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sayin’ about Saralise!

I am sooo beyond blessed to have facilitated such beautiful work for such incredibly amazing individuals in this life. I am deeply honored to be of service in this way! Please have a look-see to hear what people are saying!
Namaste   _/\_

Warm-hearted gentle greetings welcomed me into the Moon Lodge where she slept the auspicious morning of our meeting after the temple burn at Burning Man Fertility 2.0 2012. Kindness flowed like a river of living water from her heart, and the light of her gentle spirit gazed at me through her potent eyes, filling me with the loving nourishment my spirit needed to continue to thrive.  I felt safe there with her in a way I had not felt in a long time, held in love and compassionate understanding as I moved through a state of confusion trying to sort out the circumstances I was moving through.  Welcomed with understanding without even knowing my name, she held space for me and spoke words of wisdom, offering guidance to my weary wondering soul.  Thus began a series of auspicious connections with Saralise, whose spirit I have loved and adored from our first encounter.  That feeling continues to grow as she continues to reveal herself through her embodiment on this planet here and now as a true manifestation of the divine feminine goddess and all that it encompasses.   Holding the Christos consciousness for us all in oneness through her being as a healer, guide, and friend, she mirrors the divine light we all hold as an accurate reflection in remembrance of our nature.  It is an honor to be connected to such a magnificent and radiant soul who has profoundly changed my life with her presence and authentic healing when I have needed it most.  I am in deep and infinite gratitude to have been touched in this lifetime by such miraculous love.  With deep reverence, I give thanks that she has chosen to incarnate here to assist with the transition of our current cosmic changes.  She bridges these worlds with wisdom, finesse and skill unfathomable to me.  I am a stronger person knowing that Saralise exists.

Grace E. Sanford-Weibenga ~ Client
Participant of the 2012 Kauai Winter Solstice Journey

Saralise is a miracle worker. She worked intensively with my wife and I, to skillfully support our successful transition to taking our own paths on good terms, after 9 1/2 years of marriage. She did this with the utmost of skill, respect, and tact.

With a combination of personal coaching, and energy work, Saralise created a safe space for me to see, acknowledge, and clear patterns, thoughts that were no longer serving me, and empowered me to take the next steps, – although difficult – towards the most supportive choice that has, and continues to best serve me, and all those who I am here to touch, with the work I am called to do in the world.

If you are ready to transition into your full power, potential, and the role that you know you are here to do on this planet,  even in the midst of massive personal and professional change, and you have the opportunity to work personally with Saralise – take it! –  You will not be disappointed.

J. Mathias Bennett ~ Client

“Saralise is a very powerful high priestess and ceremonial leader. I ran into friends just last month who commented on how transformational and intergalactic of an experience her ceremony at SOAK last summer was! That ceremony was very special to me, as Saralise created a special sacred container of community, transformation and expansiveness as she held space for the deep soul level work that everyone there has felt rippling vibrations from to this day and beyond. Love this Woman!”

Kristi SolFire
Priestess of the Portland Priestess Portal
Creatrix of Womp Stomp

Saralise Azrael helped me in many different ways to help me to raise my vibration, dissolve blocks in my life, and generate new understandings for my own clarity to go deeper into myself. She has a beautiful way of creating clarification for my understanding the way spirit speaks to me. I realized many times the feeling of being honest with myself and being in denial, and the way she delivers her wisdom helps me to choose my higher resonance for myself every time. I love that she connected with familiar help from the Masters and Angels to help uncover mysteries in my self as well as making it safe for me to feel loved on a much deeper level. Saralise is truly an amazing light worker with tremendous focus on truth and healing. I would refer anyone to Saralise who is ready to take the next step in their evolution and has the need to have a much deeper understanding about themselves to learn how to take back their power. Thank you Saralise for all your help and love!

Matthew S. Bueno, LMT ~ Client
“Lightning Bear”
Matthew with Ceremony Items

I recently enjoyed the most wonderful experience with Saralise with an Akashic reading and I almost find it impossible to put into words how happy I am that I gave myself this gift. I’m on a journey to discover and live my purpose. Saralise was gentle, firm, and compassionate as she shared with me what I need to do. She has a delightful sense of humor and ease which helped me be more open to hearing what I needed to hear. Since my reading, two very significant events occurred that I know was the universe opening doors for me and placing opportunities on my path to enhance this wonderful journey that I’m on. I highly recommend Saralise and in fact I have two my friends who are one by one making an appointment with her.

Thank you, thank you Saralise!

