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I chose to incarnate on this occasion to be of absolute service to humanity.  I have often been referred to as a Catalyst, and a Spiritual Broadcast Station, spreading love and joy wherever I go.  I am not afraid to go deep within Spirit to assist in answering deep questions, as we are all One.  My intention is to be available with your Angelic Team, Spirit Guides and the Record Keepers of your Soul to bring you to a place of wholeness, enlightenment and full embodiment.  Your Guides and Teachers may not always give you the answer that you are looking for, but you will know that it is of Divine Truth, and coming from an Authentic Safe Place.

Together, with your Akashic & Angelic Team, we will work towards wholeness and living a life of harmony and balance.  In Walking the Path with you, I have the ability to receive Akashic records as well as bring additional incarnations and subtle energies, thought patterns and core hidden beliefs to light that might be of assistance to you in your journey of awakening.  We will assist you in finding a form of spiritual empowerment that works for you.  Together, as Alchemists, we can turn Divine Light into Practical Pure Gold in your life to Enhance and Align all of your Decisions and Actions for the Highest Good.

Sacred Shamangelic High Priestess of Light
Global Visionary Leader
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine
Usui Reiki Master & Level II Tanran Reiki Practitioner
Akashic Records Reading Facilitator
Crystal Healing Practitioner
Channel for the Ancient Sisterhood Lineage of the Divine Feminine Principle
High Priestess of the Priestess Portal
Creator of the Sacred Village Project
Founder & Executive Director of the Legion of Light Global Ministries
Co-Facilitator of the Legion of Light Global Visionary Council
Co-Facilitator of the Priestess Portal Sacred Sites Pilgrimage
Member of the Akashic World Council
Author of 3-Volume Series of books entitled “Kaleidoscope: Living the Multi-Dimensional Life”

Please Read the Testimonials page to get an idea of the
results that have been experienced by some of my clients.

Radiant Blissings Bestowed Upon You Dear One~

Rev Dr Saralise Antara Nada Azrael

Services Available:

Akashic Record Readings (In-Person, Phone and Skype)
Spring Into Success Life Coaching Series (In-Person, Phone and Skype)
Magi / Priestess Realignment Session Series (In-Person, Phone and Skype)
Reiki Healing Sessions (In-Person, Phone, Skype, Remote)

Crystal Healing Sessions (In-Person)
DNA Activations/Upgrades/Re-patterning (In-Person, Phone, Skype)

Transformational Life Coaching (In-Person, Phone, Skype)
Radiant Relationships Counseling (In-Person, Phone, Skype)
Sacred Union/Divine Union Relationship Counseling (In-Person, Phone, Skype)
Dissolution of Marriage/Relationship Counseling (In-Person, Phone, Skype)

Shamangelic Re-patterning Sessions (In-Person, Phone, Skype)
Past/Future Life Remembrance & Soul Retrieval Sessions (In-Person, Phone, Skype)
Remote Reiki Blessings & Healings
Womb Cleansing/Primal Fire Activations (In-Person, Phone, Skype)

Ceremonies (In-Person) – Including but not limited to:

Into the Void Ceremonies with the Raven Priestess Saralise
Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies
Group Lightbody DNA Source Code Activation Ceremonies
Planetary Stargate Activation Ceremonies
Shamangelic Clearing & Repatterning Fire Ceremonies
Womb Cleansing/Primal Fire Activation Ceremonies
Sacred Moon Ceremony for Coming-of-Age Young Women
Sacred Union Hand-Fasting & Wedding Ceremonies
Dissolution/Release of Marriage Ceremonies

Feng Shui, Professional and Personal Organization Services

Feng Shui & Vaastu Consultations & Implementation for Personal Home or Business
Personal & Professional Organization Services
Home & Business Clearings & Blessings (In-Person & Remote) 

By Appointment Only:

Rev Dr Saralise Azrael
Legion of Light Global Ministries

In-Person:  depending on where Saralise is globally at the moment
Phone:  By Request

To Book a Session or Ceremony with Saralise:

When Booking a Session with Saralise, please follow this protocol:

  1. Email with your Name(s), Phone Number, Email, Skype name, and any other contact information or details  you feel is needed for this session.  State your present intention for this session and where you would like to be at the end of this session with Saralise.  
  2. I, Saralise, will call you within 24 hours to set up an appointment time that works for both of us.  Please be sure to leave your contact info, where you can be reached during the day and evening, and what is the best time to reach you to schedule an appointment.
  3. If you have any questions about specific services that I offer, or need more clarity on something, please detail them in your email so that I can respond with a Clear answer for you.
  4. I will then send you a google document via email with a form to fill out, payment details and sample questions to inspire you!  The call-in details are also listed in this document.  If we meet on the conference line, we have the capacity to record the session, so that you may refer back to it at any time.
  5. If the session you are desiring is not listed above, please reference which session or series you are interested in within your email, and I will get back to you with any details you may need.

Thanks again for your attention to your life and choosing your divine appointment with me today!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings be free from suffering.

Rev Dr Saralise Azrael


2 comments on “Services Available From Saralise

  1. Hello Saralise. This is Brycent from the West Village Market. I’m curious about the upcoming program’s schedule. I’d like to sign up, I just need to know if I can fit it into my work schedule. Thank you!


    • You can read about the Mystery school by going to Upcoming Events and following the links to learn about what we will be doing!

      Nice to hear from you brother! I am excited you will be joining us!

      Go to How to Register, that can be found on the Modern Magi Mystery School page, to register and sign up!!!!!

      Blessings to you! Super Excited!



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