Here’s what people are
saying about Saralise!

I am so beyond blessed to have facilitated such beautiful work for such incredibly amazing individuals in this life.
I am deeply honored to be of service!


It is very real to say that the sessions with Saralise made a huge impact in my life.  She is most definitely the real thing.  With her loving straightforward way she guided me past the boundaries and limitations that have kept me stuck.  My absolute favorite part is that she did not let me get away with any excuses or explanations, but made me look at the truth for what it was…..not always pleasant but always very much needed.  The person I was before we started the sessions compared to who I am now is not the same.  I now feel more secure and empowered compared to who I was before we started.  I am still integrating all that happened in our sessions.

Nina F. – Finland
Client & Friend

Saralise Shekinah Sophia has been a guiding light to me as I’ve chosen to follow my heart and delve deeper into the mysteries of myself and our collective story.  We met on Maui, HI in 2014 and have continued our sacred and uplifting connection ever since.  I am truly grateful for Saralise in this life.  She has helped me reclaim who I am, assisted with authentic connection to my higher self, and reminding me of the divine feminine residing within me.  Ive been blessed with many sessions, in person and online, each just as potent.  We have opened my Akashic Records, performed DNA healing and activation, and I think most importantly cut and cleansed energetic harvesting technologies together.  As a High Priestess, she creates safe and loving containers to perform these works.  She gently guides as you participate in your own healing.  She helps us remember we are powerful beings capable of healing ourselves.  I highly recommend sessions with Saralise.  I love her dearly as a healer, a Priestess and a friend.  Not only is she highly skilled and in touch with unseen influencing realities of multi-dimensions, she is also a very REAL person.  Her sense of humor and enthusiasm for life have me laughing and smiling each time we speak.  If you are looking to know more about yourself, heal traumas, or clean up energetic ties, these are but a few of Saralise’s talents.
She can help you help yourself.

Natalie Rae Fuller
Client, Friend & Ceremony Participant


I have been working with my dear friend Saralise for over 5 years now.  Her insight and Spiritual Support have been a grounded and profoundly well-guided force in my life, a deep and loyal sisterhood.  Saralise helped me access my own deep well of wisdom and step into my authentic self.  She carries the gift of incredible sight that delivers truth and clarity shared straight and to the point, with heart and knowing compassion.  I strongly recommend working with Saralise if you are ready to heal on the soul and galactic level.

Erin-Sunniva McHugh
Client, Friend & Ceremony Participant


Saralise is the most incredible and powerful being I have ever encountered.  I have had the gift and pleasure of being a client and working with her for 9 months and this time with her has been quite an incredible journey.  No stone remained unturned as we navigated the multitude of realities in the quest for clarity, healing, wholeness and the discovery of Who I Am, why I am here, and where I am going. She skillfully guides you through your process with the utmost integrity, sensitivity and immense love, allowing your unfoldment in complete cooperation with your higher self.  Saralise is many things to many people but primarily she is a beautiful Sophia Light, committed to assisting the Earth and humanity with such humility and compassion, leading a NEW REALITY at this critical time in our evolution of consciousness.  It has been a Rare and Wonderful gift and I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to work with her.

Saralise is a gift to Humanity.

Angeline Stevens – Sound Healer – UK
Client & Friend

During the Modern Magi Mystery School and Private Sessions, Saralise assisted and opened me up to layers of myself I had seemingly forgotten were there.  In my experience, there have been many parts of myself that have been repressed on a soul level and have been negligent and insecure in expressing.  Through the work and capacity of space she holds, I have been able to tap into some of those wounds and traumas that were holding me back from expressing myself in my truest and most sovereign self.  We ALL deserve to experience the liberated and free and blissful selves that we are.  My immense gratitude to her for the work she is doing in and out of sessions to help us all shift to the place of Full Embodiment and ridding ourselves of past and current lifestream traumas.  Through our work together, I learned several tools in dealing with and confronting a variety of energies, learning how to maneuver, work with and release those energies.
So so much gratitude and love for this woman in my life.

