to find out what’s really going on.  I feel like the answer lies between waking and sleep.  If we can observe where we are going and watch the process unfold without losing our waking conscious mind and be able to witness what is happening, then we may be able to crack the code of mind control.  If we are able to witness our dreams and still get rest as well as retain our memory of what is happening, then I feel like we may have a chance of catching them in the act.  I know I already have experienced this.


It is time to crack the code!

This Flat Earth Theory thing has got me stirring on such a deep level, it’s amazing.  If I can crack the code of all people, with my known history of programming, we might have a chance.  Who really knows, it’s all a mystery, however I feel like we are getting closer to the truth every day.


Is it Round or is it Flat?

02 Orlando-Ferguson-flat-earth-map

Or is it a Wave-like structure?

Here is an interesting introduction to the Flat Earth history by Mark Sargent.  The Verdict is still out for me personally, but here goes:

And then also a previous British Documentary:


For your consideration.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this. . .Many Blessings.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
Namaste  __/\__
We are always ONE~

Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael, D.V.M.
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine

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