Theresa Kiernan
Akashic Reading Client

I appreciate Saralise’s intuitive insights that have supported me on my path of self discovery and growth. Energetically, she has sensed what areas of my body, aura, thought pattern or even relationships are contributing to imbalance at different times. She has helped me find balance again through conversation, touch, energy clearing, grounding, and intention setting. She is able to easily build rapport and enthusiasm with people. I’ve been witness to her successfully holding space for 40 plus people. Saralise is radiant and loving, and I’m honored to be in friendship with her.

Tatvamasi Ursala Garbrecht ~ Client
(photo by Rachel Hadiashar)
Participant in many Sacred Ceremonies

Saralise seems to have an uncanny ability to bring about bizarre and synchronistic events wherever she goes. Connections are made, past lives perhaps remembered; she’s a vortex of interdimensional experience.

Jacob D. Bruns ~ Client
Priest of the Portland Priestess Portal
Participant in 2012 Kauai Winter Solstice Journey

Saralise is a powerhouse. I have been receiving intuitive readings for years, and there were elements that showed up in this reading that took me to new depths of understanding and working through old issues. I also received some very clear concrete guidance and new ideas about next steps that would support the evolution of my business.
Thank you, THANK you, and more THANK YOU! I can’t wait for my next session with you.

Leah Lamb
Akashic Reading Client

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many people in my 27 years of life, but meeting and working with Miss Saralise has been a blessing.  Not very many people I have met can look into you and see your true essence as clearly and profoundly as Saralise.  While working with her, I have found myself grow in confidence and clarity around my spiritual gifts, and acceptance and love for myself and my purpose in this life. Through my friendship and work with this amazing Angel, I have come to see and experience myself through the eyes of Love.  And this is so important, especially in a world that has so many ways to make us forget.

Kirsten Laulainen ~ Client
Priestess of the Portland Priestess Portal

Saralise helped me to get clear on several issues regarding my focus in the world. She also helped me to identify vitamins, etc that my body was needing. Because of our reading together, I’ve started a blog and have been feeling more balanced internally. If you have some questions you’d like guidance with, I recommend Saralise who will help you connect with your higher intelligence.

Kathleen Aurora Sutton
Akashic Reading Client

The Magyk Nectar of Saralise:

What else could I ask for in a Priestess? She resides in the yummy land of spirit nectar, interacting with me as a bosom buddy from beyond time. We play and dance in trans-personal energetic dialogue, inviting our true desires to take form in our embodied Now. In devotion to her Divine Oneness anchor, she opens these portals for me, as a friend, as a teacher – indeed, the rainbow frequencies unfold!

Will Cooper
2010 Retreat Participant
Former Member of Dancing People Company
Dancer in the Oregon Shakespeare Theatre Festival

I first met Saralise at a festival. She was providing healings with crystals. This sounded interesting so I asked for it. First off she sat with me and asked a few questions. Then we sat and meditated while she had nice music in the background. Then she had me get on her table and started putting crystals around me. She continued to check on how I was feeling as she put the crystals around me. While I rested with the crystals around me she sat quietly and communicated with my spirit guides and wrote an extensive letter from my guides.   After the healing she sat me at a table and I picked an angel card which she read and described to me.

Saralise is fantastic. She followed up with me by phone and emails.
She made angel cards for me and arrived in a pretty package.
Saralise’s follow up is exceptional. She is a wonderful person and has extensive knowledge. She is a very healing person to be around.

We have stayed in constant communication since my healing session with her in 2006.
I would recommend Saralise for her knowledge on crystals and angels.
Saralise is very confident and knowledgeable. Also she is very reliable.

Tricia Shealy ~ Client
San Diego, CA

What a whirlwind of magic and wonder has my life been since meeting this magical Priestess. I have felt her healing abilities myself and have witnessed them on others. She has helped me evoke my own abilities, and that has been the greatest gift (besides her friendship, of course). Affirmations, creation, healing and love are all abundant in the presence of Saralise. Without hesitation Saralise OWNS her abilities and takes action where she is needed, with light and love. She is a powerful and insightful woman. I would completely recommend anyone to take the opportunity to spend some time with her, her healing and interdimensional work is priceless and very worth your while.

Love love love!

Jaime Willow Emmett
Priestess of the Portland Priestess Portal
Participant of the 2012 Kauai
Winter Solstice Journey
Willow Bindi

I first met Saralise at workshop/class that we were both attending. There was an immediate connection which led me to ask for support on 2 fronts.

One:  Looking over a manuscript, which she gave feedback on. This manuscript is now a paperback book and 5-disc audio book titled Sisterhood of the Dove: Clarion Call of Mary Magdalene.