Alex Diaz
& Modern Magi Mystery School Participant


I appreciate Saralise’s intuitive insights that have supported me on my path of self discovery and growth. Energetically, she has sensed what areas of my body, aura, thought pattern or even relationships are contributing to imbalance at different times. She has helped me find balance again through conversation, touch, energy clearing, grounding, and intention setting.  I know it is time to work with Saralise when I have been working on an aspect of myself for awhile and it feels stuck.  I have participated in multiple ceremonies with her, including shamanic drumming, and womb clearing.  I walk away with perspective into the depths of my healing that I couldnt have gotten on my own.  Often from either private sessions or from ceremony, the immediate energetic shifts help me drop into my body and the present moment.  It also shifts who I attract and how I show up in my daily interactions.  If you have been working on something specific and you are stuck or you are moving through a lot quickly, Saralise can meet you where you are at with lighthearted, unconditional love to step into your next depth of power.

Saralise is able to easily build rapport and enthusiasm with people. I’ve been witness to her successfully holding space for 60 plus people. Saralise is radiant and loving, and I’m honored to be in friendship with her.

Ursala Garbrecht
Client, Friend & Ceremony Participant


I have had many sessions in my life and have worked with different spiritual teachers and medicines.  What I have experienced with Saralise in only two sessions goes beyond my imagination.  It has been a very multidimensional experience and within moments she was bringing so many aspects of my multidimensional self in.  She is a super clear channel of the Christos-Sophia Consciousness.  The container that she creates is extremely powerful, firm and very high vibrational.  Through her direct access to the Akashic Records, she brings through detailed information which were rewriting and clearing things within my entire body as the resonance was so strong.  She embodies so many aspects of creation, fierce and powerful Dragon Mama, as well as the most loving and gentle heart expanding Sophia with humility and grace.  The work that she brings forth is major for the evolution of our species and Gaia and I am so grateful to have met her finally again in this life.

Asherah Lyra Sananda
Client & Friend



Saralise is a powerhouse. I have been receiving intuitive readings for years, and there were elements that showed up in this reading that took me to new depths of understanding and working through old issues. I also received some very clear concrete guidance and new ideas about next steps that would support the evolution of my business.
Thank you, THANK you, and more THANK YOU! I can’t wait for my next session with you.

Leah Lamb
Client & Friend


Saralise embodies all the qualities of the Divine Feminine.  I remember walking through Joshua Tree National Park in 2016 at the Contact in the Desert Conference and being drawn towards her. I can truly say she is a light worker of the highest frequency.  Not only does she keep it real with her honest and raw authenticity, she elegantly communicates in ways which allow all different kinds of people to understand.  To understand the messages of love and light and the codes of knowledge that she is receiving.  This information that is being communicated through her is done with loving compassion for the betterment of humanity as a collective.  What you see is what you get with Saralise as there really is no veil between her and those she interacts with.  I am so grateful to call her a friend.  In Australia, a “mateship” is valued and revered.  Anyone that is communicating with Saralise will benefit from her kind, loving and compassionate heart.  Her Divine articulation of sacred wisdom not only benefits the individual but also is for the benefit of humanity.  This is evident from the depths of sincerity and the love Saralise has for us and for Gaia.

Jack Ryan


The Modern Magi Mystery School facilitated by Rev Dr Saralise Sophia is THEE most powerful course I have ever taken for Soul Transformation.  Each session, whether individual or group, is personalized for the individual(s) in the class based on the soul(‘s) needs in the moment for optimum growth.  She creates a very strong and very safe container at the beginning of each session which holds the space for a soul connection between you and Source that is impenetrable and allows you to reach deep meditational spaces with complete ease and grace.  The information that was passed on gave me the choice of stepping into my power more fully and also provided me with a library of knowledge to continue my internal work on my own after the course was complete.

Thank you So much Saralise!  You are an Amazing teacher!!!

Austin Shook – Sound Healer
Client, Friend & MMMS Participant


Saralise helped me in many different ways to help me to raise my vibration, dissolve blocks in my life, and generate new understandings for my own clarity to go deeper into myself. She has a beautiful way of creating clarification for my understanding of the way Spirit speaks to me. I realized many times the feeling of being honest with myself and being in denial, and the way she delivers her wisdom helps me to choose my higher resonance for myself every time. I love that she connected with familiar help from the Masters and Angels to help uncover mysteries in my self as well as making it safe for me to feel loved on a much deeper level. Saralise is truly an amazing light worker with tremendous focus on truth and healing. I would refer anyone to Saralise who is ready to take the next step in their evolution and has the need to have a much deeper understanding about themselves to learn how to take back their power. Thank you Saralise for all your help and love!

