Upcoming Events

Kinnection Campout

May 19-22, 2016


For information and details regarding the Healing Dome and offerings from some amazing practitioners, please visit this link:

Healing Dome Offerings

My Offering is Saturday Morning – DNA SOURCE CODE ACTIVATION CEREMONY 

Also, there will be amazing discussion about community happening in this space as well.

An experience not to be missed, this is an opportunity like No other!  Activate the Source Codes directly from Source Light that are hidden within your Human DNA!  By doing this, you are activating your potential and what you came to planet earth to accomplish.

Now is the Time People!!!

This varies a bit from a traditional DNA Light Body Activation Ceremony, as this goes back to when your soul was originally created from Source and through this process you have the opportunity to command the activation of your original Source Codes and embody the highest aspect of your Original Divine Blueprint.

During the weekend on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, I will be facilitating personal Energy Healing Sessions and Akashic Record Readings and Selling Sacred Items such as Hand-Crafted Sacred Jewellery and Feather Earrings by Thunder Moon Designs.  All items sold are hand-crafted with intention and prayer to support the Ascension process and this transition on Planet Earth.

If you are interested in booking a session with me while at the event, please contact me via email @ powerpriestess@gmail.com and we can set up a session for you!  This is an awesome opportunity to be in person with each other and share our light!!!  YAY!!!

Aho! May All beings be free!

Many Blessings to the Bee!  La Dee Dee!

Rev Dr Saralise Azrael
Founder and Executive Director
Legion of Light Global Ministries
Creator of The Sacred Village Project and
Priestess Portal Global Sacred Sites Pilgrimage


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