Two:  Saralise facilitated some wonderfully integrative crystal healing sessions for me.  Each time I arrived I was nervous. Each time I left, I had moved through various blockages and my small self had expanded into the greater Me of my Spirit.

I trust Saralise. I appreciate Saralise and the work she does. I consider her my soul friend and am happy that she is back on Earth serving humanity.

Maitreya Zohar – Client
Owner, Wholistic Healer / Counselor
Life Coach / Medium / Author

I am so grateful to know Saralise. We met at a time when I was having some spiritual difficulty and she did not hesitate to help with my problem, even though we had just become aquainted. One of the many beautiful things about her is she is trustworthy and so very safe. In just the few hours of our meeting I was revealing the nature of my problems to her. She was unbelievably helpful and reasssuring in helping me to understand and resolve my issue. Our chance meeting at Stewart Springs turned into healing grace for me. Saralise is such a blessing and I will never forget the time we spent together and how she helped me.

Melissa Brinks ~ Client
Independent Higher Education Professional

Working with Saralise is like nothing else. She helped me to remember my own strength to heal myself around issues from this and other lives. Her compassion, intuition and awareness created a healing field, helping me to become aware of parts of my energy body that had been distorted or suppressed, and then able to be healed, or made more harmonious. I am truly grateful for all of her help, love, and support!

Amelia Veritae ~ Client
Priestess of the Portland Priestess Portal
Participant of the 2012 Kauai Winter Solstice Journey
Amelia Bindi

I am so grateful to have taken part in a session with your loving presence. I found great clarity and vitality by reviewing my Akashic. This was one of the most potent DNA activations that I have received yet, and days following this session a few different people could feel my divine presence that had emerged unlike ever before and also both parties noted the change of color within my eyes. Wow, what an amazing experience, thank you for your services, Adonai.

AuRiAn Hu Atla RA
aka Bob Christensen ~ Client
Source Expansion Specialist
Bob Christensen

Rev Dr Saralise is a friend and fellow Lightworker whom I would highly recommend. She has a heart of gold and she is very dedicated to helping people experience a transformation in their lives. With a very strong connection with her soul, she is able to do profound work in the area of vibrational medicine. I would provide her with millions of dollars of funding to implement her Sacred Village Project and more.  Major breakthroughs for global healing projects are blessed and happening now, because people like Saralise are standing in their power and ready to go!

Sheranda Ann Kumara
Owner of Angel Matrix Art
Sheranda Ann Kumara

I appreciated the potency and energy that came through with the reading I had from Saralise. The container that she set with honoring the guides and calling in the illuminated souls to support the session was palpable. I received rich guidance and an invitation to go ever deeper into connecting with the sacred energies of mother earth and harnessing the full power of our multi-dimensional beings. Since the session I have opened to more sensitivity to my guides and I have been consciously slowing down to embody the full energies of my being.

Thank you Saralise, I fully support the work that you are offering.

Shems Heartwell
Akashic Reading Client

I am happy to recommend Rev Dr Saralise Azrael.  She’s one of the most intuitive people I know, and her insights have been of enormous value to me. A deeply spiritual person, she also has an everyday practicality that makes her a trusted advisor and counselor. She’s a good person to know and a great friend to have.

Burt Kempner ~ Client
Senior Writer-Producer

The end result of a session with Saralise was, without a doubt, life altering. To say it had a purely positive effect on me would not do justice to service provided. In a light, I feel more complete than I have ever felt. Call it a necessary step to closing one chapter, one book, one series or one life and opening another, with all your prior experience and then some. Like a step I had to take in order to move on. She gave me tools and ideas that were relevant to me, things I needed to hear, even if the message(s) take(s) more than a minute to digest. I have appreciated her perspective since our first meeting in 2008, and her patience with me as I processed various important events over the years before employing her services. If you, a reader, have come this far to read this review – you have already made your decision to see her and you are just looking for the right combination of words to validate your leap of faith. Let these be those words:  Jump! You are ready!

Collin Pelton ~ Client
Actor, Writer, Producer, Developer of Creative Solutions

One comment on “Testimonials

  1. I have know Saralise for a long time and find her to be sovereign, in integrity and very pure of heart. She is so empathic and understanding whilst still delivering the truth, with quite a punch at times!.
    I would not hesitate to recommend her to all my friends and family who are in need of guidance, which is always clear and concise and heart felt. She truly is a wonderful human and a Mother Goddess.
    Namaste my Sister – the world is a far richer planet with you here.

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