Matthew S. Bueno, LMT

Matthew with Ceremony Items


What a whirlwind of magic and wonder has my life been since meeting this magical Priestess. I have felt her healing abilities myself and have witnessed them on others. She has helped me evoke my own abilities, and that has been the greatest gift (besides her friendship, of course). Affirmations, creation, healing and love are all abundant in the presence of Saralise. Without hesitation Saralise OWNS her abilities and takes action where she is needed, with light and love. She is a powerful and insightful woman. I would completely recommend anyone to take the opportunity to spend some time with her, her healing and interdimensional work is priceless and very worth your while.

Love love love!

Willow Emmett
Priestess of the Portland Priestess Portal, Retreat Participant & Friend

Willow Bindi

I first met Saralise at workshop/class that we were both attending in 2006. There was an immediate connection which led me to ask for support on 2 fronts.

One:  Looking over a manuscript, which she gave feedback on. This manuscript is now a paperback book and 5-disc audio book titled Sisterhood of the Dove: Clarion Call of Mary Magdalene.

Two:  Saralise facilitated some wonderfully integrative crystal healing sessions for me.  Each time I arrived I was nervous. Each time I left, I had moved through various blockages and my small self had expanded into the greater Me of my Spirit.

I trust Saralise. I appreciate Saralise and the work she does. I consider her my soul friend and am happy that she is back on Earth serving humanity.

Maitreya Zohar

Warm-hearted gentle greetings welcomed me into the Moon Lodge where she slept the auspicious morning of our meeting after the temple burn at Burning Man Fertility 2.0 2012. Kindness flowed like a river of living water from her heart, and the light of her gentle spirit gazed at me through her potent eyes, filling me with the loving nourishment my spirit needed to continue to thrive.  I felt safe there with her in a way I had not felt in a long time, held in love and compassionate understanding as I moved through a state of confusion trying to sort out the circumstances I was moving through.  Welcomed with understanding without even knowing my name, she held space for me and spoke words of wisdom, offering guidance to my weary wondering soul.  Thus began a series of auspicious connections with Saralise, whose spirit I have loved and adored from our first encounter.  That feeling continues to grow as she continues to reveal herself through her embodiment on this planet here and now as a true manifestation of the divine feminine goddess and all that it encompasses.   Holding the Christos consciousness for us all in oneness through her being as a healer, guide, and friend, she mirrors the divine light we all hold as an accurate reflection in remembrance of our nature.  It is an honor to be connected to such a magnificent and radiant soul who has profoundly changed my life with her presence and authentic healing when I have needed it most.  I am in deep and infinite gratitude to have been touched in this lifetime by such miraculous love.  With deep reverence, I give thanks that she has chosen to incarnate here to assist with the transition of our current cosmic changes.  She bridges these worlds with wisdom, finesse and skill unfathomable to me.
I am a stronger person knowing that Saralise exists.

Grace E. Sanford-Weibenga
& Retreat Participant



I appreciated the potency and energy that came through with the reading I had from Saralise. The container that she set with honoring the guides and calling in the illuminated souls to support the session was palpable. I received rich guidance and an invitation to go ever deeper into connecting with the sacred energies of mother earth and harnessing the full power of our multi-dimensional beings. Since the session I have opened to more sensitivity to my guides and I have been consciously slowing down to embody the full energies of my being.

Thank you Saralise, I fully support the work that you are offering.

Shems Heartwell



Saralise is a miracle worker. She worked intensively with my wife and I, to skillfully support our successful transition to taking our own paths on good terms, after 9 1/2 years of marriage. She did this with the utmost of skill, respect, and tact.

With a combination of personal coaching, and energy work, Saralise created a safe space for me to see, acknowledge, and clear patterns, thoughts that were no longer serving me, and empowered me to take the next steps, – although difficult – towards the most supportive choice that has, and continues to best serve me, and all those who I am here to touch, with the work I am called to do in the world.

If you are ready to transition into your full power, potential, and the role that you know you are here to do on this planet,  even in the midst of massive personal and professional change, and you have the opportunity to work personally with Saralise, TAKE IT!
You will not be disappointed.

J. Bennett

One comment on “Testimonials

  1. I have know Saralise for a long time and find her to be sovereign, in integrity and very pure of heart. She is so empathic and understanding whilst still delivering the truth, with quite a punch at times!.
    I would not hesitate to recommend her to all my friends and family who are in need of guidance, which is always clear and concise and heart felt. She truly is a wonderful human and a Mother Goddess.
    Namaste my Sister – the world is a far richer planet with you here.

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